August 31, 2021

6 Ways to Easily Get Free Robux

When playing the top-rated video game Roblox, one of its main features is the Robux. We’ll explain more about what it is below, but it’s essentially something that you have to pay for with real money—like an in-game currency. Most Roblox players want to get their hands on Robux, which is why we’ve compiled a list of different ways you can easily earn free Robux.

What Is Robux?

To put it simply, Roblox has an in-game currency known as Robux. With this virtual currency, you open up so many doors and opportunities while playing the game. It will also help you move ahead of others as you can purchase various items in-game, such as outfits, permissions, and more. That being said, there are two ways you can get Robux: you can either purchase it with real money or earn it through various activities in-game. The former option is the quickest way, but it will eventually hurt your pockets if you keep doing it. So, what else can you do to earn free Robux?

Different Ways to Earn Free Robux

If you want to enjoy everything that Roblox offers, including the premium features, you definitely need to get your hands on some Robux. Check out some of these different methods to earn free Robux with little-to-no effort.

Join Groups

Let’s start simple: one of the easiest ways you can earn free Robux is by joining online groups for Roblox players or enthusiasts. Players will typically gather in these groups to discuss or sell various things related to Roblox. As such, you can join these groups and use them to sell your creativity (i.e., selling costumes, characters) in lieu of some Robux.

Through An Affiliate

Roblox actually has an affiliate program that can help you earn some Robux. If you have many friends, you can ask them to create a Roblox account using you as a reference. Every time someone does this, you’ll receive many points that you can later redeem as Robux. Not only that, whenever the friend you’ve referred buys something in-game, you’ll also receive a commission. You can use your social media accounts to share or post links if you want to increase how much you receive.

The more people join the game using your referral, the more Robux you’ll receive for free.

Become An Artist

If you’re an artist or consider yourself a creative person, you can use your talent to your advantage if you want to earn Robux. All you need to do is create interesting and cool Roblox characters and then promote them on your social media accounts. As soon as your characters attract more and more players, you’ll also receive tons of Robux.

Create Roblox Games

Another way to earn Robux is by creating and publishing a game to the entire community so that everyone can play. This is definitely one of the highest-paying methods on this list, so if you’re willing to spend some time building a Roblox universe, then you should definitely try this out. Once your game is made public, you’ll earn Robux with every person who signs up to play the game you’ve built. Overall, you should see a decent amount of Robux from this method, especially if your game becomes popular.

Sell Clothes

Roblox wants to hone your creativity and potential, which is why you’re free to customize your outfits and clothing items. That being said, you can actually use this feature to your advantage, too. By creating cool and eye-catching garments, you can sell them and earn Robux in return. To make the most out of this method, it’s best to know the trends and what’s popular among the players so you can create something that fits their desires.

Win Giveaways

Every now and then, many gamers and streamers give out free Robux to their subscribers. The chances of winning the giveaway may be thin, but there’s really no harm in trying. If you want, you can join several giveaways from different gamers to slightly increase your chances.


There you have it, folks! You don’t have to fork over real-world currency if you want to get your hands on some Robux. By following any of the methods we’ve listed above, you should be able to collect a decent amount of this virtual currency.

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