October 29, 2020

10 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Business

Social media platforms are excellent means to connect to the world. We get to make new friends, reconnect with older ones, and know about personal experiences worldwide. These platforms are also used by different companies to promote their business. They build their own pages, promote their products, and interact with the customers. These approaches taken by reputed companies on social media platforms are called social media marketing.

The major platforms chosen by top companies are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All these platforms provide different tools to promote the business. Most of these tools are free, but some of the tools can be availed with a price. You can make use of these tools based on the needs of your business.

What Are The Different Means Of Promoting A Business Page And Attracting Followers?

If you want to build a business page, you need to include all the features that can attract more customers. The following steps must be taken by you to promote your business.

Target Specific Groups

You have an idea about which customers can use your products. Search for these customers on social media platforms. They can exist discreetly, or they can be a part of a group. You can target these groups by asking for membership. You must promote your business to these customers since they are more likely to pay for your services.

Promote Products That Your Customers Want

You can deal with a huge range of products. However, check what your customers want. Highlight those products which are your USP or what maximum customers desire for. You can make wonderful posters for those products. If your business deals with services, you can make posters about your services as well.

Another way you can promote these products or services is to make a short video about it. Have a catchy title, disclose the features, and how it can be useful to the customers. Do not make the video long since the customers will get bored from such long videos. You can make such promotional videos on online video editing websites like, and share it on video-based social media platforms like YouTube.

Make Accounts In Different Social Media Platform And Link All Accounts Together

If you want to target customers on all social media platforms, you must create accounts on each of them. Different platforms have different means of attracting customers. For example, you can post pictures on Instagram pages, but videos on YouTube. You can post both kinds on Facebook. LinkedIn is mostly for business-related purposes. Choose which platform will be best for your business.

If you want to enjoy all the features, then you must create accounts on all the platforms. You can also link all the accounts if they allow you to do so. Otherwise, you can put up important keywords and links that depict your business. For example, you can introduce your website link in the video description for your YouTube videos. You can also include the YouTube video link on the bio of your Instagram page.

Have A Separate Interactive Forum For Your Customers

It will help if you start a forum where your customers can interact and discuss their queries related to your product. As your customer base grows, you will find it difficult to answer every customer’s query personally. You can introduce artificial intelligence to answer commonly encountered queries.

Moreover, if you can use your customers to answer others’ queries, a lot of your time, money, and resources are saved. You can interact with all the customers at once and can discuss with them what they want. You can introduce new offers in these forums, and being a member of the forum will give an added advantage over the general people, who will come to know about the offers later.

What Are The Core Pillars Of Social Media Marketing?

There are five pillars that serve as the core of social media marketing. These are strategy, planning, and execution, listening to customers and their engagement, analyzing and making reports, and finally, advertising. Let us discuss each of these pillars in detail.


Before you embark on your social media marketing journey, you need to have a definite plan to go about it. The most important point is the budget. You need to decide how much you want to invest in such an approach and how much profit you are targeting. Based on your budget, you will set your goals and how to achieve them. You must decide which platform will best suit your business and then create an account on that platform. If you see a profit, you can then expand to other platforms.

Planning And Execution

After setting your goals, you must plan how you will achieve your goals. You must do a proper market analysis and then build your plan on it. You also need to keep in mind that the market is dynamic; the trends prevalent during the planning period might not be observed while executing them. You must include flexibility in your plan so that you can earn more profit. You must have defined segments in your business. Every segment must work to their plans directed towards the common goal.

Customer Interaction And Engagement

You must allow your customer to interact with you. You must cater to your queries and demands. You can also generate new offers and discounts for your customers. If your customers are happy, they will recommend your business to other people.

Analysis And Report

At the end of a defined period, you must analyze your efforts. Check whether it is generating any profit, and how to improve on it. You must make a report on every aspect of your planning and execution. The periodic analysis will help you generate more returns from such social media marketing.


Along with your trusted customers and members of your group, you must advertise your products to the general public. You must create posts that can be seen by non-members as well. The more you expand your reach, the greater your customer base will support your profit.

In this lockdown period, most businesses have gone online. You will certainly find your target customers on any of the available social media platforms. Create an account, make use of proper keywords, and reach out more to your customers.

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