July 19, 2021

5 Platforms That Will Help You Polish Your Paper

Every student has to write an essay or another paper once in a while. For some people, it’s an easy task because they have the talent and skills to write down their ideas without any trouble. However, it can be challenging for the rest. Those who don’t work much with the texts can be stressed out and have difficulty with essay creation, especially once they have other assignments as well.

To help you to deal with your students’ obligations, we’ve collected in this article five platforms that will help you polish your paper. These applications are making your studies less stressful. You’d spend less time on your assignments, having more time for the things you love. But if you really can’t do it yourself, paper writers from PaperWriter.com are always ready to help you. Please don’t waste your time on tedious editing. Nowadays, there are many possibilities to make this process effortless.

Proofread Your Essay with the Help of Studyfy

Even the most intelligent people in the world can make mistakes when they have the pressure of deadlines weighing on them. It doesn’t mean they can’t write a perfect essay themselves. They just need somebody to proofread the paper before the submission.

Studyfy is well-known in student circles. It’s a platform that was created to resolve the proofreading problem. Their service, which is called proof read my paper, guarantees their customers the best results possible. The platform’s experts know everything about the paper requirements and citation styles, so you shouldn’t worry about the formal aspects anymore.

The Studyfy’s professional editors and writers will not only check your spelling and grammar. Still, they will give you comments on your essay’s structure and some recommendations on how to make your paper stronger. As a result, you’ll learn how to do it better the next time.

To order your paper proofreading, you should just:

  • Register your account. For this step, you need only your email address.
  • Write down all your requirements in the ordering blank. Then the most relative to your topic, writers, and editors will bid for your task and start to work on your paper. You’ll get a notification once somebody starts to work on your assignment.
  • Check the final work. Fortunately, the Studyfy service has the possibility of as many revisions as you need.
  • Receive your excellent mark for the paper!

Hemingway Editor to Make Your Paper Clear

For the people who don’t have special education in writing, there is a bias that the more complicated sentences you write, the better. However, it’s not true. The redundant words and complex structures just make your work less readable. That’s why it’s essential to understand what phrases you should avoid and why. The Hemingway app, which was named by the name of the brilliant writer, is designed for this reason.

It’s a free online editor, which can identify the sentences which are hard to read and propose simpler alternatives for some hard-to-read phrases. The only action you need to do to receive the feedback from the Hemingway app is to paste your text on the page. It will help you polish your writing by underlining the confusing sentence constructions and overusing adverbs.

Grammarly for Your Grammar

Another application which you should use to be sure your paper is perfect is Grammarly. This unicorn startup already has 30 million users, and this number increases every day. Why is it so popular? Because this application allows you to polish your writings for free.

The artificial intelligence (AI) technology of Grammarly algorithms will strengthen your texts in time because of the detailed explanations you’ll develop your writing skills in general. To use this application, you should sign in and choose the free or premium version.

Another benefit of this platform is its browser extension, which can check spelling directly in your emails. or download the browser extension if you want to use it in your online documents. The intuitive design of Grammarly makes it very easy to use for the customers.

Apart from the typos and grammatical and punctuational errors checking, you can use this app to find plagiarism and improve your writing style.

Paraphrase Tool

Paraphrasing is something students love to use in their writings. Because it’s an excellent way to avoid plagiarism when you use other words for the same ideas, that’s why the Paraphrase Tool is another useful app to polish your paper on our list. It’s a free platform, with the help of which you can paraphrase any text you need.

Its algorithms help you to find the most suitable synonyms and to make your text unique. To use the app, you only need to insert the sentence you want to paraphrase, and the program will rewrite it for you. It also can be handy for those who usually write complex structures and want to simplify their texts.

EasyBib for a Perfect Bibliography

As you know, student papers have a lot of additional requirements and specifications. For instance, when you submit your essay, it should not only be well-structured and has no typos. It also must include the bibliography with the list of cited materials. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rules for the citations and different bibliography styles. It makes it harder for students to meet the requirements.

However, don’t worry too much. There are applications for any purpose in our modern lives, and EasyBib will help you with it. Apart from citation guides for students, it also has citation generators for proper referencing. Moreover, it has the option of making a title according to the chosen style.

To Sum Up

Essay writing is not that hard anymore. Fortunately, there are plenty of useful apps which can aid you with this issue and save your nerves. With the help of the mentioned platforms, you will get the best marks. No more typos, poor structure, and grammar errors.

Just spend some time on editing before the submission, order professional help or use free apps and you’ll get the best results possible.

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