January 21, 2022

7 Perfect Emojis to Show Your Surprise

Since the emergence of social media globally, emojis have made a significant role in our lives, showing what we feel through the web. Emojis have thousands of varieties and combinations that you can use to express whatever you think or want to say. Without them, a conversation on chat platforms will be plain and boring. Using emojis is a fun way to represent your current feelings or current needs. They can virtually make surprises more exciting, realistic, and accurate.

You can use emojis whenever you want to use them. And you can utilize these if you feel happy, sad, or even if you are not feeling well. Even if you are going to surprise your loved ones, face emojis will make it more natural and human. It could be the hand covering face emoji or other expressive emojis to reveal your surprise. Here are some of those that you can use!

1. Party Popper Emoji

You may be very familiar with this emoji. However, you may know the appearance of the emoji but not its full use or even its name. The party popper emoji depicts a party popper that has been actuated, with bright ribbons and confetti exploding from its opening. The ribbons are usually pink and blue, while the party popper is generally yellow.

Since party poppers in real life are devices for surprises, particularly at parties. That’s why this emoji is perfect for you to use when you are about to say a celebratory statement to a person. It is also how people send their congrats during weddings and graduations. You can also convey joy or signal that you are having a good time.

2. Wrapped Gift Emoji

What are surprises without gifts, right? The wrapped gift emoji is a standard emoji used when celebrating birthdays and hinting at gift-giving. You can use this present emoji to express beautiful gifts, whether you’re giving or getting them.

Most platforms display a yellow present box with a detachable lid, tied with a red ribbon and topped with a bow, while others show a blue gift box with a red ribbon instead. Because this emoji represents an actual gift, making a conversation realistic and more fun.

3. Speak-No-Evil Monkey Emoji

Do you have a surprise gift for your partner but don’t want to say what it is yet or give any hints about it? This emoji is a cute and perfect choice to use in a situation like this. This emoji displays a brown monkey with its mouth covered by tan or pinkish hands. You can use it in a sentence like “I have a gift for you, and it’s a —” then put the speak-no-evil emoji at the end of your statement.

It is one of the best ways to be secretive since this emoji shows a close-mouthed appearance. It will leave them more curious about your surprise, and it will be more exciting for both of you. It represents the word “oops,” which has similarities with Face With Hand Over Mouth or Zipper Mouth.

4. Exploding Emoji Head

Not all surprises are about gifts. It can be mind-blowing information on a specific topic that you and your friends have been waiting on for a long time. This extreme reaction emoji is perfect for such astonishing topics. It depicts a shocked expression with a gaping mouth as a mushroom-shaped cloud explodes from the top of its skull as it cracks open.

It’s best used to describe a moment when something is so ludicrous, thrilling, or irritating that it utterly blows your mind. A surprisingly mind-blowing discussion will be more accurate with this emoji, and you would feel how realistic it is. However, these may fully explain why the emoji is also known as the mind-blown icon or the brain exploding emoji.

5. Face Screaming in Fear Emoji

This emoji will be perfect if you have shocking news or gossip to share with your friends on chat. This emoji represents a terrifying face with wide blank eyes, an agape mouth, hands-on cheeks, and a pale blue forehead. You can use it like “OMG! Guess what?”, use the emoji, and then it will leave your friends intrigued about the news you’re bearing.

Whether the news is positive or negative, the emoji is perfect to express your emotions! It’s sometimes referred to as the “wow emoji.” Other names include shocked emoji, scared emoji, and screaming emoji.

6. Star-Struck Emoji

You may know this emoji as a celebrity emoji because a yellow face with a big grin and stars for eyes appears in this emoji. But you can also use this when surprising a person. The difference between this emoji and other surprising emojis is its pair of star eyes. The star eyes represent how excited you are to reveal your gift or good news to a loved one.

Using this emoji will make anyone catch vibes that are thrilling, exhilarating, or stunning about your surprise. Depending on the context, this emoji is also known as the Star Eyes emoji or the Starry Eyes emoji.

7. Ring Emoji

Just got engaged? That will be an exciting surprise to share with your friends! With the use of this emoji, it will be very straightforward; and your friends will guess it correctly with much excitement. Start the conversation with “Hey guys! I have exciting news for you! I am now ___,” then put the cute ring emoji at the end, and voila! You will have shared the news quickly and effortlessly. The emoji also represents jewelry that can make fantastic presents for your loved ones.

In a Nutshell

This set of emojis can help us express ourselves when we are at a loss for words. People occasionally understand emojis better than the actual spoken language, which is kind of amusing. It’s all because of technology and pop culture language that allows us to be more creative and expressive. For more help and information, head on to EmojiGuide.com to discover how these emojis are represented and learn about their meanings!

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