August 30, 2021

5 Tips to Boost Organic Traffic with the Help of SEO

Search engine optimization. The three words that mean the world to everyone who tries to promote their website and make it visible to a broad audience. It’s responsible for the attention your site gets and the way Google sees it.

Both are equally important. The search engine will decide whether and where to show your links (the decision should be the first SERP at least). Users will visit the website and decide whether they want to browse or leave immediately, increasing your bounce rate.

Organic web traffic is a volatile thing. Sometimes it may drop even with a perfect SEO strategy. This is usually caused by the changes in the SE algorithm, so, if the fluctuations aren’t continuous, you’ll be alright.

But there’s always space for growth.

And you can use SEO to learn how to do that and gain more attention than ever in 2021. People are hungry for high-quality content as so many of them have discovered the Internet only last year. Be there for them with proper optimization!

Build Links to Your Website, Both Homepage, and Other Pages

Can off-site SEO increase traffic? Of course!

Building backlinks for traffic will help you especially with referral traffic (people that find out about your source through other websites a.k.a. references). But your organic metrics will also rise as a result of high-quality links on your profile, thus a better reputation and a higher ranking.

A great way to build links is to create a blog on your website and write useful well-optimized articles. Enrich the blog with infographics, video content, useful checklists, etc.

All these elements will attract other bloggers that will share your materials with a link. You can also find website owners for cooperation and negotiate to put a backlink to your materials on their pages. Such partnerships can be free or paid.

There are many other ways to build links, of course, and we’ll review one of them in the next section.

Write Guest Posts for Blogs to Raise Brand Awareness and Get More Traffic

What is guest posting?

You write a useful piece and offer it to relevant websites as a contribution to their blogs. The price? A backlink inside the post as an ad of your business.

To create guest post, you need a lot of knowledge and great research skills. Professional copywriters have all of that, plus organic SEO knowledge and understanding of how to draw an audience to an article.

Here are some tips on guest posting:

  • Choose websites for cooperation carefully, make sure their DAs (Domain Authorities) are 40+;
  • Look into their topics and see if you’re relevant at all. The better the match is, the more people are likely to follow your link;
  • Have useful content but don’t share all of it in the offer. You never know what kind of person the website owner is; they can use your content without even replying;
  • Cooperate with link-building services that know special ways to increase website traffic and increase brand awareness.

Guest posting will improve referral traffic if you put a link there. But the organic traffic will also increase because you’re spreading knowledge about your niche, brand, products, blog, etc.

Focus on User Experience to Make Sure Who Visits, Stays

Organic website traffic is beneficial if at least a portion of people stays on the site and browses pages, looking for more information. The ideal case is when someone clicks on the link and subscribes to your newsletter or buys a product. If you don’t have any of that, a new comment from someone who visits the site for the first time is a great result.

One of the best tips for people that need more organic traffic is to improve the UX or user experience of their source. Here are some of the elements:

  • Responsive design.
    Around half the users access the Web from smartphones. If your site isn’t suitable for them, showing a regular web version they have to zoom in to find some info, most will just leave.
  • Customer support.
    You have to be there for potential customers. In case it’s a shop or another business, make sure someone is always online to reply. If you have a blog, reply to comments and messages as quickly.
  • Self-support.
    Leave interesting tips for people to use to make their experience smooth from the start. Realizing that they have solved a problem alone without the support team will leave a great impression. Use chatbots, pop-ups, small animations that will help them navigate.

Create High-Quality Content with People in Mind, Not Google

Yes, a lot depends on the rating your pages get and whether they reach first place in the focus SERP. But when creating content, you shouldn’t focus solely on catering to the search engine.

First and foremost, you’re writing all this for people. Users visiting your website should understand that the content, infographics, articles, video, animations are created for their experience and education.

To Conclude

Use these easy recommendations and see the rise of organic SEO metrics. Have more people come naturally to your website to stay. Many will become regular readers and even buyers.

As you develop a great strategy, don’t just rely on it. Focus on the quality of content, consistency of blogging, and constant expansion. Cooperate with other websites, analyze and improve your backlink portfolio, and promote on social media.

All these small steps are making you closer to the goal-reaching first places in SERPs and having a loyal audience.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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