December 15, 2022

10 fun things to do in Minecraft

We all know that Minecraft is a game about building things and mining for resources. But it’s also a game about exploring; sometimes, you want to do more than just build things and mine for resources. Sometimes it’s fun to build giant roller coasters or create an arena where you can play games with friends or even hang out in peace with nothing but birds chirping in the background. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 10 fun activities you can try while playing Minecraft!

1. Build a Rollercoaster

To start with ten fun things to do in Minecraft, you can build a roller coaster in Minecraft. And if you’re good at building stuff, it will be an experience to remember. If you’re not good at building things, then maybe this isn’t the best idea for your first project as an architect. But if you have an affinity for architecture and roller coasters (and who doesn’t?), this is worth checking out!

To get started on your own version of “RollerCoaster Tycoon,” you need to design one yourself; it doesn’t have to be perfect or anything like that; just make sure it looks fun enough that people would want to ride it and see what’s inside! Once done with the body, simply construct some track where players can safely navigate around without falling off into nothingness below them.

2. Build a town

Building a town is one of Minecraft’s best things to do if you’re in the mood for a more social experience. You can build it with your friends, family, or even an NPC (non-player character).

  • Build a town for yourself. Do this when you want something private and quiet, like having your own cave where no one will disturb you.
  • Build a town for another player’s pet. Create an island where they can live! Make sure that both players have agreed on how much land is needed before starting construction on their new home; you might have better luck if everyone agrees on how many rooms each player needs as well, so everyone has enough space at all times while playing Minecraft together.

3. Make An End Portal

If you are a Minecraft veteran, you must be familiar with the End and the End portal. If you find one of these portals, jumping into it teleports you to the End. But in the Creative mode, you can create one of your own, and it’s one of the most fun things to do in Minecraft. The process is simple; you only need 12′ Eye of Ender’ and 12 end portal blocks.

  • Create a 3×3 hole in the ground.
  • Standing inside of it and facing out, start placing the end portal blocks. It helps you execute the orientation perfectly.
  • Place all of your ‘Eye of Ender’ inside the hole one by one. The portal will activate automatically when you’re done.

4. Create and program your own Redstone devices

Redstone is the material that allows you to create circuits in Minecraft. It’s used for more than just making circuits; it can also be used as a power source and input/output device.

There are four different ways of using Redstone: using it alone (the simplest form), creating complex circuits with multiple devices connected together, programming your own Redstone devices and wiring them up on the fly, or even combining all these things together!

5. Build a Zoo

Building a zoo is a great way to spend some time in creative mode. You can build the fence, then add animals by typing /setblock on their blocks.

If you want to add more realism, you can use the command /setblock or /setzoo while looking at your character’s head. This allows you to see the number of blocks between each animal and its enclosure (and what color they’re).

6. Recreate your home in Minecraft

Recreating existing locations is one of the favorite pastimes of Minecraft players and is among the most fun things to do in Minecraft. And what’s better than starting off with your own home?

  • Use the same materials as your real-life house (e.g., wood or stone). If you have an old shed or garage at home, that would be perfect for creating a shelter for yourself and crafting supplies!
  • Add extras like rooms or different types of flooring (e.g., dirt) for more variety in how things look from different angles and also because it’s always fun to play around with new ideas!
  • Make sure everything is safe and secure before setting up camp, wherever it is that we’re going to stay overnight.

7. Build a Farm

Building a farm is a great option if you’re looking for a fun way to spend time in Minecraft. You don’t need any special tools or farming knowledge; just pick a seed with lots of grass and dirt and start planting seeds! The best part is that it doesn’t have to be super complicated. Just add some fences around your farm and watch them grow over time. When the crops are ready, harvest them, and don’t forget to eat some yourself!

8. Create your own adventure map for others to play

You can create your own adventure map for others to play. Here’s how:

  • Go to the games tab, and select Create New World.
  • Choose your preferences, i.e., single-player or multiplayer, and the type of world you want it to be. Once done, exit the game.
  • Download and install Map Editor to transform your new custom world. Play around with everything from its layout to its component.
  • Save and export it as a new .mcworld file.
  • Clicking on a .mcworld file automatically transports it into the game. You can upload the files onto a reliable Minecraft Map community for other players to play.

9. Create printables to use IRL!

You can create some epic printables with the app that you can use in real life! For example, Minecraft themes, party decorations, invitations, thank-you notes, etc.

If you’re looking for a fun way to personalize your party or event with a Minecraft touch, then look no further than these adorable printable ideas. There’s something here that will suit any occasion, from weddings to birthdays and everything in between. One thing we love about this app is that it allows us to create something completely unique every single time, and this is especially true when it comes down to making custom party invitations and other decorating items such as place cards or cupcake toppings!

10. Find diamonds!

Diamonds are rare and valuable. They’re used to craft tools and armor. The caves are where diamonds are most likely to be found in Minecraft. They’re usually dark with either a base of water or lava. To find these caves, you’ll need a pickaxe to dig through. If you don’t have one yet, then there’s no harm in buying one from another player. That is, as long as it doesn’t cost too much money or resources like iron ore. Exploration is your true friend. Sometimes there might be small underground deposits that you might miss out on due to lack of light. Make sure to look thoroughly.


We hope you enjoyed reading our list of 10 fun things to do in Minecraft! There are so many ways to play the game, and we think you’ll find something new every time you play. The essence of Minecraft’s gameplay is to create your own fun. There is no specific way of playing the game. It all depends on how creative and how adventurous you can get. These ten activities mentioned here will bring the best out of you.

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