A Complete Guide to Optimize Google Ads and Maximize your AdSense Earnings

I have been an Adsense Publisher for more than five years now. Google Adsense has been a primary revenue channel for me in the initial phase of my Blogging. AdSense has rewarded with few Premium benefits where am allowed to display more ads than an ordinary user with a dedicated support. Now Adsense has become a […]

How Much Money One Can Earn From Google Adsense Through A Blog/Website

I get bombarded with this question a lot of times. Recently, after my answer on Quora, the number of people who have been asking me about this question has gone high. So, I thought to make a clear article on what factors contribute to the earnings of a Blog/Website through Adsense. Google Adsense has been […]

Tagmmer- Best Online Personal Library with A Blend of Dropbox and Pinterest

Learners are becoming more numerous across the globe. The people who learn and do their work via the web often encounter a problem that their contents are being scattered everywhere. Indeed, some of the files are stored in cloud services that do not support web links, while their web links are saved in their favorites […]

How to Get A Website/Blog Approved and Listed in Google News

Google News has been an abundant source of Traffic for many websites since few years. Previously there were only a few publishers on Google News so things were pretty easy, back then. But now many sites got into google news to drive traffic to their blog/websites. However, Google News still acts as a good source […]

WARNING: Torrents Time Streaming Plugin Can Expose your Privacy and get you Hacked, Uninstall it Now

We have numerous torrent streaming sites available on the web that lets you download your favorite movies, videos and TV shows with much ease. With the abundance growth of the internet users, bounteous websites have been expanding in a rapid way in order to help users watch their favorite shows with a great experience. The […]

Facebook Rolls Out with New Features – Lets you Add Looping Videos as a Profile Pic, Featured Photos and Many More [Updated]

Facebook has rolled out with a large set of changes to the user’s profile pictures that includes looping videos to be set as a profile picture which will play every time someone’s page is opened. It has introduced many other features for the Facebook profile pictures of the users so as to bring good user […]

Shh WhatsApp Incognito – Hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks and Read Messages Without Opening App

WhatsApp, one of the giant Messaging Platform is being used by billions of people across the world. This instant Messaging app has gained much fame due to its innovative features and many user-friendly features like WhatApp voice calling, video calling, transfer unlimited images, video and audio messages. Recently, a survey has been conducted among Indians […]

Here’s How to Setup a WordPress Site and Start Writing Your First Blog Post

WordPress is the definitive content management system available today and setting up a site can be accomplished with relative ease without the need for expert developers or any complex coding. WordPress is an easy to use and flexible platform that enables companies to forgo traditional websites without losing any functionality and it can take as […]

Total Recall, A Call Recorder that Can Record Both Sides of Conversation

Have you ever wished you had recorded a call? If in case, you got bad customer service from a company while speaking over your phone and if you’re looking for the proof, then call recording would be very beneficial. Or, perhaps you received training or some kind of help that you need it sometime in […]

This New Facebook Hacking Tool Can Actually Hack Facebook Accounts but be Cautious Before you Use

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites in the current trend as it is seeking the attention of billions of people across the world. As it offers an easy user access, people are getting addicting to this social media platform. Even, some of them are using this platform as a haven for […]

Why Advances in Browser Tech are Causing the Decline of Traditional Platforms

We all know that the gaming industry has been a leading light in the way technology has been implemented when it comes to creating new and innovative platforms. However, some recent trends point towards the possibility that things are changing in terms of how games are going to deliver and engaged with in the future. […]