May 19, 2020

15 Secrets of Smart Shopping at Walmart

The research of Statistic Brain says that 90% of US citizens live in 15-minutes from Walmart. This is a well-known wholesale shopping chain that many Americans visit. Most customers like this store for its affordable prices for food, clothes, and household appliances. However, even regular members of this chain and frequent customers may not know all the secrets that can help save a lot. Today we will share with you our list of ideas for smart shopping at Walmart. So, let’s start.

1. Keep track of the dates of the big sales

“Black Friday” is usually known for very advantageous offers at Walmart depending on the product. On sales dates, it is recommended to follow the discounts in this shop and compare them with other chains. Additionally, Walmart announces big sales in July trying to overcome Amazon’s Prime Days. By the way, plenty of Walmart shops provide nice discounts on Tuesdays, but to be sure it’s better to check the schedule in your nearest shop.

2. Find $1 goods

Walmart still has $1 products. The only thing you need to know is where to search for them: you can usually buy antiperspirants and hair conditioners at such a price, as well as some other items. $1 offers are updated every week. You can preview the current weekly ad for Walmart at

3. Come early in the morning to get a discount

Every morning, shops deliver fresh products on the shelves and cut the costs of the goods left from the previous day. You can get the maximum of this opportunity if you visit the store at 7-10 a.m.

4. Use the coupons of competitors

There is no place where you can find Walmart coupons because they don’t exist at all. However, the store accepts the manufacturers’ discounts, as well as coupons of other chains. The only rule is that such a discount should contain a concrete amount of the discount, but not a certain percent of it.

5. Learn the location of the discounted goods

Every store of the chain has a clearance policy and the place where it locates goods at a discount. So, just ask the manager where to find it.

6. Get online prices at the store

If you find a profitable offer on the official website, the company will give you the same price in the store, you just need to ask the cashier about it.

7. Get free delivery on any purchase

Walmart provides free delivery on any order starting from $35. If your purchase is less than this amount, experienced customers select the ship-to-store proposal. In most cases, your items can be picked up on the day of the order. However, you still will have to come to the shop for the ordered goods, but you will not have to pay for a delivery, and you can do it at the end of the working day.

8. Study the price tag system

Walmart has a specific price tag system that can be used to define if the price on a product will decrease or if this is the last offer. If the tag ends at seven, for example, $5.97, this is usually the original price. Items with five, in the end, have been discounted once. Goods the price of which ends with one are permanently discounted.

9. Download the Savings Catcher app

Download the app and scan your Walmart recipes with it after every purchase. The application compares what you have paid at Walmart with the prices of competitors and automatically credits the difference to your card if you paid more. To find the most favorable options, you can use some Weekly Ad Services.

10. Remember about the competition

As the two largest retailers, Amazon and Walmart are constantly trying to beat each other. When someone announces new profitable offers, the rival tries to do the same. That is why Walmart buyers have noticed several benefits from Amazon’s growth. For example, Walmart has recently started offering product delivery through Uber and Lyft to compete with AmazonFresh. Follow this trend and you will surely find the best deals created by the competition.

11. Use the online shopping option

Avoid impulsive purchases with online shopping and order your items to your nearest Walmart without even entering the store. A Walmart employee will deliver purchases directly to your vehicle, and it’s completely free.

12. Avoid Organic Products

Walmart offers competitive prices for many products, but in the case of organic goods, this is not the best store. In this segment, it is better to shop at Aldi and Trader Joe.

13. Use coupons to get cash

With coupons from product manufacturers or, I Heart the Mart, and Passion for Savings, you can save at Walmart as well, and if your purchase is less than the amount of the coupon, you can get unspent money and use it on your next shopping.

14. Do not buy cheap furniture

Furniture at Walmart is cheap, and it is not a surprise. It has very low quality, so it will often have to be repaired or replaced. In the long run, you will spend more than if you originally bought more expensive furniture in another store.

15. Avoid food supplements

Walmart’s supplements and vitamins have been tested many times showing very poor results. Only 4% of the tested substances contained herbs that were indicated on the package. The rest of them contained substances, which were not specified in the description, so they could be either useless or even harmful to health.

Is It Profitable?

Walmart used to be the only large retailer to sell products at great discounts. However, today Target, Costco, and Amazon compete with it, offering consumers low prices for a wide range of products. However, Walmart remains the leader among the retailers with the most profitable offers for certain categories of products. For instance, Walmart offers restored TVs, which can be purchased 40% cheaper than in other stores. Prices for clothes and accessories are dramatically low, which can come in handy when you need clothes for a specific purpose that does not require high quality.

If you are looking for affordable cosmetics, then Walmart is the best choice. For instance, L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara at Walmart costs $5.84, while at Walgreens — $8.49.

This is also a great place to buy school supplies, which are cheaper than at Target. Pay attention to special discounts and offers that the retailer often provides on school goods. Walmart offers school uniforms for as little as $4, making this offer more profitable than Target and Kohl’s deals. You can buy a short-sleeved shirt for a boy or girl for just $4.47, and pants or a skirt for just $9.

In Conclusion

Now you know at least 15 secrets of smart shopping at Walmart. Remember, following these simple tips can let you save more on daily purchases, making you closer to your dream. Shopping at Walmart may be even more profitable if using additional apps that help manage your expenditures and plan your shopping. Do not neglect to use at least some of them and enjoy your purchases!

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