August 13, 2020

5 Chinese Mobile Phone Brands Currently Selling in India

One of the things for which Chinese brands have become popular is the lower price of the products. If you take any product made by a Chinese brand and a product of the same specifications made by let’s say an American brand then you will mostly find that the Chinese product costs way less. There might be some debate on the quality of the product but that has not diminished the popularity that Chinese brands have had over the years.

Mobile brands in India have had lots of changes over the years when it comes to the popularity of them. First, it was Nokia and Samsung. Then many other brands like Lenovo and Motorola came when smartphones started becoming popular.

But currently, a good chunk of the market share is under Chinese brands. This is because they provide good specs at a very low price.

So, we decided to compile a list of 5 Chinese mobile brands that are still available in India.


One of the most recognizable brands which took a huge share of the smartphone market in India is Xiaomi. This company came in with flagship smartphones which had specifications similar to high-end phones but for almost 20 to 30 percent of the price. This was a good business move as the company was able to capitalize on the market potential.

This is because most Indian consumers would rather go for a phone which does not break their wallet and if that phone is providing lots of specs then they will probably choose that brand. Even today it is one of the most popular smartphone brands in India and millions of Indians are using Xiaomi smartphones on a daily basis.


Another big company that came in and got a good chunk of the Indian smartphone market was Oppo. The company is headquartered at Duanggon, Guangdong, China. It has been almost 2 decades since the company came into existence. It has been a popular brand of smartphone in India for well over 5 years. It marketed itself as a phone which focuses on cameras and made it one of its USPs.

It has slowly captured a good portion of the market share in India and a few years back became the sponsor of the Indian cricket team. You might remember seeing the Oppo logo on the jersey of the Indian cricketers. Even to this day, Oppo is rolling out new smartphone models in the Indian market. The latest model being Oppo Reno 4 series.


While the above-mentioned brands have been quite successful in the Asian market they did not have a huge impact on the western market. They did sell units there but we’re not as successful as in countries like India. One Chinese brand which was able to sort of place itself into that market was Oppo. It was one of the brands which started making phones that gave the specs of some of the premium brands like Samsung or Apple but at a much lower price point.

Though if you look at it now the brand itself has started producing really costly phones. But yes they have a very good share of the Indian smartphone market. The brand has tried to come back to its roots and produce budget and flagship phones and has been able to do so with the Nord series.


Though Vivo had been trying to gain good traction in India since 2014 it became quite popular after becoming the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League. The league is one of the most popular sources of entertainment in the country and it gave the brand a huge promotion.

Like Oppo, Vivo also focused on the camera aspect of their phones and was successful in selling units. The brand has become quite popular in southern Asia. Vivo continues its strategy of brand promotion by sponsoring various leagues and is also the sponsor of the Pro Kabaddi league. Vivo is still very much active in the Indian market and has recently released models like X50.


This is a relatively newer brand of smartphones. It was launched a couple of years back in 2018 and was an offshoot of Oppo. The goal was to make cheaper smartphones geared towards younger people and having desirable features.

They were able to do that, as hundreds of thousands of models of the brand were sold. The brand is very much in business when it comes to the Indian market and will continue to bring new smartphone models to the scene. C11 is one of the latest models that the company rolled out this year.

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