March 29, 2022

10 Best Places For Outdoor Travel In 2022

Traveling soothes the mind, body, and soul. There are different types of travelers. There are travelers who visit destinations with their families, so the places have to be family-friendly. There are travelers who take the flight to places for religious pilgrimage. Then, there are those enthusiasts who travel to experience outdoor adventures. And more. Plus, several countries are beginning to open borders once again as the COVID-19 pandemic eases.

Nowadays, a lot of innovations have changed the way travel works. Many people prefer to bring with their accessories like outdoor navigation tech to guide them while they are traveling. What are outdoor navigation tech accessories?

Well, generally speaking, these are gadgets that help travelers and adventurers move safely and purposefully through the wildest terrains. They comprise navigation devices equipped with detailed maps, binoculars, sports watches, compasses, and altimeters. These accessories are real all-rounders, as they combine all the functions you need when you are out there with nature.

There are various advantages of using outdoor navigation tech, particularly GPS. They include improved safety, minimizing fuel costs, lowering operational costs, increasing productivity, and theft recovery, among others. There is a whole lot of other discussions on this, so be sure to head over to these resources.

Without further ado, as promised, we will provide you with a listing of the top 10 best places for outdoor travel and adventure. Where should you take yourself?

1. Sri Lanka

It has only been just around over a decade since the end of the brutal civil war in this South Asian country. Still, this nation has quickly bounced back to become among the favorite travel destinations among adventurers.

The country is teeming with temple ruins, vast and golden beaches, leafy tea plantations, and more. Animal lovers will like that this place has tons of options for viewing the wildlife.

Some of the adventurers you can try include surfing off the southern coast, leopard-spotting in Yala National Park, and riding hot air balloons over the rock temples of Dambulla.

2. Botswana

This African country takes pride in its abundant national parks and safari camps, but perhaps one of the best attractions here is the lush Okavango Delta, a 49-million acre river delta located in its northern region. Here, cheetahs, buffalo, zebras, and rhinos freely roam.

Some of the adventures you can try in Botswana include camping under the stars nearby the boulder-covered Kubu Island, riding quad bikes and zooming across the Makgadikgadi salt pans, and river boating through the Chobe National Park.

3. Peru

From the African content, we take it to South America. Peru is famous for Machu Picchu, but there is more than this nation offers than these Incan ruins. Peru is filled with national parks, deserts, lakes, and what you will like – places for less-crowded activities.

Among the outdoor adventures, you can try to include visiting Paracas Natural Reserve and hiking past penguins, sandboarding in Huacachina, and boating on Lake Titicaca.

4. Iceland

Iceland is not only ripe for adventures but has also been a place where astronauts train because of its lunar landscape. Touted and known as the land of fire and ice, this European nation is where you trek a snow-capped volcano, see geysers erupt, and hike across massive glaciers.

Among the outdoor adventures, you can try in Iceland include snorkeling literally between two continents in Thingvellir National Park, hiking behind the waterfall known as Seljalandsfoss, and exploring the underground ice caves of Vatnajökull glacier.

5. Canada

Canada, on the other hand, is where you can hike, ski, bike, and paddle your way across the North American country on the Trans Canada Trail. This 14,864-mile path network is considered the longest recreational trail in the world.

Some of the adventures you can try in Canada include visiting the Torngat Mountains National Park and boating past glaciers, taking it to Manitoba to spot polar bears, and heading over to Yellowknife to chase the Northern Lights.

6. Brazil

Are your plane tickets ready yet? We got more. From Canada, we take it to Brazil, and it is not just famous for the festive Carnival event in Rio, but also is a paradise for outdoor adventurers. It is the home of the most extensive waterfall system globally, the Iguazú; where you can find the biggest wetlands, Pantanal; and of course, the home of the Amazon River and rainforest.

Visiting Natal to ride dune buggies, heading over to Iguazú Falls to the boat, and visiting Fernando de Noronha to snorkel are among the adventures to try in Brazil.

7. Italy

Italy is laden with so much natural beauty, from pleasant coasts, verdant hills to craggy peaks. Plus, travelers can also take on the beauty of and drive through the Cyprus-lined roads of Tuscany, past golden fields filled with sunflowers and rolling green hills. Travelers can also visit The Dolomites, where you can find the most beautiful mountains, and take it to San Pellegrino Pass, an incredible place for skiing and rock climbing.

Skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo, boating through the caves and grottos of Capri, and scuba diving down to the haunting Christ of the Abyss statue in San Fruttuoso are some of the adventures to try in this European nation.

8. Greece

From Italy, we bring it over to another beautiful European country, Greece. This nation has over 6,000 islands and islets, and a coastline of almost 8,500 miles. With these, it is home to whitewashed buildings, epic sunsets, and sleepy beaches. Suppose you want to take on an adventure away from the crowd. In that case, you can visit Naxos, a paradise for windsurfers, or head over to Thassos, the northernmost island in the country, which is a place for mountain bikers.

If you are looking for more adventures here, you can dive Second World War wreckage off the Crete coast, climb for breathtaking views on Kalymnos, and visit Samothraki, where you can slide down waterfalls.

9. Thailand

Located miles away from Greece, Thailand is also where you can hop in for your outdoor adventure. Aside from its delectable street food and bustling cities, this Southeast Asian nation also has jungle-covered islands.

Some of the adventures you can try in Thailand are ziplining through its 1,500-year-old rainforests, caving in Pang Mapha, and visiting Tarutao National Marine Park to kayak.

10. Costa Rica

There are definitely more places in the world to take your outdoor adventures to, but last on our top 10 list is Costa Rica. This is where you can zipline, climb jungles, and ride hot air balloons.

The best adventures to try in Costa Rica are rushing the Pacuare rapids, paddleboarding around Lake Arenal, and horseback riding on the Costa Rican beaches.

Heading to the outdoors and taking on adventures provide several benefits. These advantages include acquiring the thrill of discovery, improving your mood and overall health, saving money, nature being able to allow you to focus, breathing healthier and fresher air, having Vitamin D, and so much more.

So the moment you think about traveling, consider taking on an outdoor adventure – and use some outdoor navigation tech.

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