July 5, 2022

5 Must-Have Work-from-Home Tools

The modern workplace is evolving, with many experts predicting that remote working is a sustainable model. Moreover, over 56% of workers say they would leave their jobs if they could not continue remote work

It is important to keep up with the change, and integrating these remote working tools into your business is a great start.

5 Must-Have Remote WorkingTools

1. Movavi Screen Recorder

If you are looking for the best screen recorder for mac and windows devices, look no further than Movavi. 

When working from home, it can be difficult for new employees to get used to unfamiliar office software. In such cases, screen recorders like Movavi can be a lifesaver. The reason for this is that this software lets you record, edit, and share your PC screen with your colleagues. 

For example, if colleague X is having trouble navigating a particular task, you can use Movavi Screen Recorder to record and send your screen directions as a guide. Movavi succeeds as a remote working tool because it records your screen and lets you include your mouse movements, microphone audio, and keystrokes into the recording.

The remote working tool has top-notch video recording capabilities, capturing up to 60 frames per second of high-definition footage. If there is a meeting you cannot attend, you can pre-schedule a recording by setting up a date and recording limit.

In addition, Movavi Screen Recorder is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. This ease of accessibility makes this tool a breeze even when you are on the go and cannot access a computer. 

2. Krisp

If constant background noise is an issue, Krisp is your solution.

Attending online meetings can be a headache if you live in a busy part of the city. The background noise from passing cars, neighbors, home appliances, and family can disturb many presentations and webinars. Krisp is the solution for these issues.

A remote working tool integrable with platforms like Zoom, and Discord, Krisp ensures that background noise and erratic static don’t interrupt your future meetings. It uses AI tech to automatically block noise on both your side and the other party’s. Krisp also balances your acoustics and echoes to produce flawless audio.

Using this tool alongside other CPU-heavy programs may take a toll on your device. Fortunately, Krisp has customizable settings that let you adjust it to low power mode to conserve battery.

3. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is remote working software that bosses will love.

Employee efficiency can be an issue with work-from-home models. As everyone works from behind a screen, there are not many ways to ensure that everybody works diligently. Time Doctor is one remote working software that could provide a solution.

Integrating it into your business allows you to track your employees’ virtual movements once they log in to the platform. Not only can you see their work patterns, but the system also drops timely notifications to let your employees know they shouldn’t be distracted.

Time Doctor is a great fit if your workers are paid on an hourly basis because it lets you optimize the workflow by encouraging employees to focus on work.

4. Zoom

Zoom allows you to host over 100 participants in your online meeting room, free of cost.

With even industry experts like Forbes acknowledging its meteoric rise, there is no chance that you are unfamiliar with Zoom. As one of the best remote working platforms, it combines ease of access with premium-grade features like whiteboard tools and background options, free of cost.

If you have a large remote team that meets regularly for meets, Zoom is a no-brainer. But if your meetings typically take over 40 minutes, you should consider getting the Pro package at $14.99 monthly. 

Aside from the time limit, the features even on the free app are high-grade. On Zoom, you can execute tasks like in-call messaging, screen-sharing, and PowerPoint presentations without paying for a premium plan. The smooth interface helps streamline the process; even sign-ups are not necessary to attend meetings. 

Zoom also works as smoothly on smartphones as on computers, so you will have no problem attending meetings even when you are on the go. Even in areas with bad bandwidth, the intuitive system optimizes connectivity so that you always have flawless audio and video.

5. Trello

Trello is one of the best remote working platforms for managing projects.

Communication is the area that the work-from-home model struggles with most. Though it has merits, remote work tends to have some characteristic defects. There is a communication gap, and members may have different platforms they prefer to work from.

In such situations, coordinating projects can be a nightmare. Fortunately, remote working tools like Trello provide viable solutions to these management issues. On this platform, you can create customized boards and charts for each member, highlighting their progress and allotted tasks. 

Trello is available on Android and iOS phones, making it easier for you to send notifications and updates to your team. However, this remote networking tool has a limited storage space making it a better fit for smaller businesses and teams. So if you are leading a bigger than average project, it is better to splash on the Premium and Enterprise Plan for the extra storage alone.

The Future of Work 

48.6% of 1000 CIOs interviewed for a survey reported that remote working improved employee productivity. Such a positive change signals that work-from-home is a sustainable model of working. Not only is it said to improve qualities like self-leadership and autonomy, but remote work also hails in technological innovations.

With over 88% of workers using smartphones for work daily, the future of work seems to be vastly different from how it has been in the past. As seen in the remote working tools listed here, this future seems to be informed by technology, AI, machine learning, and virtual platforms where employers and workers meet on an altogether radical platform.

About the author 

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