December 21, 2019

12 Tools to Help Bloggers Work Faster & Write Better

Blogging involves multiple online tools to influence lives offline. If you are a dedicated blogger, you probably know that using a notebook and a pen maybe not enough to draw attention to your content. Writing, editing, proofreading, adding pictures, posting, reacting, analyzing… Most of these stages require the best of your professional attitude! Let’s see what are the top 12 tools to improve your workflow.


Evernote got so popular and universal nowadays – you may easily customize your account for any niche you’re working in. If you have to come up with a relevant content plan and implement it in accordance with the arranged dates, Evernote is an excellent solution for this task.

What is more, you can save your pictures, contacts, webpages, and video files in Evernote if they are an integrative component of your content plan. Evernote (or any other application for taking notes) is a must for all the people working in the creative industries.


Completing monotonous tasks may lead to losing track of time. This is why you have to plan your working days and save your progress. Trello is one of the simplest task managers you can possibly imagine. What’s the secret? Its developers used a trendy Kanban model to ensure you visualize the things you have to do, things in progress, and things that are done already. By putting even the smallest details on board, you practice your task-management – one of the most precious bloggers’ competencies.

Proofread everything you post

If you’re not sure about your editing skills, you may delegate this task to services like Grammarly or any writing agency. They can either write me an essay or edit any kind of text I want to post online. Needless to say, people prefer reading professionally written texts. Grammarly will take care of any possible mistakes (grammar, spelling, punctuation) by highlighting them and offering you an alternative.

Google Calendar

Available for every Google account owner, Google Calendar is the most down to earth yet popular and indeed useful tool any blogger can use for keeping their tasks in order. The biggest advantage you can enjoy is setting the regular reminders (for example, about the posts following your content plan). Respectively, you may integrate your content plan to the Calendar and forget about the missed deadlines.

Quick Sprout

Wondering about the recent SEO success of your website? Just insert your URL address into a line on Quick Sprout and see how popular you got lately. Suitable for both business and personal purposes, this website analyzes various SEO parameters and even gives some advice on their further development. The blog section will cover any possible questions related to growing your online business – don’t hesitate to visit it as well!

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Since bloggers usually spend much time looking through the theme-related texts for inspiration, they might get confused with a plethora of ideas and mistake them for their own ones. Naturally, this process leads to a high plagiarism percentage, which may significantly harm your reputation. Such plagiarism checkers as Que text will reveal the weak spots that demand more attention from you as a writer. See the phrases you have to correct and avoid copyright issues by providing your audience with the authentic content only.

Title Generator

The name of this website is self-explanatory. Simple yet perfect, it will create an original title for your text in a few seconds. The only thing you have to do is type your main keywords so that the algorithm doesn’t give an extra random title. Make sure you proofread the title and capitalize some words if needed. To check if your title is original, click to find plagiarism checker for free.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a website you can visit for both laughing and actually improving your business. For instance, did you know that Baby Shark is more popular in the US than the Royal Baby? And did you know that Baby Yoda beats Baby Shark in all possible ways? Utah is the state to get 100/100 points for the number of searches made. This info may not save your blog but now you know how to choose keywords depending on the area you’re aimed at 🙂

Egg Timer

Egg Timer is an online alternative implying a modified Pomodoro technique (undeniably, time management is a food-related phenomenon). Therefore, you may set the timer for writing or brainstorming and then taking a break. Easy in usage, it will not disturb you with the annoying sounds due to the pop-ups available in settings.


If you doubt your design skills, you have to create a Canva account right away! Canva is a free graphic editor suitable for making posters and announcements for all the popular social networks. Due to the numerous templates and additional elements made in various styles, you can customize your image following your brand book requirements.

By the way, Canva also has another version aimed at corporate using. In other words, your colleagues can get access to your drafts and vice versa for accelerating your work (some kind of a design social network).


In recent years, memes turned out to genuine art. Despite there are millions of them online already, you’re still able to create your own unique pics with the help of Imgflip. Images, screenshots, fonts, and your favorite sarcastic phrases – everything under one roof. As well as Canva, you may approach Imgflip for coming up with something more sophisticated – banners, posters, and other graphics.


You remember us warning you about the copyright? It also applies to images and graphic objects you can find somewhere on the Internet. Even though you may assume that “no one will notice a blurred picture on the background of my poster,” you better take it from a stock. Unsplash is one of the free stocks you may visit when looking for a suitable picture for your content.

The full list of the best blogging tools is literally endless. Depending on your niche, format, audience, and goals, you can select the best applications and websites to put your content in the spotlight.

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