March 28, 2024

7 Amazing Image Edits That Facetune Makes Possible

If you’re looking for a convenient way to transform your selfies, touch-up professional photos, and optimize your headshots, Facetune could be the application for you. With over 200 million downloads to date, the Facetune app is one of the most popular go-to apps for influencers and creators, and it can turn anyone into a photo editing pro.

It gives you a complete suite of tools on your smartphone that you can use to optimize the appearance of any photo or video in a matter of minutes. What’s more, the app is constantly evolving with new features and tools for enhancing, reshaping, and upgrading your digital content.

Today, we’re looking at just some of the impressive image editing options available to Facetune users, how you can use them yourself, and why they’re so valuable.

What Is Facetune? The Basics

Developed by successful app creation company Lightricks, Facetune is a photo and video editing app that makes enhancing your images quick and simple. The solution combines state-of-the-art generative AI tools with granular editing features, to deliver incredible results for beginners and experts alike.

Features of the app include:

  • Generative AI tools: AI-powered tools that use prompts and direction to create unique hairstyles, alter the outfits in your photos, generate headshots, and design AI avatars. There are even one-tap AI tools for rapid video and image enhancements.
  • Photo editing tools: With Facetune you can crop and resize images, apply filters and effects to photos, blur and change your image backgrounds, and even apply makeup after you take the perfect shot. There are also tools for removing objects and blemishes from photos, flipping images, and changing your hair color.
  • Video editing tools: Facetune’s video editing tools include everything from dynamic video filters, overlays and presets for rapid video retouching solutions, options for removing background noise, and more. They’re perfect for adding something special to your Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, and YouTube videos.

While there are plenty of impressive features worth exploring on the Facetune app, read on for some of our favorite options for creators, influencers, and hobbyists.

Adding Glitter and Sparkle to Images

In recent years, there’s been a growing focus on the concept of natural beauty. Influencers are ditching heavy makeup palettes and foundation in favor of a fresh, dewy, and youthful appearance. But sometimes, your smartphone camera can’t capture the radiant shine you’ve worked so hard to achieve. That’s where Facetune comes in, to illuminate your images.

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In the “paint” section of the Facetune editing app, you can use the “glitter” feature to apply the perfect glimmer to your eyes, facial features, and even the jewelry you’re wearing. Companies can even use this tool to make their accessories stand out in lifestyle-focused photo shoots. There are various color options and density levels to choose from, for complete control over your glow.

Switching Backgrounds with AI-Generated Images

Background replacement is one of the most popular types of photo editing in the creative world. Why settle for a dingy landscape or cluttered office as your background when you can replace it with something beautiful and fresh? With Facetune you can rapidly remove your photo’s background, using intuitive tools, and replace your surroundings with something unique.

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You can even generate your own custom AI-generated backgrounds, using text-based prompts. This guarantees you’ll end up with an image unlike anything else on social media. You can also remove and change backgrounds in videos.

Adjusting and Perfecting Makeup

Facetune’s makeup filters are amazing for taking your photos to the next level. You can use the “makeup” tab in the app to alter your skin tone with blusher and foundation options, experiment with a wide range of lipstick colors, and even apply your own false eyelashes, after taking your photo.

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The app includes tools for applying popular eyeliner looks, like the seductive eyeliner wing, plus, you can add freckles to your image if you’re looking for that “sun-kissed” appearance. All of the makeup filters are highly customizable, so you can be as bold or subtle as you like. This is also a great way to test out new makeup looks and trends, without wasting a fortune on cosmetics or spending hours on end on reshoots.

Adding Preset Filters and Overlays to Videos

Most influencers know just how valuable the right filter can be when it comes to making images and videos pop. With Facetune, you don’t have to rely on using the same filters as everyone else on Instagram and TikTok. Instead, you can browse through a dynamic array of trending, dynamic, and atmospheric filters that can be tailored to suit your needs.

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Facetune also allows users to transform video footage with moving overlays such as bubbles, sparkles, or water effects, that add extra intrigue to clips. There are even video layouts that are pre-made to offer a distinct feel and aesthetic to your content. All you need to do is select the video you want to edit in the app, and tap on the “filters,” “overlays,” or “layout” section to start browsing. From there, you can adjust your effects as needed with Facetune’s easy sliders.

Changing Your Outfit

This is a photo editing option that’s sure to appeal to both consumers and professional creators alike. With Facetune, you can transform your outfit with a variety of preset clothing items and fabric options to choose from, in various styles.

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You can make a shirt appear more professional if you’re editing a headshot for your LinkedIn profile. Or if you’re collaborating with a retailer, you might experiment with changing the color and style of your outfit to create images that resonate with a wider range of customers. Changing your photo outfit is as simple as clicking on the new “clothes” tool in the Facetune app, and choosing the material and colors you want to experiment with.

Experimenting with New Hair Styles

Have you ever wondered what a new hairstyle or color might look like on you? Maybe you want to add a touch of glamor to your latest photo, with eye-catching hair accessories. Facetune has you covered. The simple photo editing app comes with an intuitive “hairstyles” tab that comes with both pre-set styles to try, as well as the option to create custom aesthetics with AI.

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If you take the custom route, you can enter a few basic details about what kind of look you envision into the app’s text box, then use the drawing tool to help guide the AI algorithm. The technology does the rest of the work, using your instructions to suggest a range of unique hairstyles, sure to grab the attention of your social followers and friends.

Retouching Videos in One Tap

Every social media lover and influencer wants to create eye-catching, professional looking videos these days. After all, there are more than 3.3 billion people watching videos online at least once per month. Unfortunately, touching up videos, adjusting contrast, color, white balance, and more, can take a lot of work, particularly if you’re not an editing expert.

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Facetune’s one-tap video retouching feature gives you all the results you need without the hard work. It enhances your natural appearance, smoothing skin in problem areas, adding shine, and brightening your images in seconds. You can also customize the retouching experience, using the “manual” option for comprehensive control over vibrancy, smoothness, and more.

Transforming Images with Facetune

Photo editing has become more than just a fun pastime for consumers or a career option for professionals. Virtually everyone is taking advantage of photo editing apps to some extent, and Facetune is one of the most powerful solutions available.

Whether you’re ready to take your social media game to the next level, creating visual content for your online store, or just experimenting with the wonders of image editing, Facetune has plenty to offer. The easy-to-use and powerful app gives users an all-in-one hub for AI image generation and optimization, photo transformation, and video retouching.

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