April 25, 2020

5 Best Ways to Track Someone’s Phone by Their Number

You may come across with do-or-die situations in your life. For instance, if your teenage son seems to misuse his phone, you either have to do something or let his future die.

Take another example wherein your spouse is cheating on you. You either have to do something to stop it or let your relationship die.

The most appropriate & essential way out for this situation would be tracking the target’s phone number. If you find it next-to-impossible, we are going to talk about five phone tracking solutions that can do it by phone number.

Yes, only a phone number is needed to track someone’s phone if you’re adopting these solutions. So, let’s get started.

#1 – Minspy – The Tracking Maven

If you have Minspy by your side, tracking someone’s phone is not only possible but also easy, 100% risk-free, and discreet. We will spill the beans behind such impeccable performance before you know Minspy a little better.

  • Minspy is a remote phone tracking solution that can track more than 35+ phone activities without even touching it.
  • It has 100% jailbreak/rooting free operations that have made millions across the globe his big fan. Even world media houses like the New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, and Life Hacker are singing in its praise.
  • Minspy has an inventive way to work without having your crucial data on its server. Hence, all your information is in safe hands till the time you are using Minspy.


That was a quick introduction of Minspy and we hope that they were more than enough to make you understand why we have kept it in the first place. Now, let’s move on to how you can taste success by using the phone number to track someone’s phone with Minspy.

Well, the secret of this is highly inventive technology and user-friendly interface that works like magic, it seems so. You may go through this Minspy review to get prior knowledge of what it is. Now, we will show how Minspy’s technology makes you track an iPhone.

Minspy for iOS comes with a 100% web-based interface that you can operate using any device/browser. So, as you begin with this, you need only one thing to track the target’s high-end iPhone viz. the valid iCloud credentials. That’s it.

When Minspy was launched, people were stunned to know that tracking an iPhone, which is known for its secure OS, can be so uncomplicated.

You can have direct dealings with the same sort of straightforwardness when you are trying to track someone’s Android phone. Minspy for Android is a perfectly-made app that can track every single activity on the target’s phone without letting anyone know about it.

The app is like big surprises in small packets as its size is only 3MB and can work on stealth mode. Neither it sends notifications on the targeted device nor does it consume a lot of the phone’s battery.

What is more shocking yet pleasing is that all of this can be acquired at a peanut’s costs.

Yes, with Minspy, you don’t require to burn a lot of cash to enjoy risk-free and 100% assured tracking of someone else’s phone. I guess this sums up all why Minspy managed to reach the first place.

#2 – Spyier

The next phone tracking tool that you can trust without any qualms is Spyier as:

  • It shuns jailbreak/rooting completely.
  • None of your data is saved on its server when you bring it into action.
  • It has been trusted by millions across 190 countries.

Spyier’s user-friendly interface can make any greenhorn a phone tracking pro in no time. Though all these USPs of Spyier are quite impressive, what makes us keep it in second place is that it renders real-time data to you.

Every detail comes with a time-stamp and will be delivered directly on your dashboard. Hence, the target device has no role to play in all of this. This aspect is something we can’t overlook.

https://spyier.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/spyier-banner.jpg#3 – Spyine

We will move with Spyine, a cut-above phone tracking solution. While many other online solutions are trying to give a tough time or steal your crucial information, Spyine is here to help you at every front.

Whether you are afraid that you lack the right tracking skills or don’t want to go bankrupt just to track other’s phones, Spyine has got your back in every situation.

Here are some of the ways Spyine makes tracking someone’s phone by their phone number an easy and risk-free job:

  • To bring Spyine into action, you need only two things: iCloud details (in case of iOS), and one-time access to the targeted device (in case of Android).
  • You can access Spyine’s dashboard using any device/browser.
  • There are multiple subscription plans to choose from. You can track up to 25 devices at a time with Spyine.

https://spyine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/spyine-homepage.png#4 – Spyic

The fourth-place of our list is occupied by Spyic. It’s a comprehensive phone tracking app that works stupendously for both iOS and Android platforms.

Though Spyic’s mechanism is a bit different for both the platforms, you can be sure of data safety, security, and straightforwardness in both situations.

Here are some of the impressive key points of Spyic that lured us to keep it in fourth place:

  • Spyic is built with the right amalgamation of human intelligence and the latest AI. It ditches the old-aged jailbreak/rooting approach and adopts an inventive sync-based phone tracking technology.
  • We also learned that Spyic can work in a 100% discreet manner. While its iOS version is completely web-based, its Android solution comes with a stealth mode that makes it go undercover in no time.


#5 – Cocospy

We checked the Cocospy’s website and try to learn how it makes phone tracking an easy and risk-free job before placing it in fifth place. Well, our findings were stunning and revealed some of the hidden key points of Cocospy:

  • Do you know that you can track more than one device at a time with Cocospy? Yes, it’s right. All you need to do is buy the right subscription.
  • Cocospy neither saves your data on its server nor does it tamper with the targeted device’s OS. Hence, using it is 100% risk-free.
  • We also get to know that Cocospy has been trusted by millions across the world because of its ability to track more than 30 phone activities. If you have Cocospy that is by your side, nothing else is required.
  • Along with your identity and data-safety, Cocospy takes care of your budget as well. It offers you various affordable subscription plans suitable for all types of end-user groups.


Gist of all

Hassle-free and tedious tracking of someone’s phone is possible if you choose the right line of attack. Our first pick i.e. Minspy offers every right strategy that you may need to achieve this goal.

Whether we talk about jailbreak/rooting free options or require real-time data, Minspy pulls off everything easily and hassle-freely. We can see it as a clear winner at this front. However, our rest four picks are also going to help you in this struggle.

In short, whenever you are in the middle of a do-or-die situation and need to track someone’s phone, refer to this article and combat the battle.

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