July 29, 2020

9 Ingenious Marketing Strategies For Shopify Apps

The one sure-fire way your Shopify store will gain customers is if your customers download and use a newer fancier e-commerce mobile app. But how do we make sure that this is happening? How do we make these e-commerce apps more attractive to the general population?

To help you overcome this problem we have a few ideas that you can either employ when your app is in the pre-development planning, development, or complete phase. These ideas are unique, tried, and tested processes by a shopify development company that will be successful.

Put Your Website To Work

Many business owners, product creators, and entrepreneurs who have Shopify apps often overlook the simplest way to promote their Shopify apps. All they have to do is put in a direct download link on their website or at least make sure to mention the App in big bold words and a Call to Action. Make it easy for your customers to access the App without having to go through extraneous means. Your website gets a lot of traffic so just imagine that even 5% of that traffic goes to your App directly would mean 5000 or more downloads per day, month, and year!

Confirmation Emails Are A Good Promoter Tool

Another easy way to promote your Shopify App is through emails and the best emails are always Confirmation emails as the customers are usually expecting them and make sure to read them rather than ignore and delete. They generate the highest revenue statistically, all you have to do is change up the app promotion according to the type of confirmation email. Add in something inconspicuous like, ‘Track your orders by downloading our easy to use Shopify App.’ Make the App sound attractive and something that will make the life of the customer easy rather than long-winded and hard.

Guest Posts And Blogging Get A Lot Of Revenue Too!

Blogs are one of the best and easiest ways to promote and gain revenues for your App and website. Now the best thing to do would be to create your Blog and give it lots of exposure but this limits the level of exposure as the blog is only seen by loyal customers and not new target audiences. So the next best thing is to allow and market guest blogging. Make sure that the guest blogs aren’t overtly promotional but are subtle yet catchy enough to ensure that the new target audience is compelled to click on the link to download the Shopify App.

Influencers Have A Lot of Pull With Target Audiences

Just like guest blogging, influencers also pull in a lot of revenue for Shopify Apps. Influences have a lot of following, people who look, appreciate, and emulate them. So having your Shopify App be promoted by them is a great way to effectively market your Shopify App. Its’ because people who follow these Influencers trust them and their judgment. They believe that anything their preferred Influencers promote and use is worth it. To develop an influencer relationship without having to pay, all you have to do is offer free merchandise in exchange for a good post or shout out.

Referral Programs Are Fun And Easy

Another great idea to market your Shopify App is to put up a Referral program. Let your loyal happy customers do all the work. Set up a specific amount, for example, 15$ in exchange for your customer inviting their friend to download the App. The referred user gets 15% off on their first purchase and the loyal customer who referred the App gets 15$ in their bank accounts for later use.

ASO Along With Your SEO

ASO is App Store Optimization, which helps you be more easily accessed and discovered in user searches on relevant platforms. Although the ASO strategy isn’t the same on every e-commerce platform, it can be rearranged and designed to suit the iStore or Play Store applications. Your ASO strategy is probably the one thing that you will use regardless of what Marketing Idea you implement as it is an integral part of a promotion.

Facebook Ads Are Quite Effective

Although free marketing is ideal, paying for Ads and promotions creates a strong presence in the online world. This is especially helpful for brands that don’t have a well-known name. Facebook will properly promote the brand and Shopify App easily to a few thousand individuals on its’ platforms. With Facebook, you can pick and choose the target audience you need and make sure that the message reaches them properly.

Google Ads Is A Tool That Is Tried And True

If you have an actual physical location for your business as well as a Shopify App and site then you should consider employing the Geofencing with Google PPC strategy. This tool will help target audiences in specific areas, or zip codes. This way if a targeted customer walks into the store, they will immediately be messaged with an Ad about the Shopify App. This idea can be used regardless of whether you have a physical or an online store.

Loyal Customers Are The Best Marketeers

Create loyalty programs for your loyal customers, which ultimately enable and encourage them to spend more money in your store. This is one of the most ingenious ways to market your Shopify App it is indirect. It encourages customers to log in multiple times to check for loyalty benefits to keep track of when they earn rewards as well as inform them of any promotions on the horizon.

These are the 9 ingenious marketing strategies that you should employ to garner the success of your eCommerce Shopify App. These ideas will help you get your brand name and product out in the world so that customers download it and spread the word about your App’s existence. You can pick and choose which marketing strategy suits your brand best, and which one is easiest to implement. Pick a combination or just one depending on what works best for you.

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