July 28, 2023

9 Remote Job Search Platforms for IT Professionals

The remote work of an IT specialist today is more the norm than the exception. That is why most companies and corporations are looking for excellent professionals who work remotely full-time or on a flexible schedule to join their teams, posting open jobs for remote Java developers. It is worth looking for work on proven platforms. And today, we will consider the top of the best such sites.

1. LinkedIn

It is the most common job search site where experienced professionals and beginners gather. Here you can meet recruiters, find HR companies, and offer your services. And also get to know colleagues who can recommend you to employers. If you systematically check the updates, there is a high probability of finding a good position.

2. NoDesk

IT specialists are technical and non-technical vacancies. And any of them can be found on this platform. There is an opportunity to cooperate with large corporations, solid companies and even participate in new startups. A chance to find a job for those who are comfortable working from home.

3. Angel

If you feel the strength and desire to create your project and launch a successful startup, then this is the place for you. More than 100,000 vacancies from all over the world are posted on the platform. Also, the column of news in the world of startups is constantly being updated.

4. RemoteOk

IT specialists, as well as related and similar specialties, are constantly represented on this job platform. These are programming, finance, marketing, and other specializations. By choosing a region in the filter, you will immediately receive up-to-date offers from a specific region.

5. Hired

The peculiarity of this platform is that you post your resume and companies choose suitable specialists. There is no vacancy board here, and employers communicate with potential specialists in private messages. Therefore, it depends on the specialists themselves how competently they will compose a resume and describe their advantages for companies.

6. Hubstaff Talent

It is a relatively new platform, which, nevertheless, gathers a large audience of freelancers and agencies. Most often, they offer vacancies in the field of web development, design, and marketing. Direct communication between job seekers and employers helps to quickly establish a professional dialogue and reach an agreement. There are full-time offers as well as hourly rates.

7. Dice

Although Dice is positioned in the world more as a media outlet that talks about IT, there is a large section of related jobs. These are suggestions for system administrators, designers, managers, developers, and testers. Convenient search with a filter to determine popularity and qualification level. The category helps to quickly navigate among numerous offers.

8. Just Remote

All offers on this site are exclusively remote full-time or part-time, permanent or contract positions. According to your needs and capabilities, you can also apply a filter by countries and regions, employer requirements, and the cost of labor. Clients of the platform are various IT companies from all over the world.

9. Turing

On this platform, artificial intelligence helps specialists to find a suitable vacancy. You only indicate your wishes and details, and AI selects suitable ads, comparing the correspondence between your capabilities and employers’ requests.

So, all you need is to have basic IT skills, great motivation to work, and a desire to constantly improve. What is more, it is necessary to constantly monitor the list of open jobs and be in touch with employers. And you may take your dream position in a cool company and rapidly advance up the career ladder.

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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