May 29, 2020

10 Best Tech Blogs for Students

We live in an era of the Internet and social media. Students are being inspired by influencers and bloggers, rather than educators. The good news is, though, that many of those blogs are educational and bring actual value to those who read them. In this article, we will talk about the best tech blogs out there. So if you’re a technology geek and want to learn beyond the curriculum, buckle up and get ready to be drawn into a tech world whirlpool.


Rumour has it that the most famous tech Internet source is TechCrunch, reporting on new developments in the tech world, gadgets, internet products, and start-ups since 2005. It also offers an avalanche of tech blogs as CrunchGear, MobileCrunch, TechCrunch IT, TechCrunch Europe, and so on. If you are into technology, TechCrunch is obligatory to check out. Except for the website, TechCrunch has a YouTube channel and mobile app.


ZDNet would be a valuable asset for those interested in the latest updates in technology. You will find up-to-date articles about Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Business Analysis, Cyber Security, NLP, Data Science, IoT, and how they are transforming various industries, including the education sector. ZDNet is a great asset for both professionals and beginners seeking to research technology-related issues and solve business technology problems. What’s more, they have a self-titled YouTube channel. It’s a perfect option for students who like watching something while having breakfast or on a bus.


WIRED is much more than just a blog, but it 100% worth mentioning. It is a widely known publication with a focus on a tech world and its influence on our lives. Besides tech, their topics include culture, politics, science, entertainment, security, and social media. WIRED is diverse and easy to read. It has a light and somewhat snarky tone, which makes articles even more engaging. You can start your day on a positive, tech-savvy note by reading WIRED over a morning cup of coffee before your lectures.


If you are keen on gadgets, Gizmodo is a place to go. One of the leading tech sources online, it covers all kinds of gadget-related news and publishes practical guides and tutorials for gadget enthusiasts. Whether you want to learn more about the gadgets you already have, the ones you want to buy, or you see yourself working in this niche after graduating, Gizmodo should be on your reading list.

The Next Web

Meet one of the world’s largest technology websites. Back in 2006, two guys named Patrick and Boris launched a website with the sole purpose of promoting a self-started tech conference. The event took place, but the site kept on growing and evolving, and today we know it as TNW, top tech blog on the Internet. It is a massive online resource that covers diverse tech topics. It is also a trusted source of the latest tech news, inspiration, and the occasional laugh.


Like WIRED, Techmeme is not really a blog. It is a technology news aggregator, a place where you can access a summary of the day’s important news, reports, and analysis on one page. The most discussed and significant articles on a wide range of tech topics are manually selected from top industry websites to satisfy your thirst for tech knowledge. It’s a fantastic resource if you have limited free time and are interested in technology.


Founded back in 2004, Endgadget has grown from a small tech blog into a global multimedia organization covering the latest news in tech, gaming, and entertainment industries. You can find early publications by Joystiq, TUAW, and gdgt as well as current news, reviews, videos, and much more about the things, ideas, and people changing our world. Since not that many top tech blogs cover gaming, you might find this one to be particularly interesting and to your liking.


CNET is another top tech site you should definitely check out. Its team explores and explains the tech world around us by offering comprehensive analysis, features, FAQs, all sorts of advice, hands-on and unbiased reviews, buying guides, and much more. Not only you get to learn what’s new in the tech industry and several others, but also the way it works, its purpose, the reason it matters, etc.

Bryan Alexander

It’s not the most obvious, but an incredibly captivating blog. Maybe you’ve heard something about Bryan Alexander, a world-famous researcher, futurist, writer, consultant, and teacher, who’s willing to transform education through technology. His self-titled blog explores all the ways technology is altering education, from politics and infrastructure to pedagogy. He has a knack for dissecting current trends so that visitors can read about its potential impact on the future. His blog helps you analyze your learning process and make it more efficient by implementing technologies in it. One of the additional ways to streamline your studying is to outsource time-consuming general education assignments to and dedicate your time to exploring the technological world.

The Verge

The last, but undoubtedly not least is a technology news platform The Verge. It was created nine years ago to set forth how technology would shape the future life for a vast mainstream audience. On The Verge, you can find news and feature stories, guidebooks, product reviews, or just listen to its podcasts. Also, The Verge creates video content, which you can find on its YouTube channel.

If you study technology, following these blogs is a must. Not only it allows you to stay up to date with the latest tech trends and news, but it will also give you a competitive advantage in your school and then work life.

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