January 21, 2022

11 Most Sought After Cheap Skins for CS:GO in 2022

CS:GO is a game that has changed the lives of many across the world and has brought up a whole new generation of gamers. While CS:GO is far from the latest and most exciting triple-A release out there, this oldie but goldie still has a very active and vibrant community, one of the most prominent eSports scenes around the globe, and more skins than you can imagine.

While skins don’t give you any advantage whatsoever over your enemies in the game, they allow you to personalize your gaming experience. 

Some skins can cost as little as a couple of dollars; others can rank up to the thousands. In this article, we’ll talk about the most sought-after skins for CS:GO in 2022 that won’t break the bank but will still make your playthrough of the game that much more interesting. 

Understanding Skin States

When it comes to CS:GO skins, there are five states. All these states dictate a different level of polish and exterior quality. The states are from best to worst:

● Factory New (FN)

● Minimal Wear (MW)

● Field-Tested (FT)

● Well-Worn (WW)

● Battle-Scarred (BS)

The Factory New skins tend to go for a lot more money than, say, Well-Worn skins. Usually, it’s hard to find a high-polish FN skin on the more affordable side, but if you scour the internet, you might just be able to cop yourself one. 

Glock18 Weasel

The Glock is one of the most popular weapons around, and it’s an absolute staple of the Counter-Strike universe. Depending on who you ask, the Glock 18 can either be the best pistol in all of CS:GO, or the worst gun in gaming history.

Nevertheless, the Glock 18 Weasel is one of the most affordable skins in the game, and you can find one on almost any CS:GO trading site or on the Steam store. It features the standard black Glock 18 skin with a weasel decal on it, and it’s a great addition to a rat-range of weapons. 

UMP45 Exposure

The Heckler and Koch UMP45 have been in the game ever since the game was released. This old-timer is still one of the fan favorites, even if it has never been a part of the CS meta. The UMP45 Exposure, however, is one of the most widely-used skins in the game.

Why? Because it’s both affordable and insanely beautiful. It features a beautiful blue tint that resembles human bones and transforms your gun into a neon-gem that will contrast the regular color pallet of the game. 

USPS Stainless

Game skins have a bad reputation of looking a bit out of place, and quite a lot of CS:GO skins are to blame. Some of them break the immersion of the game and make the whole character look out of place. 

The USPS Stainless, however, isn’t one of these skins. It’s slick, good-looking, and features a polish level that makes this skin all the better. The USPS Stainless is also affordable and readily available, meaning you can get one for next to nothing. 

UMP40 Moonrise

The UMP40, just like the UMP45, is one of the community favorites in CS:GO, and one of the community favorite skins for this weapon is also one of the cheapest. The UMP40 Moonrise gives your gun an insanely deep pink-purple hue, making it stand out from the rest of the guns in your arsenal. 

Unlike the Exposure, the Moonrise is very slick and subtle looking, making it a great choice for those looking to add some aesthetics to the game. 

M4A4 Converter

Converting your friends from MOBA gamers into Shooter gamers can be challenging work. Converting their avatars into corpses will be easy, but with the M4A4 converter, it will be cool as well. It’s a gun that I’ve always wanted as a child, as it features all the things I like.

A gorgeous octagonal texture made that much better by blood splatter everywhere. This fantastic skin is surprisingly very affordable, and it’s beloved by the community. 

AUG Aristocrat

The AUG is known as a pompous, hard-to-use weapon, but if you can use it properly, you’ll be stacking your enemies higher than the doors on de_dust. The AUG Aristocrat is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a sophisticated skin for AUG aficionados that features a luxurious trim, off-tone blue color, and gorgeous metal details – so if you’re looking to add a dash of style, this is the weapon for you. 

AWP Acheron

The relationship that the CS:GO community has with the AWP is shaky at best. Some swear by the weapon, while others hate it to the core. Whatever your relationship with the AWP is, the Acheron is going to turn some heads. This affordable gem is coated in red, white, and blue splatters, so if you’re an all-American AWP appreciator, you’ll love the Acheron. 

AK47 Safety Net

The AK47 isn’t a gun – it’s a myth, a legend, and the most popular assault rifle in the world. In the CS:GO world, it’s the most popular gun as well, and one of its most popular skins is the very affordable Safety Net. It’s simple – this skin is the standard skin wrapped in an orange safety net. Slick, cool, and interesting. 

Nova Forest Leaves

Some CS:GO players don’t like to shoot their enemies from a distance. Some like to go in and get all personal; that’s why they use shotguns like the Nova. However, if you want to be that much cooler and sneakier, you’ll get the Nova Forest Leaves skin, which doesn’t add any real stats outside of your cool factor. 

M4A1S Flashback

What war has the best soundtrack? That’s right, the Vietnam war. If you’re looking for a skin inspired by the legendary conflict, you’ll love the M4A1S. It’s a groggy, filthy, and old skin decked out with white marker writing, and it makes you feel like you’re back in the jungle listening to what the trees have to say. 


This is the second AWP skin on this list, and it’s just as gorgeous as the first one. If you’re not into red, white, and blue but still want a color explosion on your sniper rifle, the AWP PAW is for you. It features an explosion of interesting animal-based stickers that take one of the most deadly weapons in the game and turn it into something cute. 

Desert Eagle Oxide Blaze 

Say that you’re not looking for something cute; you’re looking for something cool. Well then, the Deagle Oxide Blaze has you covered. It’s the standard desert eagle, but it has been used and abused. This skin makes your trusty pistol look dated, rusted, and aged – but just as deadly as it was before. 

In Conclusion

CS:GO is fun, and it’s going to stay fun even after a new version of the game drops. CS 1.6 still has a very active and vibrant community even two decades after its initial release. It’s safe to say that CS:GO isn’t going anywhere from the top spot anytime soon. 

If you want to make your game that much more unique, you can grab any one of these skins for cheap and immerse yourself in the exciting world of CS:GO.

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