May 31, 2022

7 Best Mobile Apps To Learn A New Language

Learning a second language is thrilling, enjoyable, and liberating, and it offers up new horizons in terms of human contact and reading. Learning a language can also help you improve your problem-solving abilities and memory. At the same time, it strengthens your mastery of a new language, both written and spoken.

Are you interested in learning or improving a second or third language? For that, there is a mobile app. A language application will help you develop your vocabulary, whether you’re arranging a fun trip abroad or want to do something fascinating with your spare time. You may also learn grammar and become fluent through short lessons from the comfort of your phone or computer.

The best language-learning apps are also affordable, particularly compared to traditional schools or private language training. Many offer voice search, which is necessary for accurate sound pronunciation. Others offer various language options, which is beneficial to learners of multiple languages.

The Top Seven Smartphone Apps For Learning A New Language

We have composed a list of the seven best language learning smartphone applications to get you started speaking another language right away.


Duolingo, most probably one of the popular apps available, is strongly recommended for beginners. You can gradually learn English by playing small games for just twenty minutes per day. Depending on multiple topics, you may retain up to 7 new vocabularies for every subject, and you obtain skill points when each lesson is completed.


Babble is yet another popular language software, and with good reason: it’s a great way to learn basic conversational skills. Babbel focuses on vocabulary rather than merely memorizing words, so you can better grasp the language. Because the lessons are organized into real-world issues, you’ll be able to start having understandable discussions sooner.


This program is unique because it transforms real-life films, such as commercials and news, into English-learning experiences. You settle into a natural culture, and, like Babbel, you can start conversing about everyday or more severe themes immediately. If you want to form an accent, learning another language as it is spoken there in real life will help you.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the most familiar program, and the method is highly unique, as it does not provide any translation in your tongue. That is a cold turkey approach in that you are submerged chiefly in language and have no choice but to learn it! The program features exercises that will help you learn actual words before moving on to phrases and sentences.


Memrise is comparable to another software called MindSnacks in that it focuses mainly on learning target language words. Yet, it is impressive in that it uses comedy to aid in memorizing the word in question. If something is amusing, you will almost certainly remember it better. Memrise courses also are designed and created by other Memrise users, making this a pleasant and authentic experience.


HelloEnglish is a spoken English app touted as Asia’s “biggest English learning platform.” The learning software includes some unique features, such as software components that allow users to learn through games. You can also use its multilingual dictionary to improve your reading, writing, and listening skills.

These user-friendly apps might help you learn English or polish your current knowledge. They might also be an excellent complement to any other sort of education you are already pursuing. If technology isn’t your thing, check out the fantastic English learning classes we have available at English Language Schools.


Buss helps you learn at your current level of language learning by pairing you with other students.

Buss has a modern, user-friendly interface. Busuu also has over 1,000 lessons developed by certified language experts. It will come up with the words you have the most difficulty remembering. It also offers a function that allows you to keep track of your progress. Busuu has a slight language variety, with only twelve languages available. Busuu Premium members have access to McGraw-Hill Education credentials.


Smartphones can be helpful if the learner has access to the appropriate apps. All the learner has to do is to choose one or two applications that interest him/her and undertake a journey to discover new vocabulary and phrases in the target language every day.

So, find out the best languages to learn and begin this incredible learning adventure by downloading the apps indicated above.

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