April 8, 2022

5 Tips To Use Instagram Anonymously

Most people have been guilty of wanting to go through Instagram anonymously, whether to view or download content without the owner of the profile noticing. And since Instagram metrics may capture your engagement with the profile, it may be tricky to use your regular account.

Although it’s fairly easy to lurk on someone’s public profile, it gets harder for private profiles, making it important to go undercover. As a result, you may need to find ways of going incognito before jumping on to your favorite page and consuming their content.

Discussed in this article are the tips that can get you surfing the internet without any worry of being found. The suggestions are based on your preference and how you may want to go about Instagram anonymously.

Use A Third-Party App And Site

Third-party applications and sites, including Instagram stories viewers, are the best and most sufficient ways of going through Instagram stories and profiles anonymously. These tools help you engage with your favorite page through a different app, which prevents you from directly viewing stories on Instagram.

You can also gain access to private profiles while remaining completely anonymous. These applications may even let you view a profile, stories, or like comments without logging in to an account, making it hard to be tracked.

You can settle on an Instagram story viewer that allows you to download photos, videos, stories, or profile data recently deleted or changed by the owner. In addition, you can also save captions and hashtags under different photos.

Suppose you need information regarding a specific profile, including the posts, videos, engagement, etc. In that case, you may need to use a tool that lets you enter the username, and it’ll provide a lot of valuable information.

With numerous applications in the market, you can get what suits your specific needs and budget and then settle for it. Whichever app you pick, ensure it enhances your anonymity online by not revealing your identity.

Create An Anonymous Account On Instagram

Another great way is creating a secret account commonly known as Finsta on Instagram that can spy on any profile you need. The first step is by setting your initial account into private by going into your settings and tapping on the privacy button.

Next, you need to change your personal information to prevent any suspicion by paying close attention to age, gender, and marital status, and deleting your website URL as a link in the bio. Remember to pick a profile picture that your friends won’t be able to notice or can’t be linked back to you.

In addition, avoid placing your phone number in your information bio as people with your number will be able to find you easily. The lack of a phone number may restrict the two-factor authentication feature.

Take time to create a new email address that doesn’t contain your initials or name to be solemnly used for your Finsta. Then, to add the new email, tap your profile icon, select the edit profile, pick personal information settings, and type your email.

Another important factor is not linking your new profile to other social media platforms. Once you open a fake account, it may allow you to link your Facebook to your account, which you should decline.

By declining, your followers on Facebook won’t get a notification to follow your Finsta account. To prevent your friends from finding you, you may need to deactivate the feature that suggests your account to people that may know you.

To successfully deactivate it, you may need to open your browser, go to Instagram.com, click on your profile icon, select edit profile, pick personal information settings, and type your new email. Next, you may need to deactivate an additional feature that allows your friends to share your stories with other people through the DM. To deactivate it, go to the menu tab, tap settings and pick privacy, select story, then disable allowing sharing as a message.

If making your account private takes long and is tiring, you can settle on using different tracking tools found in the market. These tools work extremely well in keeping your profile private and away from prying eyes.

Follow The View-Block Trick

This tip may be one of the most interesting ways of staying anonymous while browsing Instagram and not placing yourself at risk of being noticed. You need to view the stories with your regular account and then block their account afterward. By blocking that profile, your view may be removed from the view count; thus, the owner won’t be able to know you viewed it. After watching their stories, you can unblock them to avoid missing updates.

To block the user, tap on their username, tap on the three-dot icon on the top right corner, and select block. You can do the same every time you view their status, but this process may be tiring.

Turn On Airplane Mode On Your Device

Placing your device on airplane mode is another great way of viewing a profile and status without being identified. All you need to do is place your phone on airplane mode, then watch the stories as you normally do.

Once you open Instagram, it automatically loads some stories, which allows you to watch with or without a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This method is much easier and quicker than some other methods discussed above.

Use The Swipe Back Trick

The swipe-back trick makes it easy to view Instagram stories without being noticed. To begin, open your Instagram, locate the status you wish to view and click on the one that follows it. Next, hold onto the opened status and make a back swipe without lifting your finger.

This way, you can view the status without being counted as a viewer and, after peeking, continue to the next status. The disadvantage of this trick is that it doesn’t work for videos but just photos.

Bottom Line

If you want to remain anonymous on Instagram, you may need to consider some tips and apply them to your browsing. This article focuses on the best ways of stalking an Instagram account without being included in the matrix count.

You can choose to create a secret account and go incognito, use a third-party app, place your phone on airplane mode, or use the two tricks discussed above. Whichever choice you settle on will depend on how much privacy you need as you watch stories and browse different profiles.

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