How I Boosted My Blog Rankings Using these Advanced SEO Strategies

bounce back

After I had a breakup with my co-partners I was left with only two blogs i.e All Tech Buzz and All India Youth. These two were my main blogs from which I had to generate revenue. I didn’t had any other blog which was generating revenue, also I stopped niche blogging as it was short […]

Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

become seo expert with advanced seo guide

Written by AllTechMedia & Team Introduction to Blogger’s Guide Why Did we Spent 24 Hours to Write this Guide? We are keen towards the blogging industry and what we have examined while spending time with my fellow blogger’s is that there is no guide to direct them properly in the blogger platform. As you knew […]

Lenovo K3 Note Vs Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Comparision – Price, Specs and Pros & Cons

Compare Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Vs Lenovo K3 Note

Smartphones have become a part of every individual’s life and literally they have been ruling the humans. Developers of smartphones are indeed developing high-end featured phones trying to compete the other company’s smartphones. In fact, these smart devices have almost eased our lives which have a vital role. Numerous smart devices will be launched into […]

New Windows 10 Shorcut Keys Which You Must Know If You Are Using The Latest OS

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 is the most trending Operating system version of Windows which is launched by the Microsoft Corporation. People are extremely inquisitive to install Windows 10 operating system on their desktops and laptops so as to use the latest features and improvements made on the it. Till now, more than 75 million users have installed […]

How to Free Download & Install WhatsApp 2.12.95 BETA for Symbian OS

How to download WhatsApp New Beta version for Symbian OS

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging mobile applications across the world. WhatsApp is undoubtedly popular app which is being used by more than 800 million users every month globally. It could be literally regarded as a major communication platform for every mobile phone user. Facebook acquired messaging giant, WhatsApp mainly supports six mobile […]

How to Identify a Song With & Without Lyrics – Top 12 Audio Recognition Apps

Top 10 Auto Recognition Apps

Most of the time, it happens that, when you are listening to some pleasant song playing on the RM radio station. You would love to listen to that song once again, but unfortunately you didn’t get the lyrics of that lovely music. You don’t even know the title of that music album, then how could […]

Oppo R5s Review – Price, Improved Specifications, Pros & Cons

Oppo R5s complete review - price-specs

The Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturer ‘Oppo’ has launched a new smartphone in India today. The smartphone launched by the Oppo mobiles is R5s which is the successor to the super slim R5 that was unveiled in the year 2014. The new Oppo R5s mobile is a new model yet follows the similar design principle of its […]

OnePlus 2 Review – Very Powerful & Excellent Handset With Alot To Offer

OnePlus 2 Review

OnePlus 2 is one of the most interesting and much-awaited Android devices of the year which is hitting the market right now. OnePlus 2 is the successor of OnePlus One that made the entire world stunned with its innovative metal-design. Most of the people are extremely inquisitive to know more about the latest flagship killer, OnePlus […]

How to Move, Delete or Disable Pagefile.Sys on Windows 8, 7 OS

How to Remove Page file on your Windows Operating System

People always wish to put their system clean without allotting memory for some kind of junk and unnecessary files. Everyone wants to run their system in a smooth way by cleaning it using some software tools. You may not have complete knowledge about some files in your computer that are occupying more space of your […]

How to Download & Install WhatsApp 2.12.244 on your Android Device

How to install WhatsApp new version on Android Device

Whatsapp is one of the highly esteemed instant messaging apps that have become very popular across the world. It will not be an exaggeration that these days, Whatsapp has become a part of our life. It is regarded as one of the most used mobile apps by millions of users. The main reason behind the […]

How to Use WhatsApp Web for iPhone/iOS Users – WhatsApp Update on 21st August

How to Setup and Use WhatsApp Web on iPhone

WhatApp is a cross-platform instant messaging app (mobile version) which is capable of sending text messages, calls, video and many more. WhatsApp Web has been rolled out finally for the users of iPhone. After a long wait, WhatsApp has launched its webclient for iOS users. Earlier, WhatsApp was initially made available through web browsers during […]

How to Remotely Manage Your Android Device When you Lost It

How to remotely manage your android device when you lost it

Everyone knows Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platform in the world. Android lets us to enjoy the ultimate experience of mobile from its creativity. There are tons of features released by Android but one of the most important feature which is not known by most of the Android users is “Managing Android Device Remotely”. Yes, […]