May 21, 2021

8 Ways to Drive Your Sales and Promote Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms that house around 1.74 billion active users. It has become a one-stop application; whether you want to pass your time, connect with your friends, shop, or run a successful business.

It is an easy virtual platform that enables you to globalize your brand/product and earn a loyal audience. It is an excellent marketing platform since it offers various tools like business accounts, stories, and guides, as well as tactics like buying Instagram followers from some of the best sites to elevate your brand.

To successfully gain followers and drive your sales on Instagram, listed below are 8 efficient ways that are sure to fill your pockets.

1. Run Sponsored Advertisements

The advantage of running sponsored advertisements on Instagram is that it permits you to focus on a particular audience and increases your inefficiency. It allows you to focus on your clients based on their location, interests, demographics, practices, and more. Sponsored advertisements will also allow you to boost your brand amidst a wider audience on Instagram.

Upon displaying sponsored advertisements, few things should be kept in mind; make sure that it is a multiple posts with catchy graphics and/or high-resolution photography that will entice your customers and persuade them to try your product resulting in a good sale.

2. Giveaway to get returns

Hosting interesting giveaways is a quick and effortless way to boost your sales through Instagram. By announcing giveaways, you invite the audience to look at what you offer and increase your Instagram followers. It is a chance to display your customer service, your brand and earn easy promotion through customer appreciation.

Giveaways tremendously make a difference on your sales since people are attracted to discounts and offers and would want to try out your product.

3. Write Guides

The brand-new feature on Instagram, ‘guides’ gives clients a simpler method to share and consume accommodating suggestions and tips in a simple way. This is an incredible feature for brands or organizations hoping to add additional specific content to their shoppable items on Instagram.

For example: if yours is a tour and travel page, you can create a travel guide where you talk about not only the packages you offer but various other things related to traveling, like 7 must-visit destinations in a lifetime, or a complete guide to hosting a campfire.

Creating guides will increase the visibility of your profile, and increase Instagram likes on your posts, since you offer other intriguing information along with your product.

4. Host Live Sessions

Hosting live sessions on Instagram and displaying your product to the customers invites customer engagement which not only persuades your clients to buy your product but also helps you improve your product.

By inviting your customers to critique you and ask you questions, you build a strong audience base. More and more businesses are opting to showcase their products online and engage in virtual video call appointments that earn customer trust and a good business.

5. Post Stories

Stories are one of the most interesting concepts of Instagram. There is absolutely no limit to how creative you can get with your stories. To remind your customers of your brand and reach out to them, make sure you post a story about what is new and what you are offering at least twice a day.

Stories act as a gentle reminder for your audience to go through your profile and order your product. The more aesthetic and eye-catching your stories are, the more visits and sales you earn.

6. Collaborate with other brands/influencers

Collaborations in the world of online business take you a long way. 82% of advertisers believe that business attained from collaboration with influencers is much more promising than through using other marketing strategies. Influencers have a way of influencing their audience’s choices, and with the right influencer, you will gain quality leads and skyrocket your sales.

Collaborating with verified brands elevates your sales since you will be engaging with the audience of that particular brand as well. Giving exceptional promotional codes to the influencers and brands will also persuade the audience to purchase your product.

7. Showcase your real journey

It is known that people connect more to the face of the brand as compared to the product. By highlighting the story behind your product, you allow the audience to connect to something solid. Once you do that, your brand is no more simply superficial. There is a story and a name behind it which will drive the audience towards your authenticity.

By letting them into your story and struggle you earn their trust and credibility which automatically translates into a good sale.

8. Become relatable

To drive your sales, you need to catch the eye of your audience, and nothing does it more than posting content that is relatable to a maximum number of audiences in and around your brand. Humour takes you far when you want to connect to your audience. To expand your sales, attempt to make witty jokes and create content that your audience can share, recommend, and enjoy thoroughly.

Once you do that, you automatically allow your audience to take a thorough interest in your product and eventually buy it.

Above mentioned ways will give you a wider reach on Instagram by helping you promote your page and gain followers. Do not hesitate to buy followers on Instagram to boost your sales. These are some simplest and smartest ways to boost your sales through Instagram and make your mark in the world of online business. 

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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