August 23, 2019

6 Reasons Why You Need Private Email Right Now

If you follow cybercrime news, then you may have heard that more than 80% of all successful breaches begin with your email. Most people start taking their security seriously only after they are victims of an attack, likely through an email breach.

Email security is one of the fundamentals of a full-pronged cybersecurity strategy. And there is no better way to reduce risks and increase security than private email service.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider free private email service to secure yourself, your profession, and family.

1. Keep your personal information personal

It is infamously said that “data is the new oil.” Your personal information is the most sought after commodity online. After there is so much, they can do with your personal data, your google searches, your web history, and your emails.

Being safe in the age of digital stalking means exercising control over your private information.

The best place to start is by securing your email with a private email provider.

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2. Email is rife with spam, virus, and phishing

Think about it. Email is the hotbed of spam. And an industry report from PhishMe says that 91 percent of cyber attacks that end in a cyber breach have their origins in a phishing email.

Many such emails have malware that try to gain ownership of your computer systems and steal your private data. Most big, free email providers don’t filter out “link bait” that are infected with such malware.

On the other, hand, private email services are essentially designed for privacy. They use real-time data to filter and manage all messages for malware, spam, and suspicious activity.

Modern secure emails are armed with intelligence that is constantly updated to protect you from any untoward emails.

3. Attachment privacy

One of the biggest threats when sending out confidential emails is the loss of control over various assets like pictures, PDFs, legal documents spreadsheets, or slide decks.

Often, these emails contain private or confidential client information, which when breached mean legal implications for you and your company. With new rules like GDPR to secure private data, you have to be exceptionally cautious with attachments and forwards. But unfortunately, you have no control over these attachments once the email has been sent.

Free, private email often provides protection for both the message but also the attachments. That is you have control over the email even after it’s been sent.

4. Beyond firewalls

While it is true that a firewall is crucial to your cybersecurity, you have no control over the message once it crosses to the outside to the final recipient. A vulnerability that makes you helpless and susceptible.

Sending any kind of important or confidential information in your emails means it can potentially be read and misused by anyone who can intercept it.

Some of the premier private email services use end-to-end encryption, layering, and sandboxing to ensure the maximum level of security for your emails.

5. Leaving Big Tech

Let’s face it. Big Tech and marketing gurus make the rules of the internet and free email usage. We just follow them.

For instance, haven’t you wondered if there were a more secure or confidential way to send sensitive private data like Social Security numbers, passport credentials healthcare records, credit card information and financial details other than free, generic emails?

We club so much of our activities inside regular email without controls, providing easy access to anyone with evil intent. Securing your email is quite possibly the smartest way to reduce your digital footprint and stay safe from the data mining activities of Big Tech.

Private email makes sure your data is safe and your own without the threat of data mining, monitoring, and scanning of regular email.

6. Tailor-made for your preferences

Private email services take into consideration what the user needs and not what the advertiser needs. All features and functions are not only designed for utmost security and privacy but also the comfort and preferences of end-users based on research.

You can decide how you use the private email service, tweak the privacy settings without the limitation of a 3rd party agenda. Most modern private email services also have an Android or iOS app that enables you to access anywhere and anytime.

Final thoughts

Cybersecurity experts the world over advise their clients to secure their email first before taking other measures to protect themselves against vicious cyber-attacks. If you depend heavily on email for your personal or professional communication, it is time you reconsidered the choices.

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Anu Balam

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