January 24, 2015

5 Things WhatsApp Web Browser can’t do [Problems]

With more than 700 million monthly active users, there’s no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the largest mobile-focused messaging service. Most of its users are asking for PC interface for the service to stay connected with your favorite people even when they switch devices. After a long wait Whats App finally took a first step to provide its access on a PC. Even now there are several limitations attached to it as the interface is limited to a web browser.This ability to use WhatsApp in a browser, while working on a desktop, is a cool addition

whatsapp web dont contain these featurees

Here I provide you the five limitations of WhatsApp for web.

1.Whatsapp doesn’t support iPhone:

WhatsApp for web essentially syncs messages between your smartphone and browser via its servers. At this time, the service does not support the iPhone. According to WhatsApp, it was unable to provide the web client to iOS users due to Apple’s platform limitations. Reports indicate that it intends to support the iPhone in the future but till then, if you use WhatsApp on an iPhone, you’ll need to peep into your phone every time you get a WhatsApp message even if you’re in front of your computer.

limitation of whatsapp web

2.Mobile should be always on and Connected to Internet:

User will be able to send and receive messages through your browser after pairing smart phone with WhatsApp web client through QR Code image. Sadly what’s app is only available on web browser when phone is connected to internet. So this is a drawback as phone should be connected to Internet for the web client to work.

whats app phone not connected

3.You Can’t Create and Leave groups:

While you can send and receive messages from groups you’re a part of, the WhatsApp web client doesn’t let you create new groups or leave existing ones. You also can’t send broadcast messages via the web client.

new group

4.Supports only Google Chrome:

WhatsApp web Interface is only supporting Google Chrome. This is also a drawback as many IT Environments do not support the applications if not approved by Administrators. If you are part of such environment and restricted to use chrome WhatsApp doesn’t work for you.

whatsapp web only in chrome

5.You can’t Block users:

To block users, you still need to go to the WhatsApp mobile app. The number of spam messages on WhatsApp has gone up considerably and the only way to deal with these, is to block their number. Unfortunately, the web version does not offer the block feature.

no blocking

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We have listed out the problems which new users are facing and if you have any problem or if you find any solution to it, please do comment below. We will be updating and replying within 24 hours.

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