December 31, 2020

6 Things To Look Out For In a Good Software Development Agency

If you have never worked with a software development agency in the past, we want to warn you that not all of these agencies have what it takes to deliver outstanding results and meet all of your needs. Some are overpriced and their work does not match up to how much the client is paying, some have poor communication skills and therefore do not meet the results you had in mind, and some just do not have enough experience to consider them a reliable company.

Instead, look for these six factors when finding the right software development agency.

  1. Backed by substantial work: One of the most important items to look out for is the company’s past experience. Most software companies will have testimonials or case studies on their site showcasing their previous clients and what they did for them. You want to look out for companies that have worked for your industry and have taken on projects similar to yours.
  2. Good communication: Communication facilitates a greater understanding of a company’s vision. When talking to a software company for the first time, take note of their communication style. Are they a good listener? Are they letting you talk? Are all of your questions being clearly answered without any shadiness involved? Do not be afraid to ask them questions such as what was the biggest challenge they faced when working with a client in the same industry as you etc. A good software company is one that is not hesitant to point out the mistakes they made in the past. Transparency is crucial here.
  3. See what technologies they work with: When looking at a software agency’s technological stack, make sure they are not working with any outdated technology but rather with technologies that have a bright future, such as artificial intelligence and cloud platforms. The software agency needs to understand the future of technology and know exactly how to help scale businesses using these advanced technologies.
  4. Make sure your project is getting the love that it deserves: Take note of how the team is interacting with one another. Obviously, you want to go for a company where the team is more closely connected. This may be hard to note from the start, but becoming aware of how your software agency is handling your project is a crucial point in deciding whether you want to work with them again or not. If they are giving your project enough priority and the attention it needs, you can recommend them to your network as well.
  5. Get recommendations from your own network: On the topic of recommendations, one of the most reliable sources to find the perfect software development company is to ask your friends and family what software companies they have worked with in the past and how they performed. You can also post on your LinkedIn asking for recommendations of good software agencies. Just make sure that the people who respond are not affiliated with any of the companies they recommend.
  6. Make sure everything is clear from the start: You should have a good idea of the pricing, development process, team, and the estimated time it will take to complete your project etc. If any of these are not determined from the start, that may not be a good sign.

Do Not Focus Too Much on the Following

  1. Reviews: In this day and age, you cannot just depend on reviews because people from the company can write good reviews, and/or the company can pay people to write some kind words for them. Although there are certain sites such as Clutch that have a stricter review process in order to avoid fake reviews, overall, this option cannot be trusted.
  2. Blog Posts: You may think the company is knowledgeable about software and technology if they have good-quality blog posts, but oftentimes this can be a trap. A countless number of companies like to hire freelancers that have a background in writing software and tech blogs, to write blog posts for them. Therefore, you cannot see a company’s blog posts as a reflection of how knowledgeable the company is on a specific trend, industry, technology, etc.

Additional Tips

  • Compare the top software companies you have found that meet the criteria listed above. Do not just go for the very first one you find! Remind yourself that the company you choose will be developing your entire project and that you need to choose wisely.
  • You cannot go cheap with the software. Avoid any companies that market themselves as affordable, low-cost, cost-effective, etc. as these are usually the companies that deliver poor results at the end.
  • The company should offer something of value from the start. For example, many software companies offer a free consultation to discuss your needs. The ones that make you go through a long process and make you pay too much upfront just to talk about your needs is shady. Again, do not forget the importance of transparency.
  • Compare the size of your company to the size of the software development agency. If your company is small, you want to go for a small or mid-sized agency that can give your project the love it deserves. However, if you are a large company and/or your project size is large, then it will be best to opt for a large agency that is capable of taking on your project. This is a step that needs to be evaluated at the very start otherwise it will cost you a lot of time and money.

We understand that software development projects can be nerve-wracking when you do not know how the company you chose will perform. There are a lot of costs and time involved after all. It’s not possible to just go on a company’s website and decide that they are a good software development agency. The real test is to give them a call and challenge them. We highly encourage you to use the tips that were mentioned in this post to find a reputable software agency that really understands the ins and outs of your project and can deliver phenomenal results.

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