January 23, 2019

5 Best Android Gallery Apps You Must Have In 2019!

Though the latest smartphones come with a native gallery app, they might not reach our expectations, lagging behind in terms of the loading time of the app and high-resolution pictures, also features such as hiding the pictures, in-app editors, and etc. However, there are plenty of options available in the play store to chose from if you aren’t satisfied with the functionalities and options you are provided with by your native gallery app.


Here are the 5 best gallery apps to chose from the play store for a quicker and a not so plain experience.

1. Quick Pic

With around 10 million downloads, Quick pic is considered as the ideal gallery app for Android users because of the wide variety of features it has got to offer its users. It is a lightweight, optimized app that provides a faster user experience. It also facilitates users with the functionality of hiding private photos with a password. It also has an inbuilt editor for cropping, editing images.


The users can easily manage the pictures and videos in the app by sorting, creating, renaming folders along with moving the data from folder to folder. In case, if you are worried about losing the data, Quick Pic got you covered by providing a data backup facility called CM Cloud which allows you to securely store pictures on the Amazon S3 servers.

2. Gallery Bytes

Gallery Bytes is an all-new gallery app. It’s simple to use, really efficient, free and without advertisement. An important aspect is that they take your security seriously and for that, they stay simple. That means, for example, they don’t process your photos on an external server or store them on a cloud.

Gallery Byte

They don’t offer functionality like facial recognition that can be a problem for your privacy.
But you still can edit or crop your images and use the special ‘Infinite Filter’ that allows you to quickly try a bunch of random filters settings.

Obviously you have all the basics functions: view photos by date or name, intelligent zoom, slideshow, print, share, customize themes, smart wallpaper install, delete files, custom number of columns, jpeg, gif, video, image information, camera and more…
Try it, you will love it.

3. Piktures

Piktures has got the most intuitive user-interface which makes the users easily understand and manage the app i.e, create and sort the folders. It also allows users to view the pictures according to dates and location basis. Also, with the support of Chromecast, you can view your pictures and videos on the television.


Other than an intuitive interface, Piktures also provides functionalities such as hiding personal photos in the secure drive using a Secure PIN. The features also include a built-in video player, GIF player, image editor, ability to view EXIF data, slideshows, and many others.

4. A+ Gallery

A+ is another popular photo gallery app loved by 9 million people. The design of the app is inspired by the iPhone Gallery. Users also have an option to customize the gallery with different sets of themes available. The pictures and the videos taken are automatically organized according to the date and place.


The app comes with a secret vault feature to hide private photos which can be secured with a password. Users can also manage the photos on Facebook/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud Drive through the app itself. Users can install the free version of the app and buy pro-version(ad-free) as an in-app purchase.

5. Focus – Picture Gallery

Focus is the app that consists of almost every important feature that a gallery app should contain. It includes most of the crucial functionalities such as support for any kind of media files like photo, video, and GIFs, live papers, protecting private photos with passwords, ability to tag photos, and also to change the feature logo are available in the free version itself. While the full version of the app is available in the premium version which can be purchased within the app.


Apart from all the functionalities, the standout feature of the app is its speed, efficiency, and ease of usage.

6. Foto Gallery

Though the design of Foto Gallery looks simple, the app is packed with all the powerful features. Foto Gallery is a lightweight app that loads the pictures quickly. It’s an ad-free app with features including tagging photos, organizing pictures based on time and name, a trash folder to recover accidentally deleted pictures, password protection for private pictures, a quick editor, and support for various file types.


Did you find the above list of gallery apps useful? If we missed any other best photo gallery apps, share them in the comments below!

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