August 18, 2021

5 Must-Try Firestick Remote Apps

Technology has changed so much of our lives throughout the years, especially with the advent of media streaming platforms such as Amazon Fire TV. In the past, our only option in terms of entertainment was to subscribe to cable TV, but these days, more and more people have decided to cut off their cable instead of streaming services. This doesn’t come as a surprise, though, given how much more features and content are available than cable TV.

Speaking of Amazon Fire TV, one of the best and innovative technologies that come with it has to be the Amazon Firestick remote. With this remote, you’re able to do so much and easily navigate through the different applications available, even if you don’t have a physical remote. In this article, we’ll list down some of the best remote apps you can download to your device so you can navigate your Fire TV anywhere.

What Is an Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is basically a video player released by Amazon and it allows you to stream a massive selection of shows and movies at your convenience. The Fire TV Stick is quite handy, as it’s small, easy to carry, and shaped like a flash drive. You can plug the device directly into your TV via its HDMI input. Unlike flash drives, which are for storing files and data, the Amazin Fire TV Stick allows you to stream content.

Amazon Fire TV Remote

If you want to increase the level of convenience offered by the Fire TV Stick, it’s best to use a remote for navigation. But if you don’t have a physical remote to use, you can rely on remote apps. If you don’t know which one to download, we’ve listed five of the best remote apps out there worth downloading.

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Harmony Remote

Harmony Remote is a fantastic app to use if you’re looking for a way to control your Fire TV Stick digitally. However, this one stands out because instead of being able to connect through Wi-Fi, Harmony Remote connects via Bluetooth. Not only that, you have the option to encrypt the app with a password so that you’re the only one who has access to it. If you’re feeling somewhat lazy, this particular remote also has a voice search feature so that you can search for whatever movie or show you want conveniently.

Kore Remote

If you’re an avid user of Kodi, then Kore Remote is the application for you. This remote can only be used on Kodi specifically, and it offers various cool features that you may want to check out. For instance, Kore Remote offers multi language support, color theme options, library browsing, and more.

CetusPlay Remote

The CetusPlay Remote can be considered as a universal remote that’s capable of doing so much for you. This app touts a ton of innovative features, including different modes to choose from. For instance, CetusPlay Remote has a mouse mode that allows you to control your Firestick using only your smartphone or tablet like you would a PC mouse. There’s also a touchpad mode where you can control the remote like you would a laptop’s touchpad.

Limitless Remote

The Limitless Remote is, well, quite limitless. Using this remote allows you to control your Fire TV Stick with little to no effort, thanks to its many features. You can also load all the apps onto your device so that you can launch them from there. Easy and convenient, right?


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is incredibly popular and convenient these days, and what makes it even better is that you don’t need a physical remote in order to control it. In fact, you can just download a remote app like the ones mentioned above so you can conveniently control your Firestick. This can come handy when you’ve lost your physical remote or you don’t want to keep bringing it around with you.

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