How to Add Text to Photos/Images – Best Online Tools, Apps and Software

Best Online tools apps to add text to images

Are you a person who adores capturing happiest, most hilarious and special moments of your life? If you a person who has a strong obsession for taking photos time to time and a custom of sharing them with your friends and family via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other messaging apps like WhatsApp, […]

Blogging as a Full Time Career or Primary Job? Which is better if you are Living in India

choosing the right career path in life

Its been around 4 years I got into blogging. I started blogging at the age of 18 while I was studying my Engineering first year. Many aspiring bloggers ask me this question “Blogging for Full Time or Job” which is a better career choice. I blogged as a student and now I finished my Engineering (Of course I […]

Top 10 YouTube Secrets You Might Not Know

Top 6 YouTube Hidden Secrets

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world that has a massive collection of videos. Millions of people visit YouTube in order to watch videos mostly for entertainment, tutorials and many more. As we all know, YouTube is a place where we can watch videos, upload videos and use it as a guide […]

LeTV LeMax 2 Smartphone Rumored with 6GB of RAM & Snapdragon 820 Processor – Specifications

Le Max 2 smartphone specifications

Have you ever heard of a smartphone that comes with more than 4 GB of memory? Actually, we don’t need more RAM on our smartphones. Smartphones with 2 GB of RAM is more than enough that offers pretty good performance. Most of the Android manufacturers are working on some smartphones to achieve the title of […]

Facebook Rolls Out with New Features – Lets you Add Looping Videos as a Profile Pic, Featured Photos and Many More

Facebook Adds Profile Videos, featured photos to User Profile

Facebook has rolled out with a large set of changes to the user’s profile pictures that includes looping videos to be set as a profile picture which will play every time someone’s page is opened. It has introduced many other features for the Facebook profile pictures of the users so as to bring good user […]

How to Transfer Contacts, Photos & Text Messages from Android to iPhone

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Are you an Android user and planning to switch it to iPhone? It’s very easy to transfer your contacts, music, photos and other apps from your Android phone to iPhone. Earlier, it was a hectic process to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone that would require a backup to desktop and then sync to iPhone. […]

Nexus 6P Vs Nexus 5X Vs iPhone 6s Vs iPhone 6s Plus – Specs Comparison

Nexus 5x vs Nexus 6p vs iphone 6s vs iphone 6s plus

Google has unveiled a pair of new Nexus phones yesterday namely the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, which are the Chromecast Streaming handsets. The two handsets announced by the Google look pretty good with handsome features. Nexus 5X is manufactured by LG whereas Nexus 6P is manufactured by Huawei and both these handsets were wrapped […]

Apple Releases iOS 9.0.2 to Fix iOS 9.0.1 Lock Screen Bug

Apple iOS 9 Latest Update with Bug Fixes

Apple had finally released iOS 9.0.2 update to the iPad and iPhone software which is now available as a free update to download that helps to fix the bugs and improves the performance of the device. It is already known that Apple has released iOS 9 operating system in the mid-September with a huge range […]

Best AVG Removal Tool 2015 – Steps to Uninstall AVG Antivirus from Windows 10, 8.1 and 7

Best AVG Removal tool 2015

AVG antivirus is one of the best antivirus programs that provides good protection for your computers or laptop. You can easily download and install best free antivirus software for PC or Laptop  in which AVG is one among them. There are many antivirus programs or software that are available in the market. Some of them will […]

How to Download and Install Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack 5.0.2 on Windows 7/8 Hosts

How to install Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack on Windows 7 and 8

Usually, Oracle releases updates for the desktop virtualization software so as to work in the best way. Whenever it releases latest updates, you also need to update the Virtual Box extension pack. Do you know about the VirtualBox Extension pack provided by Oracle? It is nothing but a set of open source component which provides […]