January 21, 2021

5 educational apps for modern teachers

In recent years, the education sector has been timidly showing some digitalization in its teaching tools. Thanks to teacher apps, there has been an adaptation to online learning while maintaining education quality.

Now, both teachers and students must know the different platforms and the most innovative applications to make classes, exams, or teamwork efficient. Therefore, today we want to show you the best apps for teachers, so that the distance, instead of being a problem, manages to become an advantage.

We show you these 5 perfect applications to organize your work, promote more participatory classes and increase student motivation.

According to paperhelp (https://www.paperhelp.org/) study results on the use of technology in the classroom, there is a close relationship between technology introduction and increased student motivation. Besides, the phenomenon of cell phones as the device of choice is already a proven fact. So you can take advantage of these educational applications, some focused on specific subjects, to organize and automate your tasks while making your classes more interactive.

1. PhotoMath

PhotoMath is an app that uses the mobile camera applied to mathematics. How? It is a kind of camera calculator that recognizes mathematical patterns and displays the screen’s solution. It can be used both to solve arithmetic calculations and to understand fundamental mathematical concepts.

The differential advantage of this app concerning other similar apps is that, instead of merely showing the result, it allows you to see the complete breakdown of all the steps required to reach the operation’s final solution.

Available for Android and iOS.

2. Socrative

Online tests and exercises have meant that teachers have to deal with numerous individual emails from their students. Not only that, but they also have to download their homework files, organize them in folders, evaluate them and keep track of the joint grades, even in an online format.

Faced with this situation, the company Socrative presents the most effective and efficient solution for both teachers and students. It has developed two applications: Teacher for teachers and Student for students, both available for Android and iOS.

The platform allows assessments of different formats of assignments and exams to be carried out from the apps. Each has specific functions and permissions adapted to each profile.

Teachers can create questionnaires, permissions, assignments, evaluate them and publish grades. For their part, students have access to do their work, solve exams and access their rates, among other functions.

The convenience offered by Socrative allows both to work and have visibility of the evolution from the same location. Also, it has a PRO version with which teachers will have even more tools at their disposal.

Available for Android and iOS.

3. Padlet 

Padlet is a kind of whiteboard or multimedia content exchange wall, moderated by the teacher. It is collaborative and can incorporate text, images, and videos. It has functionalities very similar to Trello or Evernote, but it is much simpler and more visual.

It is free, and at a pedagogical level, it can be used as a kind of synthesis of a class or subject in which all students can collaborate. The teacher creates the topic, the board’s purpose and sets up a specific URL for students to join.

It also has a specific tab for schools where, among other benefits, it allows access control, greater security, and the uploading of documents of greater weight.

Available for Web, Android, iOS, and Kindle.

4. Sepia Town


Sepia Town can be defined as a kind of Google Maps of the past. Even its interface is very similar: you can navigate on a map and see old photos of the places you move around. In addition to viewing thousands of historical images, it allows you to upload your own and share the story behind the photo. It is effortless to navigate. You can compare then and now and see the different levels. Plus, as a bonus track, the “Random” button, located on the top right side, is ideal for tempting randomness and letting the application take you to unexpected places.

Available for Web

5. BlinkLearning

BlinkLearning is specially designed for classroom work and homework assignments. Its authoring tool allows teachers to create their interactive content to suit students’ needs and learning paces. It includes around 20 exercise templates that can be enriched with resources such as images, videos, or audios. It also has a real-time grading system that allows the teacher to be informed of their progress. And it encourages the use of methodologies such as learning by objectives or collaborative learning.

Its use is straightforward and intuitive, and it can be used both online and offline.

About the author 

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