Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

become seo expert with advanced seo guide

Written by AllTechMedia & Team Introduction to Blogger’s Guide Why Did we Spent 24 Hours to Write this Guide? We are keen towards the blogging industry and what we have examined while spending time with my fellow blogger’s is that there is no guide to direct them properly in the blogger platform. As you knew […]

My Experience with the First Workshop on Blogging/Internet Marketing (BLOGBUZZ) at CVR College of Engineering

registration deck before the workshop

We conducted a Workshop called BlogBuzz at CVR College of Engineering on 14th and 15th of March 2014 under the banner All Tech Media. Its been around a month I am done with my first workshop at CVR College of Engineering on Blogging and Internet Marketing. Around 200 students attended the workshop and it was […]

9 WordPress Common Errors (Issues) with Solutions

wordpress common errors and fixes

WordPress is one of the best open source Content Management (CMS) used by millions of people and developers to meet their needs. WordPress is becoming day by day easy and awesome with stunning user interface and features. Setting up and Running a WordPress site is made so simple and fast by many developers all over […]

How to Make Money Online with Youtube [InfoGraphic]

how to make money off youtube

There are many ways to make money online. One of the best and easiest ways to make money online is via Youtube. Youtube is not only the largest video sharing platform but if you use it wisely you can make some huge bucks with youtube. There are people who make a living with youtube by […]

Top 50 Tech Blogs in India that you must follow in 2014 [Infographic]

india top tech blogs

Blogging is one of the most trending topics in India. Many people are turning into professional bloggers. In this infographic we listed all the best blogs in India based upon the popularity and Alexa ranks. We tried our best to gather maximum number of blogs but we might have missed some. Firstly we congratulate all […]

The 3 Business Advantages of a Konica Minolta Multi-functional Photocopier

Konica Minolta Multi-functional Photocopier

Konica Minolta produce high-quality print technologies to all sorts of industries and have a global reputation for excellence. This year, they made history with their fourth consecutive win of the Multi-function Printer Line of the Year Award from the Buyer’s Lab. After conducting rigorous, two-month trials, the manager of laboratory testing at Buyer’s Lab, Pete Emory, said […]

Introducing Advanced SEO Guide for Bloggers who are blogging on

seo guide for blogger

To every bloggers who are reading this article I would like to provide few information regarding why we wrote that advanced blogging guide, to whom that guide will be helpful for and by what way you can use that article efficiently. After writing that article it was a huge success and many of me fellow […]

How to Create Your Own Browser Within 5 Minutes

create your own browser

Do you want to create to your own browser which works similar to chrome with same speed and same security? Then you must read this article. By the way it takes less than 5 minutes to create your own browser without any coding knowledge. Actually we have so many popular browsers like chrome, Firefox, opera, […]

How to Transfer Data to Any Android Mobile Without Using Data Cable?

trasnfer files from pc to mobile without using data cable

There is no doubt about that, now a days 8 out of 10 people use smartphones and 6 out of 10 people use android mobiles. Because those phones which have android operating system are available for less price when compared with other mobiles which have windows mobile operating system and ios. The bitter truth is […]

How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games and Browser’s?

block ads on android apps,games

Ads are most disgusting things in internet which distracts users while in the browsing session. Most of the ads which are displayed in the internet are not useful to most of the people. Now ads are expanding their range to show them on smart mobiles and showed up them while playing games and using apps. […]