August 22, 2020

$100M Market of Social Media Accounts: Facebook and Instagram Accounts for Sale

How to Buy Facebook and other Social Media Accounts in Bulk and make a Profit?

We all use Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. Some people are more or less engaged with social media but you can’t deny the fact that there are 2B users on Facebook and over 1B users on Instagram. Of course, a huge audience implies huge markets. Yes, it is a well-known fact that Facebook as Instagram can generate leads and sales for your business. But there is one more inner market that has emerged a couple of years ago. The Market of social media accounts. Imagine that Facebook accounts for sale are quite popular today. The digital goods may cost from $0.05 up to $1,000 per item. Surprised? Hold on, there are media-like accounts with 1M+ audience that would cost you a fortune. If you are interested in this emerging market and wondering how to purchase Facebook accounts in bulk and make a profit from this, then read on.

The market of Facebook Accounts for Sale

Every day thousands and thousands of people trade facebook accounts just as if they are cars or shoes. Social media accounts on most popular applications have become something similar to assets. There is a demand and supply for these valuable digital goods and thus we have got a market with price and trends. Why people and businesses may need Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok accounts? There are plenty of reasons.

Advertising on social media requires dozens of business manager accounts.

As marketers target a 2B audience on major social media apps, they battle overreach and users. How to get more views, clicks, signups, and sales? They need more and more traffic. As a result, they demand greater and greater amounts of business manager accounts that can start advertising campaigns. Advertisers face constant issues of restrictions, bans, and rejections for their advertisement. The solution is to buy more and more accounts on a marketplace. And start advertising over and over again.

  1. Developers and web/app development companies need social media accounts for their software and scripts. As these teams start building anything relying on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok APIs, and audiences they need to obtain more and more accounts. The developers use social media platforms as sources for data and operations. But they cannot leverage from these platforms not having any accounts for tests, parsing, etc.
  2. Traders and retailers that have emerged on the market need the accounts for usual commercial operation. They simply buy and sell accounts with a margin. Nothing new here at all.
  3. SMM and Marketing agencies are yet another group that operates on the social media accounts market. These companies purchase accounts of popular networks in order to maintain their marketing efforts within Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. You cannot influence clients without a bunch of trusted accounts. Accounts are just regular tools for an SMM and a marketing manager.
  4. SMM panels might be the shadiest guys here. First off, what is an SMM panel? It is a software that helps increase activities on social media relying on bot traffic and bot scripts. These companies help you automate your accounts and get likes, followers, comments, etc. But as Instagram and other major players release updates they temporarily disable bots. Thus SMM panels stop working and start looking at how to manage an update. But they still need more accounts as the previous got a massive banhammer. SMM panels may run the software for thousands and thousands and thousands of bot accounts.
  5. Anonymous and internet abusers. As the Internet becomes a place with no privacy and your page is public and overall seen you may need some privacy and anonymity. Thus more and more people buy Facebook accounts in order to get a fake account and hide their person. Why surf Facebook or Instagram using your real name if you can use it under a fake person? Many people feel comfortable with this let’s say mask.

But there is one more group of people who use anonymity in a harmful way. Abusers purchase fake accounts in order to bully other people, brands, or celebrities on the Internet. Sounds crazy but this is becoming more and more popular.

Whoever purchases an account today, they can do it instantly. There are marketplaces and stores that offer social media accounts for sale.

How to Buy Facebook Accounts in Bulk

As Facebook is still the number one social media network with the greatest capitalization and most powerful in economic terms we will analyze how to purchase its accounts. First off, let’s consider that there are various places where you can buy Facebook accounts in bulk:

  • Social Media Accounts marketplaces
  • Social Media Accounts stores
  • Sole sellers and traders who sell accounts in bulk


Marketplaces are the best place to buy Facebook accounts in bulk. Marketplaces offer the best prices, a wide range of accounts, large stocks, custom orders, support. It is recommended to buy from a trusted marketplace so that you will be sure that you will have a safe and reasonable trade.

Recommended social media accounts marketplaces:

  • Accfarm: A reliable social media accounts marketplace that offers facebook accounts in bulk. You can buy Business Manager accounts and Accounts with Extended Ads limits. Accfarm is known for its great support and exclusive Facebook and Instagram Accounts. This marketplace can supply you with 1,000 accounts per purchase.
  • Playerup: Old, trusted, and popular marketplace for the game and social media accounts. You can find there plenty of traders who sell, buy, flip accounts on popular networks and games. Playerup does not maintain instant delivery but they have an escrow.
  • FBAccs: Another big store that offers facebook accounts in bulk. You can find plenty of cheap Facebook accounts on this store. Unfortunately, they don’t have online support and there are not many payment methods.


Depending on your business or individual goal you may buy different types of social media accounts. Also, you may consider different amounts of items in a batch. In most cases, the Internet offers many services and is ready to supply you with any amount and any type of products. It is highly recommended to buy your accounts from a marketplace. This is how you make your trade safe and reasonable.

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