September 15, 2021

5 Classic Modern Warfare Tropes That Are Not Around Anymore

One of the most downloaded games, “Call of Duty: modern warfare,” has been evolving since 2003. With consistent evolution, it has become an all-time favorite game of many gamers.

Call of Duty proves to be among the best gaming franchises. It doesn’t matter if you have ever played this game or not; you must be aware of the game and its phenomenal impact. The one who was crazy about the game has always been searching for new, modern warfare hacks. Many warfare troops are not anymore now. Here are 5 current warfare troops that are not anymore.

1. No scoping

The existence of no scoping is still there in the call of duty. But there were times of 360 no scoping which is not there anymore. Killing with no scope became the thing of pro players. No scoping made the killing enemy a bit hard, but still, it could be mastered by practice. Many YouTubers started streaming and showing their skill online. Killing the enemies with no scope calls for an efficient skill set which gives the player a sense of joy.

2. Grenade spamming:

This is one of the troops, in some format still existing but with up-gradation of new maps. In this troop, the player uses it to find the cluster of enemies and starts spamming grenades. This was most satisfying as the player throws lots of grenades on enemies. The maps are changed and more spread which is why it became almost impossible to use grenade spamming. On the other, it ends the game too early if an enemy uses the same troop.

The player who got killed during grenade spamming used to be the most annoying thing for him. Though throwing grenades and explosions is still present in the game, the players overpower less now. Spanning grenades are not considered as the stuff of pro players. The new spread structure of the map is the reason for not using grenade spamming as it was used for a cluster of enemies at a place.

3. Health bars:

There used to be some tools and kits in the game which the player needed to find. One of the kits was a health kit that was used for increasing health. But now, it has been upgraded to a health regeneration feature. Now the user need not find the tools for health regeneration. It was quite hard to ponder on the map and get the health gauge. Now the new feature made survival a lot easier. The one who has played this game knows how annoying it is to find a health bar when health is low; it makes survival in the game hard. With this new feature, players can focus on the game, and they don’t have to be much worried about their character’s health.

4. PC emphasis:

When this game was launched, it was fully PC-based. The game developers understood the need for this game to be available on other platforms as the game started to be popular. The franchise changed with the need very quickly and launched their next series, which was compatible with consoles and computers. The franchise is still growing, and making progress from time to time requires up-gradation and other features.

5. Training mission:

Training mission means the first mission in the game to make the new player familiar with the gameplay, maps, and other tools. These training missions are very commonly found in order games too. The training mission was considered oversimplified though this was to make players comfortable with controls and other features. It is assumed that the player already knows the shooting in the gameplay, so the training mission is unimportant. The player can directly dive into the game.

Call of Duty has been very popular for its multiple series of games. One of the series, “Modern Warfare,” is the most popular. The troops keep on upgrading in the game, which makes it better. The above mentioned were the top 5 troops that used to be part of the gameplay. Gamers who have been there since the beginning are familiar with these old troops and how they paved the way for the new.

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