September 19, 2019

5 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Dash Camera

If you own a car and road trips are your favorite; also like to record the journeys and standing on the verge of becoming a vlogger, then you are really in need of a dashcam. For the information of the novice guys, dash cameras are also known as EDR (event data recorder) tools which can motion capture the front view of your vehicle while running. It is a widely popular device in western countries. All the views which you do not want to miss from the sight while driving can be recorded with the dash cams.

Dashboard cams are adjustable, can be connected with the internet and have a wide-angle view- all these features of dashboard cameras can reduce your headache of holding the camera in your hand all the time. These types of cameras are upgrading from day today. Raven is a leading brand keeping with the pace and producing the latest and most upgraded products. Here we will discuss some surprising tips so that you can utilize the benefits of your dash camera completely.

1. Work on the settings properly

After the acquisition of your dashcam, the first thing you have to do is configuring the settings. Every dashboard camera has various remarkable features that are very helpful in the field of video capturing from your vehicle.

You can also include the speed of your car in the video while filming. For this, you have to enable the GPS option in your camera. After that, you can get your hand to the velocity of the vehicle in each frame. You can also save the details of your car in the camera so that if it lost by some chance, you could get that one back. You must select the duration of the filmed videos previously before starting to use the dashcam. You can opt Raven connected car device for remarkable quality dashboard cameras.

2. Automated video capturing

Almost every model of the dashboard cameras is able to record the videos automatically without being started and stopped manually. It is stimulated with the ignition of the engine of your vehicle. Whenever the engine starts, the camera launches automatically, and it stops capturing with the stopping of the engine.

But like many other inventions of science and technology, the facility may not work properly sometimes. So it is advisable to check whether it is on or not after igniting the engine.

Also, dash cameras do not work when the integrated battery is fully drained. In that case, you have to allow it some time so that it can be recharged from the car power. Then the auto filming will start. So every time you take a look at your camera power when starting with a dashboard capturing tool. Raven car devices hold a good name in providing high power backup in their cams.

3. Outstanding quality of the recording

Filming in a car is not as simple as taping the videos from the stagnant surface. As the car is moving all the time, so you have to get a steady hand to capture something from the car.

But in the case of EDRs, the motion-sensing facility will assist you to have stable frames. The quality of videos is also remarkably good. You can spot every detail of the road on the particular video, which will soothe you afterward. Raven car dashcams are able to film superb quality videos as per customer reviews.

You can also modify the quality of the videos. You may increase the grade or also can decrease it. You can definitely rely on the clarity of the films recorded in digital dashboard cams. Good quality videos require more spaces than poor ones. So the previously recorded videos may be overwritten when an HD quality video is being stored.

4. Set the camera at the proper position

The first criteria for working with a dashboard camera are setting up the cam in a fruitful position. Even after having the best dashcam if you install it over a bad position in your car, it will be of no use. You will not get the proper shots. So the purpose will not be served.

Generally, dashboard cameras are installed just behind the rearview mirror, or it can also be set at the corner window or behind the steering wheel.

There are several controlling factors for the position of dash cams like- power cable length, windscreen size, lens angle of the camera, etc. One should install his cam keeping all these factors in mind. The backside of the rearview mirror is recommended by many experienced dash camera users. You should also check the compatibility with attaching a suction hook.

5. Maintain a clean windscreen

The windscreen is a crucial component of the vehicle. Keeping it clean will help you in having a safe drive. Also, the dashcam will get a clear shot. So it is a lot beneficial. During driving on the traffic-congested roads, the windscreen gets dirty from the polluting gases, aerosol, dirt, etc. But you should clean the soot with a mopper daily. If the unclean windscreen bothers you much at the time of driving you can use the wiper for a while.

Sometimes the videos on the dash cameras get too much blurry, one can not get the reason behind it. But it occurs due to the unclear windscreen. Perhaps it appears as clear, but the spot exactly where you are installing the cam, it is filthy. So it better to apply a mop on the screen daily before starting your ride.

These 5 tips can assist you a lot when maintaining a dashboard camera. You can get the finest shots with Raven dashboard cameras if the above points are taken care of. So don’t be late, get a dash camera installed today and start vlogging or keep it for security.

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