August 17, 2021

7 Cool USB Gadgets You Need In Your Home and Office

Also, there are benefits to tech optimization in the home office. It’s good news that you can get many of the top business gadgets without burning a hole in your wallet. What are some of the best, most useful office gadgets? This company offers a wide variety of individualized office supplies, such as headphones, power banks, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, laptop sleeves, and so on. See these cool USB gadgets that you can use for your office, to give to your employees or as unique gifts to your loved ones.

1. SanDisk Wireless Stick

It is a revolutionary flash drive that allows you to access and share your files from any device – computer, phone, or tablet – using wireless technology. The only time you must plug it in is to charge it or if you want access to your files the old fashioned It lets you share files between multiple devices at the same time without the need for an internet connection Up to three devices can access the content of the flash drive simultaneously, as long as it is within close proximity.

2. Wi-Fi Range Extenders

In some cases, the internal Wi-Fi antenna on your laptop is not powerful enough to pick up – or locate – a wireless network. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about. Wi-Fi range extenders can be used to make your network stronger. Those who have one of these gadgets will be able to get their signal stronger and fidelity improved by connecting to your computer’s USB port. Therefore, you might want to consider investing in one of these if you are looking for better Wi-Fi at the office, airports, coffee shops, public libraries, or even in the bedroom that is the furthest away from your router at home. In addition to the WPA/WPA2 encryption, they come with a secure wireless connection to protect your network with one antenna. You are best off buying the TP-Link TL-WN821N or the TP-Link TL-WN822N. These are two models which support the wireless N- standard. These Wi-Fi range extenders are quite popular on the web and you can also read tech product reviews from known tech websites regarding this product.

3. Hot Cookie USB Cup and Mug Warmer

You’ll be able to keep your cups and mugs warm with these cool USB Gadgets. Therefore, you will not have to worry about losing that hot drink. In those colder winter months when everyone is turning into ice blocks around you, this is a great game to play. Make sure to get a creative coffee mug to go along with it! It looks like a cookie.

4. Westminster USB Vacuum

Dusters powered by compressed air are too industrial and feel too cold, but you can always switch to the world’s smallest USB-powered vacuum to keep your system clean. A reusable filter, ergonomic design, and extended 4-foot connection wire will let you take on dust and crumbs with ease. There are no batteries or unnecessary power draw to worry about (there’s a dedicated power button), but you must live with the randomized color choices.

5. iPad CF and SD Card Readers

We often lament the lack of a card reader on the iPad, a pet peeve of ours since the dawn of time. In that regard, these little ones make more than up for it. Powered by the Memory Stick Pro Duo, a memory card can be plugged into the iPad, and the Photos app will be launched – allowing you to upload files immediately. Within a few days, you’ll be able to start shooting again! There are no nasty cables, and you can even connect devices like flash drives and cameras with internal memory via USB – no more ugly cables! Each and every person needs to have this office gadget.

6. USB Mini-Fridge and Heater

The microwave function raises the temperature to 116 degrees before you can say “we have a microwave in the kitchen.” Ditto the freezer function, keeping drinks at a cool 54 degrees – no more “kinda cold” soda.

7. Doxie Go

In an office environment, it is important to save space and time. In this case, Doxie Go SE, the portable scanner, is a great choice. With a single click, you can scan your paper documents, receipts, or photos and send them directly to your computer or cloud service. This compact and light device packs as much power as a rolled-up magazine and is portable enough to take with you wherever you go. Each rechargeable battery lasts up to 400 scans before it needs to be recharged. You don’t own a computer? Doxie Go SE does not have a problem with this. There are no drivers to install – simply insert your document and scan it. You can save scans on the SD card of Doxie Go SE or email or share them straight to your favorite cloud app using its expandable SD card.

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