September 7, 2017

New Unknown Features On Apple Maps Shows It Could Catch Up With Google Maps Soon

Apple Maps was a disaster when it was first released in 2012. If you were an Apple Maps user then you would have known this. Many users reverted to Google Maps after using Apple Maps. There were cases recorded when people ended up in potentially life threatening situations. Even the cops in Australia have warned the people against using Apple maps app. But after iOS 10 update, Apple maps has taken a whole new turn. Here are the reasons why you might want to use Apple Maps again.

1. Traffic notification of events saved in calendar

Apple maps syncs with the inbuilt calendar app. So whenever you save an event in the calendar, you will get a notification about the event on that day along with the traffic updates. The notification specifies the location and time of the event. It also includes the traffic conditions and at what time you should leave for the meeting for you to reach on time. This type of notification helps in avoiding the awkward situations of being late for important meetings.


2. Know the Traffic prior to choosing a route

If you don’t want to give the lame excuse of “I was stuck in traffic” by being late to office or a meeting then just slide the traffic button on by going to Settings -> Maps. It shows you the traffic on your route. If the traffic is heavy in a particular area then the path in that area is highlighted in red lines. Thus you can save the time by changing your route with help of traffic feature in maps.


3. Color coded locations to understand the locations easily

The locations are color coded i.e, it groups the places according to their category and each group is represented by a color. For example, shopping places are represented by a shopping bag symbol in a yellow circle, restaurants are represented by fork and knife symbol in orange circle. This makes it easy for the users to identify the location’s category even though they have never heard of that place before.


4. Proactive Maps

Apple maps are proactive. If you are in the app and when you slide up from the bottom, it gives you suggestions based on the calendar events or the frequent places you visit at that time. It also suggests the places you might want to stop by like restaurants, Gas Stations or Coffee Shops nearby while on your route. You can filter the restaurants based on the type of food you would like to eat at that time by selecting the food type.


5. Add Home Location and custom locations

Apple Maps allows the users to save home location. All you need to do is manually put your home address in your iPhone’s contacts card. So whenever you open maps it will automatically give your home address as a suggestion without searching any location’s name. You can also add custom locations. Tapping the info button provides you option of marking the location.


6. Reviews of a Restaurant

If you want to try a new restaurant and you do not have any idea about the food’s taste, ambiance etc, then Maps includes the reviews where you can check the customer’s feedback and decide if you want to go that restaurant.


7. Make a Reservation at a Restaurant, book a cab and pay for it.

Generally, we reserve a table at a restaurant by calling the restaurant or through an app. With Apple maps, you do not have to search for the appropriate app separately. Apple maps provide a link to Open Table app where you can reserve a table at a restaurant of your choice. If you do not have the Open Table app you need to download it. When you are ready to leave the restaurant, and when you tap on the directions, you are given a new option to book a ride with app extensions like Uber and pay for it with Apple Pay. You are doing all these tasks without leaving your maps.




8. Flyover Tour

Apple maps have introduced the feature of Flyover tour which gives the 3D  view from the top of the location as if you are viewing the location while flying. All you have to do to use this feature is to select the Flyover option in the satellite section when you enter the destination you want to reach.


9. Weather

With Apple maps, you can get the weather information of a particular location. When you type a location name it automatically gives the weather information of that place. It is really helpful for people who do not check the weather conditions of a place they are planning to go on mini trip or tour.


10. Displays the information of Wikipedia

When you are going to historical places and if you do not have any idea about that place, then you do not have to search about those places separately. The Wikipedia information of that place is provided for you when you search a place. Now you can have a brief idea about the place you want to visit.


11. Lane Guidance

iOS11 beta 2, lane guidance feature is in testing mode as of now and is soon going to be launched in the apple maps. The CarPlay feature which only iOS is offering is going to get an additional boost with the introduction of this lane guidance. This could well be the game changer in the battle between google maps and apple maps.

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