January 12, 2021

8 Tips on How to Use a Free Resume Builder to Create a Top-Notch Resume

Many people wrongfully assume that if anything is offered for free on the Internet, it must be to either waste their time or get them on the hook and push to buy something. However, lots of companies offer their best products for you to try and decide whether you need them.

A free resume builder belongs to that category. If you decide to give it a try, no one promises that you’ll craft a winning resume for free. You’ll only get a hint on how your professional resume can be organized and what experiences and accomplishments you should mention in each section to make recruiters interested.

There is no secret that professional resume building services cost some money. The companies in the resume writing business can’t usually offer their building software for free since the content is what matters the most.

Yet, if you are willing to save your money but invest some time in creating a perfect job application package, a free resume builder is something you may really need. Here is what you can do with it.

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Choose the Best Template

There are lots of templates available in a free version of a resume builder. You should look for those compatible with ATS. Usage of an applicant tracking system is becoming an increasingly common trend among recruiting firms and HRs today.

A free resume builder will definitely have a few black&white templates that are the best for you to choose from. People tend to choose bright colors and fancy structures, not knowing that because of an ATS system such resumes may never reach a human recruiter.

Check Samples

Free resume builders usually offer a few samples of real resumes for the most common positions. You can check them for the mentioned soft skills and professional competencies, keywords, and action verbs. There is no surprise that the way you word your resume indeed affects your chances to get more interviews.

We do not encourage you to copy and paste, plagiarizing one’s work. Those samples are made open for you to get a better hint about modern resume writing requirements. Use them to get inspired to write a killer document.

Use Correct Fonts and Font Sizes

Most templates in resume builders have pre installed fonts and font sizes that can’t be changed. That is good given an odd passion of some people to write their resumes with fancy letters. No hiring manager or a recruiter will appreciate that.

With fonts and font sizes predetermined, the only thing to worry about is how you word your resume so that it strikes hiring agents and grabs their attention. No worries about readability and aesthetics.

Insert the Most Relevant Information

A resume builder will not let you share experiences that have no value for the particular position. How? By limiting the blank space.

Given the font size and section size, you’ll have to think twice about what achievements really deserve to be shown in your resume.

Resume building software helps you ensure that only key skills have a place in your file. Any career advice expert will confirm that the ultimate goal of every resume is to communicate the employee’s qualifications.

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Follow the Prompts

A free resume builder makes it easier for newbies to construct their first resume. Also, it helps those who are not used to updating their resumes. Thanks to the prompts and hints, you can easily build a bot-beating resume that can pass ATS bots.

To make sure you have no trouble with a resume builder of your choice, check its simplicity rating. The higher it is, the more comprehensive prompts you’ll get.

Format and Proofread

A great thing about resume builders is that you do not have to worry about formatting. The software makes sure there is the same spacing across all sections. Also, it checks margins and ensures the final version is easy to print and share.

Modern resume builders are made with resume-scanning software in mind. With them, you can create files that do not distort information when scanning. Even though the software is not responsible for the content you place, it makes sure your hiring manager gets the right message.

Save the File in Different Formats

You can easily convert your newly created resume in .doc, .docx, .pdf, or even .rtf formats. It is very helpful when the company demands your resume and cover letter to be sent in a particular format.

In addition, you can integrate both your cover letter and resume into one file or split them. It is very convenient when it comes to specific submission requirements.

Come Back and Edit

Also, you can reupload your files to the same resume builder later if you need some editing. Sections get scanned in a few seconds, and you can start the editing process. Thus, your resume never gets old. You can come back and make all necessary edits in a few clicks.

Wrapping It Up

A free resume builder is a useful product offered by many resume writing companies. Do not treat it as a means to make you purchase their writing services. You can do the writing by yourself. Yet, of course, professional writers and career experts are likely to do the job better.

Nevertheless, there is nothing in resume writing that you can’t learn by yourself. It’s all a matter of time and effort. If you are ready to invest in your career, do not ignore such helpers as resume builders. At least, you will not need to focus your attention on structuring and formatting.

Moreover, resume building often promises greater fun when writing a resume. You do not get bored with monotonous writing. Instead, you get interesting hints and recommendations for each step of the way. For many people, such cooperation makes it a lot easier to write a nice resume.

In addition, if you need to edit something later, you do not have to copy-paste your existing text into the builder once again. The file gets uploaded with no disruption to the information. You can edit and save it again in whichever format you’d like.

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