November 26, 2021

8 Options to Work From Home in 2022

The Internet has provided the new generation and even older generations the option to have a better work-life balance and flexible schedule. The recent and ongoing pandemic only added to that aspect.

When schools and workplaces had to shut down and oblige people to work from home, we’re sure many of you had to adapt, even if you didn’t like it. Fast-forward to today, and some people don’t want to work in an office any longer. For those who want to find work opportunities that allow them to be at home, we’ve compiled a list of occupations that are thriving as of now.

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Speaking of which, here are our eight work-at-home career options.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for increasing their client’s exposure on social media platforms. They combine modern strategies and tactics that are proven to improve engagement on a social media profile. The purpose is to get more traffic through exposure. If you are well-versed in social media algorithms, this job might be a great fit for you.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants operate just like real-life assistants, except they do it online. They handle their client’s schedule, documents, calendar, administrative tasks, and many others – the scope depends on the client.

The demand for virtual assistants is on the rise, and it’s not badly paid either.

Online Writer

Writers can find opportunities in various shapes and forms online. So, for professionals who have a knack for words, there are more than a few options to consider. Here are a few examples of writing jobs that are available online:

  • blogging;
  • content writing;
  • marketing;
  • ghostwriting;
  • freelance writing.

So, if writing is something you’re good at or are passionate about, we recommend looking into these positions to be able to enjoy remote work! Choose the niche you’re most interested in and develop your skills accordingly.


Whether it’s a software developer for mobile devices or computers, this is a very in-demand job today. Developers can work anywhere because they mainly deal with technology anyway. Outsourcing developers is a common practice nowadays, so having an online presence as a developer is key to finding jobs.

Web developers are also needed to create websites – with all the options online, job-seekers should research the niche they find the most interesting. So, for those who have a knack for tech, becoming a developer is a worthy career to consider. The tech industry is also projected to grow like wildfire in the next years to come. It’s a safe option, albeit challenging.

Cyber Security Analyst

Another excellent option for remote work is becoming a cyber security analyst. However, we want to warn our readers that this is a very technical and logic-based job, so a set amount of skills, knowledge, and expertise is definitely needed. It’s not a job that’s easy to get as an entry-level applicant.

But cyber security analysts can work independently from home even if they’re employed by a company across the continent. Just like developers, you’ll be handling the digital infrastructures of your clients. These professionals have the potential to be very well paid as well, so it’s worth checking out if you’re tech-savvy.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketers are responsible for employing effective techniques to generate leads, build brand awareness, get higher ranks on search engines like Google, and market a company/product/etc. to audiences throughout the digital sphere.

They are also usually responsible for email marketing, content creation, and many other tasks related to attracting new customers and maintaining the ones the company/client already has.


Since the rise of technology and the dominance of the Internet, social media has become a tool for many people to start so-called Gen-Z occupations. The influencer is one of those new-age careers.

Influencers are people who have a large following on social media platforms like

  • TikTok;
  • Instagram;
  • Youtube;
  • Twitter.

Once someone has crossed a threshold and obtained a genuine big following online, companies and businesses typically seek these influencers out to endorse their brands. Celebrities in that notion can be influencers as well.

However, an influencer can still mean many other things; that is one of the most relevant definitions of it. It’s hard to believe, but social media can actually generate quite a lot of revenue, and that’s why influencers exist.

Here is a good example: Charli d’Amelio is a social media star or influencer that has a net worth of about $9 million dollars solely through her use of a social media platform.

However, do not be fooled. This isn’t exactly what we think is easy to uptake. It’s a difficult task to accomplish, but there are many content creators using social media to generate revenue nowadays. It’s becoming increasingly more common than ever before.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is another cool option to consider for those who want to work from home or anywhere. For the creatives and the artsy ones out there, this might be the ideal occupation. Graphic designers have the possibility of using their creativity in a professional setting.

They make logos and visual art for companies and clients. And since everything is becoming digitalized nowadays, and many people are migrating or adapting to the digital landscape, the demand for a graphic designer is growing.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has helped our readers understand what they can take up as an online job to work from home or wherever they want to.

It is easy to find opportunities online due to many existing and emerging job platforms and networking sites. Thus, remote employment becomes available to everyone who seeks it

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