January 14, 2019

Best Wordpress Plugins 2019 (Updated) For Business, Education Blogs

Best Wordpress Plugins 2019 (Updated) For Business, Education Blogs, Web Designers, Adsense, Beginners, eCommerce sites, Email Subscriptions, Designs etc. Whether you pursue online writing casually or professionally, you cannot call yourself a blogger until you are familiar with a powerful CMS like Wordpress. What makes a blogger unique from others is the fact that instead of utilizing it for just a casual piece of writing material and clicking the publish option, a blogger knows how to use a CMS in the right way – the way in which the site content pleases both bots and real visitors.

The following is a list of the most reliable plugins for Wordpress in 2018 that every blogger should adopt in order to get effective results that quite simply define a job well done.

Best Wordpress Plugins 2019 (Updated) For Business, Education Blogs

1)Smart 404

Research is always the most time consuming aspect in any blog’s composition if desired information cannot be found, Smart 404 can make a ‘smart’ move in this aspect, with the help of the current URL, as it manages to find the desired results.


Hate spam? Fret not as Akismet is a helpful tool as it protects your blogs from unwanted spam comments quite effectively!

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3)All In One SEO Pack

With this powerful plugin, a WordPress site quickly becomes search engine’s favourite pal; which saves immense time of doing on-page SEO manually.

4)FeedBurner FeedSmith

Are you curious about your subscribers? FeedBurner FeedSmith can help you in that as it manages to inform you about your subscribers in your FeedBurner feed.

5)Google XML Sitemaps

As the name suggests, it makes XML sitemap for your site which you can submit to search engines to improvise the crawl rate. If you are searching for an efficient sitemap plugin then the powerful Google XML Sitemaps is definitely the thing you have been looking for.

6)Popularity Contest

By displaying the numerical value of your blog visitors and comments, the popularity Contest plugin enables you to know how well is your blog being followed by visitors.

7)After the Deadline

It informs you about grammatical and spelling mistakes in your articles quite efficiently. As after the Panda update, typos can now damage a page’s reputation, therefore After the Deadline plugin is no less than saviour as it makes sure your blog is mistake free.

8)Category Order

By the ordinary drag and drop feature, you will be able to categorize your blogs the way your heart desires quickly.

9)Google Integration toolkit

This powerful plugin connects your blog with Google’s top-notch facilities such as Webmaster Tools, Adwords, Keyword Tools etc.


The title says it all. With this plugin your visitors can have the option of saving your blog content in the form of a PDF file.


Worried about 301 redirects or 404 errors? Redirection plugin will take care of all 301 related issues.

12)WP-DB Manager

WP-DB Manager is a very handy database plugin when it comes to deleting, repairing or even recover activities to be performed on a database.


To make sure that the visitor is a human being and not some online spam bot attempting to comment on your blog, a simple mathematical question will be asked before logging or commenting in your blog.

14)Do Follow

Tired of the annoying ‘no-follow’ feature added in the comment section of a WordPress by default? Do-Follow Best Wordpress Plugins will remove it and will allow you to pass your link juice to your commenter’s.

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15)WP Smush.it

When it comes to images, WP Smush.it helps to optimize, resize and even convert images from one format to another in the very best way possible today.

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16)Permalink Finder

Say good bye to all those endless 404 pages on your re-structured or migrated blog as this Best Wordpress Plugins does all the work.


If a blog post demands updates in the realtime during live coverage of an even (e.g. an iPhone launch coverage etc), then Liveblog is the thing for you as it enables the blog post to be updated quickly without ever visiting the wp-admin area!

18)W3 Total Cache

Loading can be a real pain if it’s taking too much time. With W3 Total Cache, a decent amount of time is saved through efficient cache-ing and the second loading time of your blog is incredibly reduced.

19)Subscribe to Comments

In order to maintain, if not decrease, the viewership of your blog, the Subscribe to Comments Best Wordpress Plugins is an excellent tool to keep the reader in touch with your blog posts by putting into action an email notification system on your blog with this Best Wordpress Plugins.


Adding a poll by the WP-Polls plugin is a perfect way to increase visitor interaction on your blog!

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