May 11, 2022

7 Tech Trends in Business to Watch  

There’s so much technology all around the business world today. With high-tech options at a company’s fingertips, staying aware of tech trends is vital. Businesses can use these trends to boost their sales, visibility, and efficiency. No matter what kind of business you’re in, stronger sales are important. You also want your customers to find you easily, so you can provide efficient service.

Even if you feel confident in your current efforts, trends are changing. That can mean you need to do more in the future or adjust how you handle things. Instead of waiting to see what happens, make changes ahead of time. Focusing on trends keeps you ahead of the game. Here are seven of the biggest tech trends your company will want to watch.

1. Tools for Enabling Hybrid Workplaces

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. Many companies that started work-from-home options are keeping those options open. Other companies require a mix of in-person and at-home workdays. Because so many workplaces are hybrids now, workers need the right tools to get the job done.

The demand for those tools has started a development trend. By using the latest and greatest tools, you can help your workers get more done wherever they are. Whether they’re in the office or working from home, it’s important that they have what they need for success. Not only does that matter to them, but it’s an important part of helping your company grow, as well.

2. Third-Party Logistics Providers

When you use options for 3PL, you can let a focused, trained company manage your logistics. Third-party options are great ways to delegate aspects of your business. Then you can spend more time on the areas where your expertise and effort are needed. Third-party logistics (3PL) lets you turn that part of your company over to others.

While you still retain control of the overarching process, you’ll be much more likely to feel confident in the support you’re receiving. A quality logistics provider can coordinate what comes into your business, as well as what goes out. That means vendor support and more customer care. Customers will get what they need, improving the impression they have of your business.

3. Technologies to Simplify the Cloud

The cloud is a great place to store everything your company needs for success. If you use it to the fullest, you can put nearly all your data and details into it. That lets your employees access the information from anywhere. But the biggest issue is making sure that data is available to those who need it and protected from those who don’t.

Making the cloud safe and simple is a big part of what technologies are offering today. The trend is toward simplification of the cloud for large and small businesses. By using simple options that provide quality and security, your employees can help customers more efficiently. There’s no reason to settle for unwieldy and complicated, when you can choose secure and simple, instead.

4. Smart Space Technology Options

Smart spaces are a business offshoot of smart homes. These spaces provide energy efficiency, ease of use, and other benefits to employees and customers. There are many technology options to create smart spaces. These spaces continue to develop and are popular with all sizes of companies today. Their future looks bright, as well, since more companies want to adopt smart technology.

Understanding which specific options need to go into your company’s smart space technology plan is the first step. You need to be sure of what you’re getting and what you’re offering. By knowing how the smart spaces will be used, you can make better decisions about what tech you need. Not only will employees thank you, but your customers will also see the benefits.

5. Platforms for Collaborative Data

Collaboration matters in the business world. From employees around the globe to customers that need information fast, working together makes a difference. If you aren’t sure about collaboration options, there are platforms you can use for more collaborative data examination. These can be used by big and small companies, so you can pick the one that’s right for your business.

Whether you’re just looking to store and access data or you want to analyze it, the focus should be on how everyone can use it together. That’s especially helpful for people who work from home because they can see what coworkers need them to look at. Global companies also get value from collaborative data since workers aren’t in the same physical location. Choosing the right platform means your employees will get the support and interaction they need to succeed.

6. Automation of Customer-Facing Applications

Customer-facing applications need to work well. But they aren’t always manned by humans. With the automation of these applications, more customers can get help faster. Automation technology has improved a lot in recent years. The trend is for that to continue, so it can be used by more companies and customers. Feedback from customers is one of the ways to make changes.

In order to make sure you’re using the right automation option, listening to your customers is very important. There are plenty of tools to consider, with more on the way. But if you’re not giving your customers what they need, their frustration will show. It could even lead to those customers going elsewhere, which you naturally want to avoid.

7. Generative AI for Creation and Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming bigger in the business world every day. It’s a huge part of the technology trend. If you’re not sure how to use AI in your company, the generation and analysis of information is a good start. That’s not to say it’s perfect yet, but it can provide help and insight. It can also help you study company and industry trends, so you know more about what to consider.

By paying close attention to technology trends, you can help your company grow and expand. From 3PL and automation to AI and smart spaces, getting involved in trending improvements is the way to succeed.

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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