November 2, 2021

10 Quick tips for surviving and winning in Call of Duty Warzone

Here’s 10 things that will give you the edge and hopefully net you a decent amount of wins.

If you have a tip, please throw it in the comments below.

Let’s go!

1. Scan the map before landing

When jumping out of the plane, note something important.

Your parachute will automatically deploy at a respectable level all by itself. You can also cut those ropes to cancel any parachute.

But remember, the second parachute will not auto-deploy.

So if you cut off the first shoot, make sure to deploy another parachute; otherwise, you’ll die on landing.

Quite funny to see when a teammate does it.

Did you know that holding the left shoulder button on the console gives you a third-person view when parachuting into the map?

It’s easier to maneuver, and it’s absolutely fantastic for surveying the area so you can keep an eye out for other teams and see where they’re all landing

2. Get far and land fast

It’s pretty simple.

Drop face first, and once you hit a high enough speed, pull your parachute.

This will give you a boost in the lateral movements about four times quicker than just sticking with the shoot.

Then cut the parachute and repeat to go far and fast.

Over the last four days, many people I played with didn’t realize we always have a parachute available.

So if you find yourself on a rooftop, jump off, don’t look for the stairs to get down, run, and jump like a madman.

The holy grail of parachuting is taking somebody out before you even land.

You’ve got to try this.

3. Aiming down sights when walking through doors

If it’s been a while since you last played a Call of Duty title.

Here’s a great thing to note: aiming down sights when walking through a door lets you peek through.

This makes less noise, keeps you covered and stealthy too.

Of course, everybody else just runs straight through doors and smashes them open instantly.

But like this, you can be a stealthy genius.

Quite helpful when approaching hotspots to identify where your enemies are hiding.

Here are some helpful Warzone hacks pro players are using daily to perfect their aim in Call of Duty.

4. Reduce the recoil

Another mechanic in this game, unlike Fortnite, is the ability to mount weapons to objects to reduce the recoil in general.

It’s helpful, especially salt with L. M. G S.

5. Gulag battle tactics

So you’ll likely be killed in the game at some point and venture into the Gulag.

If you’re entirely new, this is the place where you have a second chance to get back in the game by defeating an opponent in a one-on-one fight.

This is only available once to you, so always before the fifth circle; after that, there are no second


If you find yourself here, tactics go out the window completely.

But there are still two abilities that are regularly ignored: holding, crouching, sliding around the corner, or the good old Call of Duty jump shot.

The theory is pretty simple.

Everyone is aiming for the upper body, so sliding or jumping will force your foe to miss that first shot, forcing them to adjust their aim, giving you the opening.

6. Rocks work great in the Gulag

I’m sure you’ve noticed you can throw rocks.

The ability to put off other competitors is fantastic, but those rocks can also trigger items like C.4.

It won’t happen very often, but you can impact the fight, and yes, it’s even possible to claim an elimination.

7. Pull your cash

By holding down on the D-pad, players can drop their cash to a teammate to raise funds quicker.

And yeah, drop other stuff to keep the squad in top shape.

To buy back a player, visit the stores which use shopping cart icons.

The team redeploys on the right just in case you have tunnel vision from carrying all your teammates.

8. Armor and Drones

Here’s a critical tip ignored while at the store, is buying armor.

If you’re unable to find armor in the world, just get it bought at the store.

It’s cheap and will save your life, and prioritize it even above a self revive.

Stay alive rather than walk the tightrope of death.

Another great item to buy is a drone.

Like you’d expect. It’s a flying camera. I recommend holding up inside a house or building before flying.

This drone can survey the entire area for you and your teammates completely risk-free, showing you where all the enemy teams are.

It gives you such an edge in decision making and attacking enemy squads

Of course, all this stuff costs money which is found all around the open map. So collect as much cash as you can to get all the cool stuff.

9. Bounties offer an added advantage

Scavenger and recon contracts are quick and easy to raise funds.

But it’s the bounties that are a big tip here and not for the reason you’re expecting.

Upon picking up a bounty, you can tell where another team is.

If you are an aggressive player, you can just run to them and start to fight immediately or if you’re more passive, simply knowing another team’s location for even a few minutes is entirely worth picking it up.

10. Teamwork is essential

At the moment, there are only sets of two trios, and I know I don’t have to say this, but here it is anyway.

Just like in Apex Legends, sticking as a squad makes the game much easier.

We all love a good old solo bloodbath.

But as Henry Ford put it, “If everyone is moving forward, success takes care of itself.”

Always play close to your team. In some cases, your teammates take care of other nearby enemies that you are not seeing or act as a shield.

And that does it for today.

If you have any other tips that could help improve survival and win rates in Warzone, please share in the comments below.

We are excited about Call of Duty Vanguard, which is expected to be coming out in early November and will be sharing a lot of content about this game real soon. Till next time!

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