July 17, 2020

7 Learnings For Creating Successful Videos From Top Influencers

This decade can easily be dubbed the “era of influencers.” Many influencers have been using videos to build their brand. The Fine Bros, Pewdiepie, Jenna Marbles, Nigahiga, are just some of the names who have created successful videos and benefited from those.

Videos are the most popular content format today. But about 500 hours of video are uploaded in a minute on YouTube alone! How do you stand out in this digital clutter? We have some tips.

Anyone can be an influencer today. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a huge fan following. Create interesting videos that people would love to watch, and you can be successful.

The Most Popular Video Types

Some videos perform better than others. They are more effective in gaining likes and viewers. Here are some of the most popular kinds of videos today:

  • Unboxing Videos
  • Educational/Informative Videos
  • Travel Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Gaming Videos/Walkthroughs
  • Funny Videos
  • Reviews
  • Hacks/How-to/Explainer Videos
  • Q & A Videos
  • Haul Videos
  • Music Videos

Learnings From Top Video Influencers

1. Know Your Audience

If you show X-rated videos to followers who subscribed to your channel or followed your IGTV for funny videos, you won’t become an influencer. Tap into your analytics and check who your audience is.

Analytics data will give you access to insights about where your audience is from, how they found your channel, what age groups they belong to, etc.

Many influencers who have changed the essence of their videos have lost sponsors and subscribers because they are not giving them what they want.

2. Focus on Video Intros

Video intros can make or break your influencer dream. The first few seconds of your video determine whether a person will watch more or not. This is why your video introduction has to be attractive. It is a good idea to begin your video with an intriguing hook.

It could be a teaser where it shows a few of the best moments from the video itself or asks a question that people are seeking an answer to. For example, “Did you know tying your shoelaces like this will make sure they never get untied?

3. Be Unique

Nobody wants to hear another commentary on the latest soccer match. But if you make that commentary sound like it is made by two famous movie characters, you have an interesting video.

Shoot upside-down videos or add your own touch to song covers. As long as you are unique and are offering something that is unlike anything people have seen before, you are good.

4. Be Consistent

The success of one video can make another one a hit. To make sure you don’t become a one-hit-wonder or have good views only on one video, you have to be consistent.

Post videos every week or every 15 days, consistently. This will show your viewers that you are serious about what you are doing. This will also make them remember your brand. The 21st century has a short memory.

5. The Videos Should Make the Audience React 

Any video that makes the audience feel happy, angry, excited, sad or any other emotion will be successful. Simple branding with loads of promotional text will not strike a chord with the audience.

You have to make your viewers react in some way or the other. This way, they relate to the video and share it with others. It becomes a medium of communication.

6. Omnichannel Posting

There are some people who watch videos only on Facebook. Some only on YouTube. Some watch it on IGTV and YouTube. To ensure that you have viewers from all these platforms, post your videos on multiple channels.

Top influencers post videos on YouTube and Facebook. One of these channels can be your priority, allowing you to defer from posting videos on the other channels. But always go for omnichannel posting. You can learn how to create a video from tutorials available on Youtube.

7. Always Be Original

Plagiarism is never okay. When you post someone else’s video, you might get good views, but eventually, it will become a copyright violation (on YouTube, three strikes can get your channel banned).

Your viewers will also consider you a ‘copycat‘ in their minds, and that is never good. All the top influencers are what they are because they have been giving us original content. Follow that.

Bonus: Follow What’s Trending

Make videos on topics that everyone is talking about. Check out the trends on Google and Twitter to curate your videos. Once you choose the trend, work on a video quickly.

Everyone wants to know what’s trending. Offer an interesting or a funny take on the trend.

Quick Tips

  • Opt for an informal, conversational tone
  • Keep your videos short (try to keep them no longer than 5 minutes)
  • Use captions (92% watch videos with the sound on mute)
  • Use attractive colors (wear bright-colored clothing, have vibrant backgrounds)
  • Make sure the videos are mobile-friendly, that’s where most people watch their videos
  • Repeat or highlight the most important parts of the video
  • Use relevant keywords in your video title and description
  • Promote your channel or anything else in the end screens
  • Go live on YouTube and other channels
  • Collaborate with others
  • If something works, develop a video series that’s similar
  • Develop a workflow for producing your videos to boost efficiency and productivity

Take 1

54% of consumers want to see more videos! You can use an ad maker if you are creating video ads for your brand or business. Did you know that 52% of what you show in the videos is retained by customers?

InVideo is the best Mac video editor that is powered by AI and trusted by many. Even if you are new to this scene, you can use this editor to create professional videos that leave a mark.

Whether you are an individual or a company, follow these tips to gain subscribers/followers on whatever platform you are posting your videos. Videos are the new ladder to success.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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