November 3, 2022

7 Reasons For Low Oil Pressure in a Diesel Engine

The low oil pressure in an engine can indicate a major problem. The engine oil works by assuring that all moving parts are lubricated as well as protected. Within the engine, the pressure is built up when the oil flows through the openings and ensures that the oil is supplied to each and every part or corner of an engine. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen because of the low oil pressure, which leads to the friction of metal parts. Besides you can also visit Boodmo to shop online for various car oil pump parts that are known for their high quality. There are several reasons for the low oil pressure in a diesel engine and you will find them below.

7 Reasons for Low Oil Pressure in an engine

1. Oil is not enough in the engine –

This is one of the most common reasons behind the low oil pressure in an engine. If, during an oil change, the right amount of lubricant has been added, then it may leak through the seals, and be consumed due to evaporation and other factors. Also, as the engine ages, the consumption of oil increases, so it is good to check the level of the oil. In case you find leaks outside the engine, then you should fix it immediately. Hence, the low level of engine oil can also be the reason for engine failure.

2. The engine oil is dirty

In the oil, the coolant or fuel can also cause low engine oil pressure. If there are extra fluids in the oil, then it can be a reason behind the high oil levels in the crankcase. In the crankcase, the high level of oil mainly indicates that unnecessary fluid is leaking somewhere in the engine. Moreover, contaminants that make the engine oil dirty are water, coolant, and diesel fuel. Thus, it is very important to find the cause of the fluid leaks and make applicable upkeep.

3. Unclean or contaminated Oil Pump

The oil pump works by circulating the oil under pressure to the pistons, bearings as well as camshaft of the engine by taking the oil below from the oil pan. In case, in the pickup, there is any type of dirt, then the filter will stop it from entering the oil pump. So, if the filter is full of debris, then it must be cleaned efficiently prior to enough oil can pass from it. Moreover, the other problem with the oil pump is surplus wear to the gears. In the oil pump, the engine builder or mechanic should replace or repair the gears or buy a new pump online from

4. Worn or Improper Engine Bearings

Many times the engine bearings have extreme clearance, which can result in low oil pressure. So, it is very essential to check the engine components from inside where bearings are present to assure they are in proper specifications. In addition, if you find that the bearings are worn, then it’s good to replace them as soon as possible. Furthermore, in a high-mileage diesel engine, the bearings wear down and cause the clearance amount to raise. Because of this raised clearance, the flow will rise, and hence the pressure will decrease. Besides, you can easily notice the increased bearing clearances by an upsurge in the noise of an engine and pounding.

5. Improper working of oil lines

Another cause of low engine oil pressure is the improper working of oil lines. An oil passage or oil line many times may break or disconnect and resulting in low engine oil pressure. So, a mechanic must check each and every oil line for wear as well as debris. Also, many times oil lines or galleries may be out of the correct arrangement where the holes are not ruled up properly and obstruct the flow of oil in a normal way. Hence, it is very vital to check the oil line to ensure that there is no tear in the line and is hooked up appropriately.

6. Clogged Oil Filter

The engine oil passes through the oil filter after it leaves the oil pump. The main role of an oil filter is to prevent the various contaminants and other debris from passing an engine. The filter generates resistance in the oil flow, and as the build-up of debris increases, the limit of the oil flow will increase. So this can cause a filter to be blocked totally, and oil can’t pass. Then, the pressure relief valve will open automatically to prevent a blockage when the pressure goes beyond a preset value. Hence, to keep it flowing, the oil will bypass the oil filter, and this process can decrease the pressure to that of the valve. In addition to this, you can also buy various car oil pump parts with various specifications from Boodmo.

7. Too low or high viscosity

When the oil viscosity is too high or low, then it might be perceived as a loss of pressure in the oil supply to an engine. Low viscosity produces less resistance to flow through the system, whereas high viscosity can produce greater resistance from the oil that is pumped by an oil pump. It leads to a lack of lubrication in the entire system and results in lower pressure in an engine.

Final Words

The lubrication system of an engine is mainly formed by the oil filter, oil pump, hardware, and lubrication lines. All should work properly for the hassle-free performance of an engine. When the oil pressure is low, it means there is some problem that needs to be fixed. Hence, if needed, then you can buy various oil pump parts for the diesel engine from Boodmo at an affordable price with timely delivery. Apart from this, we hope after going through this article, you will understand well the main reasons for the low oil pressure in a diesel engine and fix it properly.

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