June 4, 2020

5 Best Reasons Why Web App is Vital to Your eCommerce Business

Today eCommerce has emerged as one of the most profitable businesses. It has revolutionized both the buying and selling industry. There are several factors behind this. High-speed internet and Wordpress push notifications are among such factors that have given a new image to the eCommerce business.

But, with the expansion of eCommerce business on a world level, competition has also increased. In order to stand apart from this competition, it is required to lay a focus on enriching the user experience. For this, web app development is becoming increasingly popular. It is due to the fact that it provides a rich experience to users. This helps in engaging more customers and helps with sales.

But the question is, is this enough for the popularity of a web app?

Well, this alone is not a factor, there are many more. Let’s make it clear by discussing 5 best reasons why Web App is vital to your eCommerce business?

Branding and Marketing:

Web applications are crucial in the process of branding and marketing as they increase SEO rankings. It helps to establish effective communication between a customer and a brand. Through a web app, a business owner can effectively draw potential customers to a platform. It also provides an opportunity to reach a new audience.

Moreover, It gives an opportunity to eCommerce business owners to provide detailed information about products and services. Thus helps to increase the sales of a brand.

Rich user experience:

The web app provides enhanced user experience. An app is considered to be the first line of communication between the customer and the business. So it should be such that it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and through any device. A web app is having that capacity. It is user friendly and specifically designed keeping the needs of users in mind.

It helps to increase user experience. Not only has this but it also helped in increasing loyalty and advocacy for the eCommerce platform. This is the reason why web apps have become a need for eCommerce business.

Increased IoT proliferation:

IoT has its roots almost in every industry. This makes it vital to be used in web apps also. The combination of web apps and IoT has created a platform that can collate the data from multiple sources. This data is then analyzed and is used in preparing reports. These reports are further used to send real-time alerts to users through WooCommerce push notifications or by other sources.

This helps to draw more customers to eCommerce platforms. It also helps in achieving the sales targets on a regular basis.

Better conversion rate:

It is a fact that the users got easily frustrated with slow transition time, network issues, and even payment failures in some cases. This makes them quit your eCommerce platform for some better. Keeping these things in mind web apps are specifically designed to tackle these failures of the sites.

As a fact when a user gets the web app, the process of swiping and purchasing will increase at an alarming rate. It enhanced the shopping experience of the users. This helps to add more conversions to your eCommerce platform. In a recent study on the same, it has shown that users are likely to view 4.6 times more products using the app as compared to mobile or website browsers.

Lesser cart abandonments:

Cart abandonments are increasing at an alarming rate. It is due to the fact that more and more users are using eCommerce platforms. There are lots of cases when users put their favorite products to their carts but never proceed to final checkouts.

The basic reason behind this is the prolonged navigation process of websites Visitors are forced to browse the products in spite of knowing in specific, what they actually need. This means a lot of valuable time is wasted in finding a product of choice. Moreover, the hectic checkout procedures further force the users to give up.

But in the web app, the case is completely different. Here the products are organized properly and the final payment procedure is also made simple with many options. This helps in decreasing cart abandonments to a large extent and adds more sales to the eCommerce platform.


Web app has become a crucial part of the eCommerce business. Today if a certain eCommerce business is looking forward to standing apart, then web app is a prime solution. It not only helps to attract new customers to a platform but also helps in engaging existing customers. This means if you want to expand your business on a global level, a web app is a must. It will not only help you with SEO rankings but also helps you in achieving stability.

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