April 12, 2021

10 Job Opportunities for AWS Cloud Certification

In order to stand out in the increasingly competitive career path, every it or technology practitioner needs to understand the changing technology development in the world. Cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the most popular fields. With the popularity of the cloud, more and more enterprises move their business to the cloud. According to relevant surveys, the global cloud market may reach USD411 billion in 2020, with huge market demand. Since its birth in 2002, the cloud has become the most important infrastructure for enterprises, and also bred Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud platform, Alibaba Cloud, IBM cloud, and other cloud giants. Among them, AWS has always been the market leader, accounting for 40% of the global market share. Because more and more AWS is implemented and deployed in the enterprise cloud, the demand for technical professionals with AWS certification is also rising. Many people participate in AWS certification to help them gain competitive development in the future.

What Is AWS Certification?

AWS certification is to train and verify the professional ability of practitioners on cloud technology. People need to learn the skills and knowledge of cloud technology and take examinations of different roles, such as AWS Developer Examination, AWS Security Examination, AWS Architect Examination, AWS Practice Examination, AWS DevOps Examination, and so on.

Different Types of Certification Include:

Assistant Certification of Architects, Developers, and SysOps Administrators; Professional Certification of Solution Architects and DevOps engineers.

Professional Certification of Senior Network, Big Data, Security, Machine Learning, and Alexa Skill Builder.

Gold Content of AWS Certification?

When choosing any professional certification, the first thing to think about is its value? Because many enterprises have adopted AWS solutions, it means that you can get opportunities in the global competition and benefit a lot. For example: pay rise, cloud computing market prospects make you have stable job opportunities in the industry.

10 Job Lists of AWS Certification:

Cloud architects are professionals responsible for all the details of cloud technology, from computing strategy to adoption plan, from cloud application design to deployment, management, monitoring, and other cloud infrastructure details. These are the most important aspects that every enterprise adopting and willing to implement cloud solutions needs. A cloud architect earns more than USD 100,000 a year.

To become a cloud software engineer, you need to know all kinds of programming languages and ask yourself, “what is platform engineering?” and “how can I improve our processes?” Because we need to use these capabilities to design software on the AWS platform. In addition, the development of cloud-based systems/software needs to be maintained and ensured to work properly through assessment reviews like the AWS WAR. The annual income of cloud software engineers in the United States is as high as USD 120,000.

The system operation and maintenance administrator is responsible for the whole life cycle of the cloud system in the enterprise. Their work includes management, deployment, and operation on the AWS cloud platform. The annual salary of the AWS system operation and maintenance administrator is USD 130,000.

They need a comprehensive understanding of the cloud environment and multiple-functional work in the enterprise. Based on their experience and skills, the average annual salary ranges from USD 137,000 to USD 180,000.

The scope of work of cloud developers ranges from cloud product/service/solution design to organizational development. Whether it’s building web applications, data, and application integration, it’s all handled by cloud developers. With the skills of database programming, cloud platform, and information security, the average annual salary of cloud developers is more than USD 120,000.

Cloud computing is based on an efficient network, which really requires network experts to study its functions. As a network expert, you need to perform tasks such as analyzing network performance, maintaining network security, routine testing, and predicting problems, so as to troubleshoot any problems and avoid wasting time. It is also their responsibility to install routers, firewalls, and many other network systems, tools, or devices in the enterprise. The average annual salary of AWS-certified network experts is more than USD 50,000.

Security is one of the most important concerns for enterprises to migrate to the cloud, so there is always a huge demand for security engineers. Cloud security experts are responsible for building a secure infrastructure on the cloud platform. They need to manage data security, configure network security, implement regulations and standards, and so on. Their average annual salary is more than USD 70,000.

Various systems involve data storage, infrastructure management, network, communication, and other services. Therefore, professionals are needed to solve the problems related to the system, such as deployment. AWS system integration is responsible for all of these jobs, with an average annual salary of more than USD 70,000.

If you are good at data science and development, you can easily improve your ability and gain professional ability through AWS machine learning certification. As machine learning experts, we need to design, implement and maintain ml tasks and applications in the enterprise. The average annual salary is between USD 330,000 and USD 130,000.

In the era of big data, data experts are becoming more and more important. The responsibilities of big data experts include collecting, organizing, processing, and analyzing data information to provide valuable insights for the business. AWS big data experts earn more than USD 100,000 a year.

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