Trick to Change Facebook Fan Page Name after 200+ Likes 2014-2015

Facebook fan pages are becoming most common nowadays with the users but the problem they face after getting 200 likes, Facebook doesn’t allows to change the fan page name due to some reasons. If you are facing the same problem then this article could be a gift for you because here I’m going to explain you a simple Facebook trick by which the page name of any Facebook can be changes several times as you wish even after getting 200+ likes on it.

Note: If none of the below methods work, do not panic. I do have some advanced strategies to change the page name of almost any Facebook page. Do mail me to [email protected] or [email protected]

Steps to Change Facebook Fan Page Name after  200+ Likes

Follow the steps in the given order or else it won’t work and you might end up in screwing up your valuable Facebook fan Page. For your better understanding I have added the screenshots with it, view them in full-screen to get a clear picture of it.

Method 1

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser and Install Zen Mate Extension in Chrome.
    Change Facebook page name - Zen Mate Extension
  2. Now Input Your email and it will generate you the password.
  3. Now Just restart your Google Chrome Browser.
  4. After restart just change Your Locations To USA location in Zen met.
    facebook page name changer- Zen Mate Extension
  5. Now simply login in Your Facebook account and Goto Desire page and click on Update Info and then Click on Change name or Edit option.
    Change facebook page name - Zen Mate Extension
  6. You will see Request Change Option click on it.
  7. Then Now a new window open Automatically(I Need To Change the name of My Page.)
    change facebook page name
  8. Just Choose any of these or you requirement.
  9. Now Fill Old Page name and Give New Name.
  10. Input Your Identity Of Government Issued Ids
  11. Now its done Facebook team will reply for Name Changed.

Method 2

1. Set a Proxy using Google Chrome.

I’d recommend to use the Japan proxy “” because when connected with proxy your internet connection might become slower but the above proxy will be the fastest among all. To set a proxy in Chrome follow the steps as given .

Open Google Chrome and click on the settings and search Proxy on the search bar (or) paste this on your chrome address bar “chrome://settings/search#proxy

Click on the “Change Proxy Settings” and from the Internet Popup that appears click on “LAN Settings“.

Click on “Use a proxy settings for LAN” and use this IP “” & port “8080“.

Change facebook page name

2. Open Facebook Page and Update Info.

Now open your Facebook fan page for which you have to change the name and click on “Page Info” under Edit Page. Change the category to “Local Business” in both the fields.

Remove any existing address from the “Address” option and click on save.

Change fb page name after 200 likes

3. Translate Name for Facebook Page.

In this step you need to change the name of the Facebook page . To do so , click on the “Translated Name” and you will find 4 languages in it. Select any one language and type in your new page name next to the language text box with the Symbol at the end (refer below).

For Japanese add the  ッ symbol.
Chinese symbol is 人.
Korean symbol is ㅿ.
And for Arabic the symbol is ـا

For example if I’m changing my translated name in korean then i will enter it as “Tech fishy ㅿ“.

Fan page name change FB

4. Change the Language to Desired One.

Scroll to the bottom of the Facebook page and you will find English(US). You need to change it to the language in which you have entered the translated name above.

For example I have used korean language and so I will click on the Language and select Korean. If you cannot find the language in the pop-up window then just hover your mouse on the languages , the title will appear.

Change FB page name after 200 like

5. Change the Address of the Page.

When the Language is changed , you might see every texts on the screen in the chosen language. So next what you have to do is to change the address of your Facebook fan page.

To change the address click on the 5th option from the top under “Edit Info” page. It is noting but the address name changing option translated in the selected language.

If you have chosen Korean or Japanese or Chinese :

For the first box input the number “00000″.
Input the text “Amman,Jordan” in the second box.
In the third box type in “Jordan” .

If you have chosen Arabic as the Language :

For the first box type in “Jordan“.
Input “Amman, Jordan” in the Second box .
In the third box type in “00000

And then save the address along with the map.

Finally Change back the Language to English(US) and you will see your page name changed with the text you have entered and with the symbol at the end.

Edit facebook page name after 200 likes

6. Removing the Symbol at the End of the Page Name.

If you want the symbol to be removed then follow the below steps else you can stop it here.

1.Remove the address you entered now from the Address category and make it empty.
2.Remove the map from the Address category and click on “Turn Off“.
3.Click on the “Translated Name” and you will find the “English” language.
4.Remove the symbol from that text filed and then hit on save.
5.Change the Address as “Newyork” , City/Place to “Newyork, Newyork” and save it.

Now your Facebook page name would have changed and will appear without the symbol at the end.

Change fb page name crossing 200 likes

This trick mentioned above is 100% working. If you find any difficulties in changing the Facebook page name then you can leave a comment below, we will get back to you immediately.

Note: If none of the above methods work, do not panic. I do have some advanced strategies to change the page name of almost any Facebook page. Do mail me to [email protected] or [email protected]

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