October 24, 2019

10 Reasons Why Teachers and Students Should Blog

Blogging is known everywhere in the world today – it is simple, not too demanding, and informal enough to engage the audience from different social backgrounds. In the narrow sense of this word, it includes regular journaling on a particular topic or several of them, usually done in chronological order, available to the wide publicity. Over the last few years, being a blogger was so much popularized that now any willing person can promote themselves. And there is no surprise – it is quite convenient, pleasurable, and informative.

As for people from educational circles, blogging should never be excluded from the list of the most effective learning and teaching tools. There are many reasons for that. If you take a look at today’s generation, you will probably find more people reading posts on Instagram than those hitting books in the library till late. That is the way the world lives, and defying it will be to no avail!

Indeed, why defy it if you could benefit from this interactive tool for information exchange? Here in this article, we will attempt to persuade you that starting up your own blog has more chances to raise you to the highest point of success than to let you down or steal time. Here we go!

Why Blogging Is More Useful Than Distracting (and How to Balance Those Things)

Writing a blog might be a double-edged sword, being either a great boost for your confidence and motivation as a writer or be an activity that will draw you away from more important things. Anyway, a good writer should bring a healthy balance to their online social activity.

One more question arises when we talk about writing regularly – how to improve writing skills and is it even possible for a person who did not develop this talent before?

Nothing should stop you if you dream about blogging. In this case, using the help of good expert essay writing services (not necessarily for essays) would be a good option. Note that working with a reliable writing helper for students doesn’t make you a worse writer, – it shows that you are willing to develop, learn, and expand.

Coming precisely to the reasons why students (and teachers!) may find blogging more useful than hindering, we will give the whole list of them to support this argument.

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Reasons to Take Up Blogging as a Learner or Educator

  1. It is fun. Today the format matters. Sometimes short, on-the-go written words can change a person more than years of lectures. As time goes on, ways of learning change too. Presenting your ideas in an interesting, humorous, engaging way, you will attract both students and teachers.
  2. It boosts sharing your experience and success. Introducing your own creative approach to classroom management, lesson ideas, fun homework to give, will make your blog a place your colleagues turn to. And not just this – people from all over the world can get to know you as a competent teacher and a professional willing to take part in the ideas exchange.
  3. It makes you self-reflect. Have you ever been advised to write in a diary? The principle behind a blog is pretty much the same: you get the chance for an in-depth analysis of your work, for noticing areas to improve. As you write about your own work, you start figuring out what kind of teacher or student you are, what your values are, what styles of learning you aim at. It is like a virtual journal for yourself.
  4. It gives the chance to see the wholesome picture of your progress. Moreover, the practice of blogging is useful not only ‘in the here and now’ – reflection should take place in the whole process, clearing up the idea of what should be polished and what has to be rethought.
  5. It makes you more digital. Thousands of young teachers lead blogs. It is natural. There is nothing striking about it. But what if a senior professor starts his online space for learning? He is sure to be renowned! Such groundbreaking things make blogs stand out, attract new followers, and bring the special notes of uniqueness nobody can (and would even try to) copycat.
  6. It brings aesthetic pleasure. Organizing text, creating posts, choosing the relevant topics, – all of it brings not only money, but the special kind of enjoyment to the writer and, hopefully, readers. Today the Internet provides us with the chance for exchanging fun and emotions like it never did before. And it is not just about the info on the blog, – it is more about making the reader feel like home.
  7. It fosters mentoring. Nowadays, students are sick and tired of the traditional system of education. So why not go digital? The whole format of blogging allows you to become a role model for somebody you don’t even know in person! And, for those you do know, it would be a more relaxing way to take after you. Plus, it concerns not only teachers but students as well.
  8. It improves confidence. Let us admit it – many of us are uncomfortable giving out speeches before wide audiences. First, you become red, then white, then you forget what you wanted to say next. Blogs, on the other hand, give you time to think. To edit. To collect thoughts. So, unlike spontaneous info sharing, leading a blog in college will give your self-esteem a good lift.
  9. It makes a great contribution to the PD. For any professional, growing is a must. Stagnating teachers and students never grown bigger than their peers. As you interact, correct yourself, ask for advice, you unconsciously become better!
  10. It makes you showcase your students’ achievements. Your local education should have someplace in the blog, especially if it’s something nobody has done before. This habit will show to the public that you are into it, and make your students feel totally accepted.

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