December 16, 2017

This 6 Year Old Earns $11 Million a Year For Reviewing Toys on YouTube

YouTube is a place which could change the stars of a person. Who would think a 6-year-old would join the top ten list of highest paid YouTube stars in Forbes? Meet Ryan, an average six-year-old who became YouTube’s biggest star for reviewing toys and for making $11 million a year.


Ryan is like any kid who likes to play with toy cars, riding tricycles, watching YouTube kids videos and toy review channels until one day when he asked his mom that why he is not on YouTube like other kids. His parents later made his first video and posted it on the channel  “Ryan ToysReview. ” Although initially, his videos didn’t get many views, after four months few of his videos went viral and now his videos were watched over 16 billion times on YouTube.

“Ryan was watching a lot of toy review channels — some of his favorites are EvanTubeHD and Hulyan Maya — because they used to make a lot of videos about Thomas the Tank Engine, and Ryan was super into Thomas,” Ryan’s mother told TubeFilter last year. “One day he asked me, ‘How come I’m not on YouTube when all the other kids are?’ So we just decided — yeah, we can do that. Then we took him to the store to get his very first toy — I think it was a Lego train set — and it all started from there.”



His parents then created a channel named Ryan ToysReview in March 2015. Initially, his videos didn’t get many views but started going viral after four months when they released a video titled “100+ cars toys GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen kids video Ryan ToysReview” in July 2015. Currently, that video has more than 800 million views. Another video posted in April 2016 earned him more than a billion views which feature Ryan running through an inflatable Cars water slide.

This young adorable YouTuber has over 10 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 16 billion times which feature him playing games with toys and his family, enjoying himself at a birthday party, or shopping for toys with his parents. He now made his entry into Forbes’ annual list of highest-earning YouTube celebrities where his channel “Ryan ToysReview” fetched him around $11 million between June 1, 2016, and June 1, 2017, and got him an eight position on the list sharing with Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, from the popular comedy channel, Smosh.

Ryan’s mother who used to teach chemistry to high school students started maintaining the channel and made it into a full-time job right now. His parents said that they would stop making the videos if Ryan gets fed up with it.

“Right now, he loves making videos. Every time I tell him we’re going to film, he gets so excited. As long as he’s loving it and it doesn’t disrupt his daily routine, we plan on continuing. But the moment he’s not having fun anymore, that’s when it will be time to stop,” said his mother.


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