August 14, 2019

5 Ways Technology Is Impacting Modern Education

No one can deny the fact that learning in the modern world is significantly different from what it was before and which taught our parents and ancestors. Training is the process of transferring theoretical knowledge and practical skills that requires considerable effort from both those who teach and those who learn. In order to facilitate these efforts, as well as significantly simplify the learning process, people develop new methods, come up with various strategies, and of course, enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

Indeed, on the one hand, now, as before, teachers lecture from the stands at the front of the room, while students listen to them and write something down. As before, students read books and solve tasks set by teachers. But at the same time, in the Middle Ages, books were very rare, so only a few had opportunities to learn, and it was the distribution of books that became modern technology that radically changed the learning process. Today, a large amount of information, books, audio, images, educational materials are available on the Internet, and very often even in free access. And it is the Internet that is the crucial modern technology that has significantly changed the learning process and made life easier for millions of students around the world.

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But let’s look at what impact the Internet has had on modern learning, as well as how ordinary students can use it to simplify and optimize their student life.


First of all, obviously, modern students have access to an infinite amount of knowledge, and despite the fact that all teachers strongly oppose the use of Wikipedia, it allows you to familiarize yourself with basic information about the subject matter, which is necessary in order to form a common understanding of the topic. Wikipedia articles help to explore the issue, without going into details, which is very often not even required for use in real life. But beyond that, people learn what to look for and in what aspects they would like to go deeper in order to understand the material better.

Online Libraries

Those who need to study the topic in great detail and know all the primary sources and research on the subject matter, no longer need to buy scientific journals or go to the library – online libraries and catalogs have everything you need. The most popular and convenient paid online libraries for use are JSTOR, Questia, as well as many others. The largest free resource, in turn, is Google Scholar, which simplifies the process of searching for various articles. But I also want to draw your attention to a website like Sci-Hub, which contains absolutely all scientific articles that are not freely available. I believe that absolutely everyone should have access to knowledge, so I insist that such sites are significant to society.

Online courses

Online courses are portals that are designed specifically for those who do not know how to begin to study a particular issue or topic, as well as how to structure the learning process. Online courses are both paid and free and are educational materials that are conveniently structured for the sequential study of information. The most popular online courses are Khan Academy and Coursera; often, the materials on these sites are unique and tailored to the needs of today’s audiences. Math Minds is another leading organization that provides personalized online maths tuition. These sites are used by people of different ages, both students who want to improve their knowledge, as well as older people who are interested in learning something new or regaining lost skills.

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Study guides and services

The only thing that never changes in the learning process is the lack of time among students. Every day, students study a vast number of disciplines, some of which may be difficult to master, or entirely uninteresting for learning. In the modern world, there are a considerable number of sites and services that are aimed at helping students. For example, SparkNotes provides manuals for a large number of subjects, such as literature, biology, chemistry, economics, and more. There are even communities where students help each other, such as Coursehero or Chegg. But in life, there are also situations where deadlines are tight, and there is no way to do the work, and in such cases, students can use sites such as Writemyessayonline that can help you write an essay online on time and you will not be punished. But it is important to understand that after receiving your order, you must read the work in great detail and understand the material being studied since your goal is to learn, not to cheat.


I would like to highlight separately the Grammarly service, which checks the spelling of the entered text and also analyzes it for various syntax and punctuation errors. The algorithms of this service can identify most of the mistakes that students most often make, which helps them to make the texts clearer and correct. In addition to correcting errors, this service also explains these errors so that users no longer make them, which is also a learning process.

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