November 7, 2021

5 ways to make your home more energy efficient

Every homeowner wants to do whatever it takes to cut costs and save energy in their homes.

Using too much energy can cost you lots of money on energy bills so you need to be smart and do everything possible to save energy.

The most popular ways of saving energy these days are through the use of LED bulbs which are energy savers, using an energy monitor, and switching to or using solar energy together with your grid electricity.

This article is mainly focused on how you can save energy through the use of the above mentioned ways and other possible means too.

1. Use energy monitor

The best way to have an energy-efficient home is to purchase an energy monitor

Energy monitors are electronic devices that help you monitor your energy usage in your home.

With energy monitors, you can get instant notifications when energy usage suddenly goes high, drops very abruptly, or if there are any energy leakages.

This can really help you a lot as you will be able to deal with energy problems as soon as they arise and avoid cases like energy leakages or high energy usage.

Well, isn’t it just great? With these small devices, you can save your pocket from paying too many energy bills or having to go through the pain of paying for energy you have never used due to energy leakages.

You can choose from available options like a smart energy monitor that can be connected to your phone which enables you to get instant notifications on energy usage even if you are away from home.

There is also the handheld energy monitor which you can use to measure the energy used by each appliance or if you want to check how much energy is being used by a particular appliance.

2. Use Energy Saving Lights

LED bulbs have risen to fame ever since their introduction on the market. Everyone is switching from halogen or incandescent light bulbs to these high-energy-saving bulbs.

If you want to save energy in your home then LEDs are the way to go.

If you use LEDs you can save twice the energy used by traditional light bulbs.

LED light bulbs also help you to cut costs as they are very durable.

You can never go wrong with LED light bulbs and ever since they were introduced, most governments are encouraging people to use them as their lighting options and some governments are banning the use of traditional light bulbs as they use high amounts of energy, produce lots of heat and usually cause house fires.

Therefore, choosing LED lights for your place is the smartest thing you can do if you want to save energy.

3. Use Solar power

Solar power is a renewable resource that you simply use without paying for it or worrying about what if it runs out. Once you pay for your solar system installations then, you are all sorted.

You will be able to cut energy costs if you use solar energy because it’s cheap and always available.

Depending on your gadgets and needs, you can choose to make solar energy your primary source of energy or it will just be there to aid grid electricity.

Either way, you will be saving energy and the more you use solar energy, the more you are saving

4. Switch off Unused Appliances

Another way to save energy in your home is to switch off unused appliances.

These include geysers, air conditioners when not necessary, and unused lights.

For lights, you can install motion sensors that can automatically switch on and off only when there is anyone inside the room.

Motion sensors help in homes where there are kids who usually forgot to switch off lights when they are exiting rooms and sometimes adults can do this too. To stay clear from such troubles the best way is to have motion sensors so that there won’t be any energy wasted in the case that someone forgot to switch off lights.

If you always make sure that unused appliances are switched off or unplugged at all times then your energy bill will definitely be low.

5. Repair faulty appliances

There is no way you can save energy while using a faulty electrical appliance. Not only do such appliances cause harm to you or your family but they waste energy through leakages.

It is better to repair your appliances as soon as you notice that there is a problem than to wait on the problem to finally drain your wallet.

Faulty appliances cause electrical shocks and can be very fatal so better repair them in time.

Also, in order to save energy, make sure your appliances are completely in good shape so that they won’t be draining more energy than they actually use.

6. Find alternatives for Energy Consuming Appliances

If you are really serious about cutting down on energy usage in your home then you should also consider replacing energy-consuming appliances with low-energy ones.

For instance, instead of using an air conditioner, use a ceiling fan instead. Fans use less energy than an air conditioner but they can serve the same purpose as an Air Conditioner so you will get the same desired results at a much lower price. The less energy you use, the lower your electricity bill also.

If you want to opt for fans then ceiling fans are the best as they are child-friendly and you won’t need to worry about an ideal spot in the house where you can place the fan.

Contemporary ceiling fans are remote-controlled so you don’t have to worry about having to walk from one room to another to operate the fans.

If you can switch from using an air conditioner to a fan then you can definitely save energy.


Saving energy requires a smart mind and being smart enough to know how to save to the maximum.

If you practice any of the ways discussed above then you won’t have any energy problems.

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