How we Drove over 8 Million Pageviews to All India Youth in the month of May – Case Study


Its been around two months I started the company All Tech Media and it has been growing exponentially month by month. At All Tech Media we were not only working on some good seo projects but also building our own products. One of our main sites is All India Youth. We started All India Youth […]

Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

become seo expert with advanced seo guide

Written by AllTechMedia & Team Introduction to Blogger’s Guide Why Did we Spent 24 Hours to Write this Guide? We are keen towards the blogging industry and what we have examined while spending time with my fellow blogger’s is that there is no guide to direct them properly in the blogger platform. As you knew […]

Our Experience with CrazyBlogging2k14 ( Vizag Workshop )

explaining how to install wordpress in crazyblogging2k14

After the first workshop on Blogging and Internet Marketing called BlogBUZZ, on 20th and 21st of September we attended as speakers for the workshop which was held in Vizag, CrazyBlogging2k14. It was organized by Crazy Heads and Alloy. We were invited as speakers for the workshop where we will be dealing with different aspects related to Blogging, […]

Launching Digital Racks – A Reliable and Most Affordable Web Hosting

Digital Racks

Digital Racks – A Powerful Web Host is a worldwide provider of shared, vps and dedicated web hosting. Digital Racks is the best place for any kind of website or blog as we provide 24 hours unlimited support to our clients. The best part is the affordable prices which we give to our clients. We provide cheapest hosting […] – One Stop Website for all Coupon Codes, Discounts, vouchers, Deals etc


Howdy…!!! I had been through a great shopping experience which was amazingly profitable using online shopping discount coupon. Save your bucks and avail great coupons, discounts on Go through the whole post to capture maximum discount coupons and to have beneficial shopping.   Redefine shopping with Shopping has been redefined with the […]

Cloud Computing endows the Great Benefits to Businesses

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, new buzz and most preferred networking these days in businesses  and SME’s. Why is it favoured? What does cloud computing do? What is cloud computing actually? Your psyche might have been surrounded by these kind of interrogations. Let me put together all together those queries and brief you all about Cloud Computing in […]

My Journey towards a Startup (Infographic)

imranuddin journey towards a startup

Hello friends yesterday I turned 21 and I just thought of capturing all the moments of my life in the form of an Infographic. Here my designer made an awesome Infographic for me. Click on the image to expand. Click on the image to expand. Read more about me here Share this Infographic on Your […]

Webinar With Gaurav Jaggi on Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing, Link Building And Much More

google plus image of gaurav jajji

Hey All…!!! I had been asked to give a webinar as a successive pro blogger by Gaurav Jaggi on Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing and Link Building. It give me immense pleasure to get connected with many upcoming bloggers, suggesting them the right track to bring home the bacon and to deliver the desired results in blogging which […]

Why you Should Start Giving Dofollow Link Juice to Relevant sites(External Links)?

External links

Many bloggers ask me whether it’s a good practise to give dofollow links to other sites or not? They also ask me questions like what should be the ratio between external and internal links in an article. Well there is no specific ratio between external and internal links in an article. It all depends on […]

Blending Top Performance with UnAdulterated Entertainment – Samsung Galaxy Tab S


Samsung Galaxy S Tab – revolutionary tablet launched by the company featuring the highest grade of software and hardware promises the best entertainment experience for all with its exceptionally vivid screen and powerful processing that make it steal the show.  A rival to iPads and the Sony Xperia Tabs, the Galaxy S has landed as […]

How To Place Adsense Ads In Middle of The Post in Blogger-Any Template Work Around Method


Placing adsense ads in middle of all the posts will give a high CTR which eventually increases earnings. In word press, There are customized plugins available for placing ads in middle of the posts. But in case of blogger it is some what tricky part to place adsense ads in middle of all the posts. We have developed a […]

The Art behind Running a Successful Online Business

art of successful business online

Just as there are a massive number of brick and mortar businesses to shop at, the options for the type of business to open and operate online are staggering. Even with that being the case, there are some universal truths to running a successful online business that apply to anyone looking to break into the […]