February 21, 2020

3 Simple Ways to Track an iPhone with Phone Number

This is the ultimate guide as to how one can track an iPhone by just knowing the phone number. Wondering how? Well, below are mentioned 3 top apps that work extensively for iOS devices and help you track each and every activity done by your target.

iPhones as you know it, have very tight security and hence hacking into it might be difficult. But anymore with the use of these 3 apps. We’ve picked the best of all from the market to help you access your target’s phone activities.

These remote monitoring apps are not only reliable but also very convenient to use. There are multiple methods to track an iPhone but why choose others when you have 3 simple and most effective ways to do so. For more information, you can check out from Clickfree.

Sometimes, when you want to assure your relationships or keep a keen eye on your child’s phone activities, you can use these apps to ensure their safety. It’s also used by the employers of the company to keep a check on their employees in order to get the work done.

In this guide, you’ll see how these 3 simple ways will help you reach out to your end goal. You don’t have to spend your precious time researching. You’re already in this article. Keep reading to unveil the top 3 apps.


Spyic is the best app to remotely track an iPhone with just the phone number. Your iPhone might be lost, stolen or misplaced. In such cases, Spyic is your go-to buddy. With reasonable deals and user-friendly interfaces, Spyic is the best app to track an iPhone with number.

With its immense popularity and reach in over 190+ countries, Spyic leads the spy market due to its rich range of features and smooth functionality. It has also been reviewed by top media outlets like CNET.

Very trustworthy and reliable, Spyic comes with a stealth mode which means it is impossible to detect. You can easily track someone’s iPhone by knowing their number and get access to their data.

Spyic is a very easy application to use. The secret app that millions of people use and there’s no need for jailbreaking required. You can easily access and track an iPhone just with the number. This is how you can use on Spyic official website.

Step 1: Sign up on the Spyic and make your account using an existing email id.

Step 2: Set up Spyic to work with the target phone. No need to download the app on an iPhone and put in the iCloud credentials of your target.

Step 3: Wait for Spyic’s server to sync all the information and you’ll see the Control panel. On the left, there’s a selection panel and hence you could start using all the Spyic’s exclusive features.

Spyic has crazy features like call tracker, tracking of iMessages, social media accounts, location tracker, access to contacts, notes, calendar and so on. The geofencing feature allows you to know when your target crosses a certain boundary.

Track any iPhone secretly with Spyic’s stealth mode and 100% discretion. It is the best way to track an iPhone. With its cutting-edge technology, all the features will really help you find your phone or know where your target’s phone is.

You can also get a free live demo on their website. Check out now and trust yourself. Spyic is just perfect for tracking iPhones as it also has the keylogger feature which allows you to know every word being typed by the target in real-time.


Minspy is a fantastic app curated to provide remote monitoring services related to tracking and hacking of phones. If you’re looking for an application that tracks the iPhone with just the number, Minspy comes in the second position.

With its rich features like call log tracking, messages tracking, location tracking, website history, social media accounts, etc. You can get to know if the device has crossed a certain boundary with the geofencing feature of Minspy.

Hence, if it’s stolen or lost, you can easily track the iPhone through Minspy by just putting in the number. It’s a totally web-based application hence you don’t have to install it. Access the app from any browser, make your account, choose a plan, and voila!

It’s quick and easy installation will help you work in a safe and legitimate space. Minspy gives full security to all the information by the user. It’s a great app to consider if looking for discreet and safe means to track your iOS device.

Minspy is also very popular in the market and has a crazy user base who trusts the app. All the beginners have given this app positive reviews. You don’t need to jailbreak the device to start tracking. It’s super convenient and accessible.

Minspy provides you with a very user-friendly interface. Minspy is your go-to app when tracking an iPhone. You should definitely go to it.


Spyier, another brilliant tracking app is a genius invention that tracks iPhones and gives access to all the data on your target’s phone. Spyier accomplishes all this without even getting downloaded. Go to the website and get a free Spyier demo today!

Spyier, with its mass popularity and name spread across countries, doesn’t fail to impress you with its rich range in features that are out of the world. You won’t find these features anywhere else but here.

iPhones come with an iCloud backup feature and hence, Spyier uses this information to track the iPhone by just knowing the number. Therefore all you need is the phone number of your target and you can literally know where the phone is.

The in-built GPS, geofencing and keylogger features of the Spyier app also helps in tracking the iPhone from wherever it is. It’s a flexible app to use and provides the utmost credibility and security. So there’s no need to worry at all! You’re in safe hands.

So, we come to the end of 3 simple ways of how to track an iPhone with just the phone number. You should always read up and do your own research. Never go with the first app you end up reading. Consider your options according to your needs.

These 3 apps are very safe to work with and provide 100% discretion so choose any you want. They are the best of the lot.

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