October 19, 2020

10 Cool Automotive Techs to Make your Ride more Enjoyable

Road trips do not just have to be a mean to travel from point A to B. Thankfully, advances in technology have made our rides more comfortable and enjoyable than ever. From airbags to air suspension, there is a whole bunch of features aimed at providing the best comfortable experience to the drivers and passengers. Though unfortunately, most of the features are available in premium segment cars, not in cheaper and affordable cars. The lack of features makes the customers look towards the aftermarket products that are affordable and yet provide the most enjoyable and pleasant ride to the driver and the passengers.

Here are the 10 cool automotive techs to make your daily rides more enjoyable and pleasant:

1. Sound deadening sheets:

Sound damping sheet being attached to a car's door

Having a nice, quiet journey is everyone’s wish, but few people get to enjoy this luxury as most of the affordable cars don’t come with good soundproofing. Luckily, you can buy aftermarket sound deadening sheets that can insulate well the engine and outside noise. You can install these sheets by yourself, just take off the floor carpeting and door panels and peel off the protective film off the sheets and install them. There will be a noticeable difference in sound insulation after you have installed them.

2. Projector headlamps:

Picture credits: DescriptionCarfromjapan.com Image credits: Carfromjapan.com

A well-lit road ahead of your car can save you from accidents and makes it easy to navigate your way. Again, many cars don’t have projection head lamps but fortunately they come standard in Toyota Vios in addition to many other features, even though it is a reasonably priced car.

3. Infotainment System:

car, vehicle, interior
18193486 (CC0), Pixabay

Infotainment systems are pretty much basic a feature of cars nowadays, but if you have an older model car chances are you don’t have a build in infotainment system in your car. These systems can guide you to your set addresses, receive vocal commands and calls, just at the convenience of a touch. You can survey your local auto stores or search on internet whether there is an after-market infotainment system available for the particular model of your car.

4. Car perfume:

A toaster oven sitting on top of a car Description automatically generated

Image credits: DHgate.com

You may had a moment while driving, when you wish your car had a good fragrance perfume. Well you’re in luck, there is a whole variety of car perfumes out there that can make your car smell nice and your journey enjoyable. These perfumes can be simply attached to a/c vent or simply putting them on car’s dashboard will also work, depending on the perfume.

5. USB charger:

A close up of a device Description automatically generated Nowadays, most of our online activities are carried out by our mobile phones, and USB car chargers have become the need of time. You can plug in your mobile phone before or while driving and at the end of the journey your gadget will be sufficiently charged. Toyota Vios is one such example, which comes equipped with multiple usb chargers for electronic gadgets. Even if your car does not comes equipped with such a charger, you can always opt for quality after market chargers, just make sure that you are buying a quality charger, as counterfeit chargers can cause fires and short circuits.

6. Air suspension:

A close up of a car Description automatically generated Likewise, other premium features that usually don’t come standard on affordable cars, air suspension perhaps comes on the top of such items that are absent from mainstream cars. But during the past years, many manufacturers have started making air suspension to be fitted to the mainstream cars. These suspensions provide a butter smooth ride, makes you feel like the car is gliding over the road and you can increase or decrease the height of your car when you want to. If you can afford this, it is the best tech to be fitted to your car.

Image credits: Raptor Motorsports

7. Dashcam:

A picture containing mirror, object, car, small Description automatically generated No matter how carefully you drive your vehicle, there is a fair chance that you might bump into an accident. And most of the people who are at fault, won’t agree to compensate you simply because they won’t accept their mistake. In order to prove them guilty, dash cams are a must. These cams record the front view of your car. So, in an event of mishap or an accident, you would have some proof to prove that you are not at fault.

Image Credits: The New York times

8. Wi-Fi dongle:

A picture containing table, indoor, sitting, wooden Description automatically generated Most of infotainment systems require a reliable internet connection to perform optimally. After mobile hotspots, Wi-Fi dongles are the best option in order to have a reliable internet connection on your infotainment system and mobile devices while travelling. They are easily available in the market and provide a good internet connection nearly everywhere.

9. Tyre pressure gauge:

A close up of a gauge Description automatically generated Tyres play a pivotal role in your daily driving. They absorb most of shock from potholes and provide you with the necessary grip needed to drive. Maintaining recommended tyre pressure is necessary for their good health. A good tyre pressure gauge is important for maintaining a good tyre, you cannot trust the gauges available at gas pumps, most of them give out faulty readings, which in turn will not give you the best ride and your tyre will wear out early. Like any other car care products, these are also available in a nearby auto store.

Image Credits: Walmart

10. Leatherette seat covers:

A close up of a car Description automatically generated Leatherette seat covers are a good option if you want to upgrade your car’s interior without investing too much. They provide good grip and comfort while protecting seat’s original fabric, also they are a good option if you want to increase your car’s resale value a bit. The only downside is they quickly become hot if the car is parked in a sunny area. If you are out looking for leatherette covers, try to avoid rexine covers, they don’t hold up as much as leatherette.



Bonus: Air Purifier

A close up of a toy Description automatically generatedImage Credits: Pinterest

With the air quality deteriorating around us, air purifiers are necessary if you are sensitive and bad air quality makes you feel unwell. These purifiers are usually n95 rated and filter out nearly 95% of the air around us. Simply powered by the usb port of the car, the only maintenance they require is their filter being replaced every now and then or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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