December 20, 2021

5 Main Differences Between Online Casino and Live Casino

Clubs, where you can enjoy your favorite game of chance, attract people all over the world. Over the past few decades, casinos have become incredibly popular, because they offer an exciting way to spend your free time and still feel the adrenaline rush, pretty tickling your nerves. More recently, only real casinos were available to players, but things have completely changed in the modern world of technology. Online casinos have become the perfect alternative for gamblers who live far away from land-based establishments and do not plan to spend their free time on long trips.

Today, virtual clubs are presented in such a wide variety that all players can choose for themselves the most suitable option. In addition, online casinos often offer their new users and even regular customers enjoyable bonuses, promotions, and tournaments that only increase excitement.

Online Casino And Live Casino: Let’s Look At The Main Differences

If we talk about the definition, a casino is a gambling establishment where customers play roulette, card entertainment, slots, and dice for money. Modern land-based clubs offer a huge selection of games, and online casino Germany – even more. Each user can easily choose the most suitable option for him.

Online Casino Some info
Gaming Club Users have the opportunity to try their hand at more than 500 games. There are many safe ways to withdraw and deposit your winnings.
Casinonic It is ideal for playing on cell phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. It cooperates with the largest providers of online games.
Spin Casino This is an institution with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is available in 15 languages. It works on the basis of one of the world’s largest developers of games for online casinos — Microgaming.
Playamo It has actively operated on the slot machine market since 2018. The casino offers a huge selection of slots from the leading providers to its users.
Playzee It actively cooperates with the most reputable providers, such as NetEnt, Play’N Go, Blueprint, Red Tiger, and many others.


Online casinos are essentially the same as the land-based version, but all winnings are calculated by a computerized system, completely eliminating the human factor, thereby minimizing the chance of error and fraud on either side.

It’s worth dwelling on the main differences between these two types of casinos in more detail. This will help you decide more accurately in the future.

When is it possible to play?

Twenty-four-hour access to slots or any table games is one of the key advantages of online casinos. In order to enjoy the gambling process, you only need to have any device with access to the network and perform a few simple actions:

  1. Open the installed browser.
  2. Choose a reliable virtual club by using the search.
  3. Pass the profile authentication.
  4. Newcomers will need to register and go through the identity verification procedure.
  5. Replenish the balance of the game by any convenient way.
  6. Choose a game you are interested in and run it after reading the rules.

In addition, online casinos allow you to play even without betting for real money. To do this, the developers of virtual slots create demo versions that are available without making a deposit and are designed solely for familiarization with the functionality and rules of the game. You can play any of the hundreds of available slot machines with just one click, even without getting up from your favorite sofa.

If we talk about live casinos, someone else can play the selected slot, or the tables for blackjack or other card games may be busy. But those who enjoy live, real games with dealers are always willing to wait, especially since the time in a real casino spins away.

The speed of gameplay

Games such as blackjack, baccarat, or roulette in a land-based casino can be slow. Here, the speed of the gameplay depends on a number of factors and cannot be increased just by the gamer’s own desire.

Online games are not only convenient but also as fast as possible. Running virtual reels you can always increase the speed of their spin or even switch on auto-spin mode with predetermined limits of losses and winnings. Even if the user prefers to play with live dealers online, they will still do everything in half the time than inland clubs. Especially those who have limited free time like this, as they want to enjoy their favorite slot or table game.

Dress code

Real gambling clubs require adherence to a strict dress code. Here you will not meet people in shorts, sweatpants, and T-shirts – all strictly controlled by the security system and the administration of the institution. During the game, you can get free drinks or even treats in the buffet, which certainly makes you happy.

At home, of course, you will not get free drinks, but there is no need to adhere to any dress code. You can enjoy the exciting gameplay while hiding under a blanket, in transport, or during a lunch break at the office.

Variety of games

No matter how large a real casino is, it can’t compare to virtual clubs in terms of the variety of games. On one official casino site, there may be more than a thousand video slots. Also, online casinos offer another no less popular games:

  • video poker;
  • baccarat;
  • roulette;
  • blackjack, and others.

With such a wide variety of games available online, even the most demanding user can find the most suitable option for himself. Convenient navigation, sorting, and filters on the specified parameters are developed for a quicker search on the sites of the official casino.

Cashing out winnings

Enjoying a fascinating, gambling, and very exciting game in real casinos, you can cash out your winnings instantly and at any time. To do this, there are cash registers in institutions. The money can also be exchanged for chips to place bets. This procedure takes a minimum of time and does not require any confidential data. It is enough to have chips with their value indicated on them. There are no commissions or hidden fees.

In online casinos, things work a little differently. To start playing, you need to deposit money in any convenient way:

  • from a bank card or account;
  • electronic wallet;
  • using cryptocurrency.

After that, you can make bets and, in the case of luck, withdraw the winnings. Crediting the account may be instantaneous or take several days – it all depends on the method of withdrawal and the casino itself. Some transactions take up to 5 banking days. It may also charge a fee. All points should be clarified in advance to avoid later unpleasant situations and misunderstandings.

Which Casino Is Better To Choose – A Brief Summary

Online Casino or Live Casino

The land-based casinos are ideal for those players who love socializing with other people and want to clear their heads by leaving the familiar walls of their homes. Here you can find new friends of interest or spend a pleasant evening with friends, enjoying your favorite game of chance. Regardless of whether you lose or luck still smiles at you, it will be fun and interesting.

An ideal alternative to real institutions is online casinos. They are great for homemakers who just want to brighten up their free time by gambling but do not want to go anywhere. Online casinos are:

  • convenient;
  • quickly;
  • available to everyone;
  • safe;
  • exciting.

In addition, virtual clubs are available to play on any device – personal computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones. It is enough to have any installed browser and uninterrupted access to the network. Some casinos even offer a mobile application that will make the gaming process as convenient as possible.

There is no exact answer which is better. Some people prefer to play online, while others like to play offline. It’s the player himself who decides, based on personal preferences and opportunities.

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