June 4, 2020

4 Technology-Based Marketing Strategies

Getting new customers is the principal task for every sales manager. Those who understand how to make the most out of technology will be the most successful.

Once you have your go-to-market strategy in place, be sure that you tap into these four technology-based options.


Blogging has come a long way from the days when WordPress was established to allow computer users to have a platform to tell their stories. Savvy sales teams understand the benefit of having a tailor-made blog on the organization’s website.

The purpose of this blog is to answer questions and provide solutions to the target audience, your potential customers. By enticing them to the site and solving their problem, you can use cleverly hidden links to direct them to your goods or services. Even though blogs are advertising, the better ones are presented as educational. The reader is learning about something, in the lead-up to hopefully making a purchase.

Social Media

The introduction of buy buttons on social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest make these sites a goldmine for new customers. People browsing these pages are instant-buyers and are prone to making snap decisions.

Creating urgent flash sales and limited-time offers to encourage people to click the link to avoid missing out. The benefit here is a new instant customer-base.

The trick here is to know your audience. For example, if your market is Millenials and Gen Z, Instagram is your go-to social network. However, having an extensive presence is also good business. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are the juggernauts of this field. Little to no exposure here is detrimental to your organization.

Email Marketing

Clever, targeted email marketing is still a highly successful way of securing new clients. This works exceptionally well when trying to nurture warm leads and must be one of your go-to-market strategy components. 70% of consumers indicate that email is their preferred form of communication.

Web users may have signed up for a newsletter or provided an email address as a log-in. This is your opportunity to target useful solutions to them gently. Be careful not to bombard their inbox, or come across with hard selling. Pique their attention, encourage a response, and reply promptly.

If you have purchased an email list, remember these are cold leads and require a different marketing tactic. Although the rate of return is lower, as you don’t know what their interest level is, don’t discount this untapped market either.


If you have a lot of traffic to your site, you cannot afford to miss out on remarketing tools. The concept is pretty straightforward, a potential customer is browsing your site, and then they leave. Without knowing this, they open other websites, and they’ll notice that ads of the previous site appear on the new ones.

The idea behind this is to give them a second chance to consider what they may have dismissed. In most cases, one visit is not enough to encourage potential buyers to take action and become customers.

Remarketing works on personalization. The user only sees ads that are relevant to them, based on their browsing history. This triggers in their mind that this is their current interest and encourages them to go back for a second look. Buyers are more likely to purchase on their next visit than on the initial one.

Keep Up With Tech Trends

Make sure that your sales team is on the ball when it comes to technology and market trends. Right now, blogging is where it’s at. If your website doesn’t have an educational blog, you’re losing out of valuable traffic and potential clients.

A social media presence is a given. Cover the major platforms, and also be sure to target your dominant demographic on their preferred network.

Done right, email marketing will nurture your warm leads into hot sales. Learn about remarketing and fully understand how powerful this concept is in bringing potential clients back to your site.

Take advantage of these four technology concepts and watch your customer base grow.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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